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Citrix 1Y0-721 Exam -

Free 1Y0-721 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following best defines the function of an access center?
A. Provides channels for organized access to the Web
B. Provides access to the Internet, applications, and content
C. Provides role-oriented access to web content, applications, and internal information
D. Provides controlled access to links and web pages and that indexes the data for future use
Answer: C

2. Which are the modules of information displayed within a MetaFrame Secure Access Manager access center page?
A. Content Delivery Service(CDS)
B. Content Delivery Agents(CDAs)
C. Cascading Style Sheets (CDSs)
D. Cascading Detail Windows (CDWs)
Answer: B

3. Which of the following statements is false?
A. Access center users can view pages associated with their roles.
B. Access center users can create their own access center pages if the administrator allows it.
C. Access center users can personalize pages in the access center if customization is enabled.
D. Access center users are assigned to specific roles which determine their page access.
Answer: B

4. Which two extensions are added to a Microsoft Internet Information Services web server when MetaFrame Secure Access Manager is installed?(Choose two.)
Answer: BE

5. What logical server in a MetaFrame Secure Access Manager implementation generates the content that is sent to a user?
A. Web server
B. State server
C. Agent server
D. Access Server Farm database server
Answer: C

6. Which statement is true?
A. HOST.XPS is an IIS application mapping to HOST.DLL.
B. HOST.XPS is made up of HTML that directs IIS to the HOST.DLL resource.
C. HOST.XPS is made up of JavaScript that redirects the client session to the HOST.DLL resource.
D. HOST.XPS is made up of HTML and JavaScript that changes depending on the content of the access center page being displayed.
E. HOST.XPS is a mixture of JavaScript, server-side VBScript, and HTML that helps mediate portal content between MetaFrame Secure Access Manager, IIS, and the client.
Answer: A

7. When a user makes a request within an access center, which component prompts the LOADBALANCERSERVER.DLL to identify an available agent server?
Answer: B

8. MetaFrame Secure Access Manager supports which of the following for user management and log-in authentication?(Choose two.)
C. Kerberos
D. NT Domains
E. Active Directory
Answer: DE

9. MetaFrame Secure Access Manager is implemented in an enterprise. The Access Management Console is installed and connected to the Access Server Farm on five machines.
How many consoles are allowed to manage the Access Server Farm concurrently?
A. Only one console can manage the Access Server Farm at a time.
B. All five consoles can manage the Access Server Farm concurrently.
C. As many as two consoles can manage the Access Server Farm concurrently.
D. No more than three consoles can manage the Access Server Farm concurrently.
Answer: A

10. With which of the following does the Agent server directly interact?(Choose three.)
A. The Web server for incoming requests
B. The Web server for outgoing responses
C. The client's browser to serve CDA output
D. The State server to retrieve CDA configurations
E. Access server farm database for user configuration
Answer: ABD

11. HOST.DLL sends a message to Agent server to process a request from a browser.
What happens before the message is sent to Agent server?
A. The Agent server generates an HTML response.
B. HOST.DLL unwraps the HTML from the message.
C. The Agent server pulls the configuration data from the State server.
D. LOSDBALANCESERVER.DLL load balances and identifies which agent server can process the message.
Answer: D

12. Which of the following services are installed on the Agent server?(Choose three.)
A. MetaFrame Secure Access Manager Repository service
B. MetaFrame Secure Access Manager Agent Server service
C. MetaFrame Secure Access Manager Admin Server service
D. MetaFrame Secure Access Manager Resource Aggregation service
E. MetaFrame Secure Access Manager Worldwide Web Publishing service
Answer: BCD

13. On which port does the Citrix MetaFrame Secure Access Manager State service listen?
A. 80
B. 8080
C. 5457
D. 2213
Answer: C

14. Which three of the following steps can be completed using the New Page Wizard?(Choose three.)
A. Naming the page
B. Associating roles with the page
C. Associating themes with the page
D. Setting up the column configuration
E. Setting up authentication for the page
Answer: ABD

15. Selecting "Users can customize page" in the New Page Wizard allows users to perform which two of the following tasks? (Choose two.)
A. Change the number of columns on the page.
B. Add content to the page using the Add menu.
C. Move content that has not been locked to another page.
D. Move content that has not been locked to another position on the page.
Answer: BD

16. Which are the two ways of adding a specific CDA so that it is available for MetaFrame administrators to add to access center pages? (Choose two.)
A. Add it using Role Properties.
B. Add it using Page Properties.
C. Add it using Access Center Properties.
D. Add it during basic access center creation.
E. Add it during custom access center creation.
Answer: CE

17. Which file extension is used for CDA packages?
Answer: C

18. Which of the following statements is true?
A. Users and roles can be created independently.
B. Users must be imported before roles can be created.
C. Roles must be created before users can be imported.
D. A user must be assigned to a role before being imported into an access center.
Answer: A

19. Which statement is true?
A. Only groups, not users, can be imported from Active Directory.
B. Importing users from Active Directory requires the same process as importing users from Windows NT.
C. Active Directory users from a domain other than the access server farm domain cannot be imported into an access center.
D. Active Directory users from another domain must be imported into the domain of the access server farm before being imported into an access center.
Answer: B

20. Which two of the following can be edited in the User Properties?(Choose two.)
A. User ID
B. Password
C. User's theme
D. User access
E. Primary role settings
Answer: DE

21. What is the default session timeout value for MetaFrame Secure Access Manager?
A. 20 minutes
B. 25 minutes
C. 30 minutes
D. 60 minutes
Answer: A

22. Which value for the "persist.type" XML element is used to ensure that all session data is saved immediately?
A. Auto
B. None
C. Lazy
D. Write-through
Answer: D

23. Where can you set a default domain for MetaFrame Secure Access Manager login?
A. Role node > Properties
B. People node > Properties
C. Server farm node > Properties
D. Access Center node > Properties
Answer: B

24. A group of users is assigned to a role that has no home page specified.
In the above scenario, which page do the users see when they log into the access center for the first time?
A. My Page, which can be personalized
B. The default home page for the access center
C. The first page created and assigned to their role
D. A page with a message advising that a page must be selected
Answer: D

25. A role determines all of the following information for its members, except __________.
A. The menu style in the access center
B. The default theme for role members
C. The pages available to role members
D. The CDAs available through the Add menu
Answer: A

26. Which three buttons appear in the title bar of a CDA?(Choose three.)
A. Help
B. Move
C. Refresh
D. Settings
E. Customize
Answer: ACD

27. Which two of the following statements are true?(Choose two)
A. Folders cannot be renamed.
B. Folders can be renamed if no pages are contained in them.
C. Folders can be renamed at any time by editing the Folder Properties.
D. If a folder's name needs to be changed, the pages in the folder must be removed first before renaming.
E. If a folder's name needs to be changed, a new folder can be created and then all the pages may be copied from the old folder into the new folder.
Answer: AE

28. Which statement is true?
A. Page templates can contain only three columns.
B. Basic pages which are to be used as templates should not contain CDAs.
C. Pages can be moved from one folder to another in the Access Management Console.
D. Pages cannot be copied from one folder to another in the Access Management Console.
Answer: C

29. The administrator for Access Center X has disabled all the Agent servers in the Access server farm.
What happens if users attempt to log in to a configured access center?
A. They are only able to access the homepage of the configured access center.
B. Everything works as usual. Only the Web server needs to be configured.
C. They are able to use CDAs only on the Add menu in the configured access center.
D. An error message states that the requested page could not be generated because no Agent server is configured or no Agent server is running.
Answer: D

30. One of the agent servers, Agent07, in your access server farm had a fatal system failure. To ensure that access is uninterrupted you would like to disable this server from the server farm.
Which of the following nodes would you access to disable the agent server?
A. CDAs node
B. Access Center node
C. Access Server Farm node
D. Secure Access Management Console node
Answer: C

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