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Citrix 1Y0-610 Exam -

Free 1Y0-610 Sample Questions:

1. Which statement best describes the shadow key?
A. a portion of the registry that is created when a user starts a session.
B. an encryption key that is used when session shadowing is enabled between users.
C. a portion of the registry from which data is copied when a user starts a session.
D. a portion of the registry that is created when an application is initially installed and published on a MetaFrame server.
Answer: C

2. Your user environment is a call center where approximately 100 users log on to the MetaFrame server farm within a very short time period. Which of the following is a suitable way to facilitate these logons?
A. Restrict logons by IP RANGE.
B. Decrease the number of idle sessions.
C. Increase the number of idle sessions.
D. Increase the number of listener stacks.
Answer: C

3. Session sharing is____
A. when user credentials are passed through to Program Neighborhood.
B. possible with both the ICA and RDP protocols.
C. the process in which multiple users run a single application on one MetaFrame server.
D. the process in which one user runs multiple applications from one MetaFrame server.
Answer: D

4. How often does the WinStation driver run?
A. once per server.
B. once per server farm.
C. multiple times per server.
D. only when MetaFrame XP is installed.
Answer: C

5. Which of the following is an activity that WFSHELL.EXE is responsible for performing?
A. Launching user applications.
B. Authenticating user credentials.
C. Passing display parameters to the GDI.
D. Initializing the listener and session stacks.
Answer: A

6. Which of the following executables will be found in each terminal server session? (Choose two.)
Answer: BD

7. Which of the following have only a single instance running on a terminal server? (Choose two.)
Answer: AD

8. Which of the following are user mode protocol extensions? (Choose two.)
Answer: AD

9. The _____ awaits incoming connection requests and forwards them to a newly created _____.
A. idle session, listener stack
B. session stack, idle session
C. listener stack, session stack
D. disconnected session, session stack
Answer: C

10. Which of the following statements are true regarding a shadow key? (Choose two.)
A. It contains the application specific default settings.
B. It contains user specific settings for an application.
C. It contains a backup copy of the users HKey_Current_User\Software key.
D. It is created by terminal services during the installation of a program.
Answer: AD

11. Which of the following features does Install Mode use to make an application multi-user compatible? (Choose two.)
A. INI file mapping
B. Registry key mapping
C. File system and directory links
D. Application compatibility scripts
Answer: AB

12. Which of the following does the OS kernel NOT include?
A. An interrupt handler that handles all requests or completed I/O operations.
B. A manager of the operating system that addresses space in memory or storage.
C. A subsystem that is responsible for console windows and the creation and deletion of threads.
D. A scheduler that determines which programs share the processing time in what priority.
Answer: C

13. Which one of the following Terminal Services Kernel Mode components is responsible for transferring remote keystrokes and mouse movements to the Windows kernel?
A. Display Driver
B. WinStation Driver
C. Listener/Session Stack
D. Graphics Device Interface
E. Terminal Server Device Driver
Answer: E

14. Which is one benefit of memory-based code sharing?
A. It allows the OS kernel to allocate memory to user processes dynamically.
B. It is a significant optimizer, as only a single instance of the application must reside in memory.
C. It makes Terminal Services more robust, by maintaining redundant copies of an executable in memory.
D. It allows the memory manager to be more flexible and scalable, utilizing multiple processors when available.
Answer: B

15. Why does the Winlogon process not completely initialize within an idle session?
A. Idle sessions are low priority and do not get the processing time necessary to complete the Winlogon.
B. The system detected that a user has attempted to logon with the same credentials that are being used in an existing session.
C. The user logon must be authenticated before the desktop and display drivers are loaded.
D. The memory allocated to the process is not sufficient to initialize.
Answer: C

16. Which one of the following describes the Listener Stack?
A. It is responsible for managing a connection to an active session.
B. It has no client activity and is waiting to be assigned to a connection.
C. It is responsible for waiting incoming connection requests.
D. It has a connected user that runs protected from all other instances with an associated ID.
Answer: C

17. Which one of the following is the "shadow key," where HKEY_CURRENT_USER changes are stored during application installation?
A. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TerminalServer\Unique\Software
B. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TerminalServer\Install\Software
C. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TerminalServer\Install\UserSpecific
D. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TerminalServer\Install\Security
Answer: B

18. Your customer initially purchased MetaFrame XPa because only Load Manager capabilities were required. However, once you've demonstrated the benefits of Resource Manager and Installation Manager, these capabilities are now viewed as requirements. What is the best way to upgrade from MetaFrame XPa to XPe? (Choose two.)
A. Install the additional components and modify the product code.
B. Go to the activation web site and choose "MetaFrame XPe" instead of "MetaFrame XPa."
C. Purchase upgrade license(s) and apply the upgrade licenses to the current installation.
D. Uninstall MetaFrame XPa, install MetaFrame XPe, and purchase new MetaFrame XPe licenses.
E. Purchase and apply the individual Resource Manager and Installation Manager licenses, and apply those.
Answer: AC

19. Your customer has asked you to assist with minimizing the user logon time to the MetaFrame servers. The environment consists of Windows 2000 and Windows XP client devices only. You review Terminal Service Licensing to ensure that it has been configured correctly. Which of the following is most likely to cause a logon delay?
A. Terminal Services Licensing is installed on every server.
B. Terminal Services Licensing is only installed on one server.
C. There are only 10 Terminal Services Client Access Licenses available.
D. Infrequent (monthly) backups are made of the Terminal Services Licensing data.
Answer: A

20. Virtual channel packets are contained in the _____ during ICA transmission.
A. command
B. frame head
C. command data
D. frame trailer
Answer: C

21. You create a new ICA Virtual Channel that requires additional parameters to execute. Where are the parameters stored for use?
A. the pn.ini file
B. the wfclient.ini file
C. the config.xml file
D. the module.ini file
Answer: D

22. You have created a new ICA virtual channel called "AppHelp1." When the ICA virtual channel is executed, an error occurs. What is potentially causing the error with the new virtual channel?
A. Numbers cannot be used in the name.
B. All virtual channels must start with CTX.
C. Capital letters cannot be used in the name.
D. There are more then seven characters in the name.
Answer: D

23. By which means does the Program Neighborhood Subsystem use to communicate with the Local Host Cache?
Answer: B

24. When executed, the Program Neighborhood Agent uses configuration parameters supplied by which of the following?
A. A INI file on the web server under \Program Files\Citrix\PNAgent
B. A XML file on the Nfuse web server under Citrix\Nfuse\PNagent
C. A user configuration changes held in memory only on the client machine
D. A INI file in the user profile under \Application Data\PNagent\
Answer: B

25. Which of the following occurs when making a seamless connection?
A. WFICA32.EXE launches the session without interaction with WFCRUN32.EXE.
B. WFCRUN32.EXE launches the session without interaction with WFICA32.EXE.
C. WFCRUN32.EXE forwards data to WFICA32.EXE and then closes. WFICA32.EXE then forwards the data back to WFCRUN32.EXE to launch the session.
D. WFICA32.EXE forwards data to WFCRUN32.EXE and then closes. WFCRUN32.EXE then forwards the data back to WFICA32.EXE to launch the session.
Answer: D

26. Which of the following virtual channels is responsible for auto-client printers?
Answer: C

27. What is the default priority for the printer mapping channel?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Answer: D

28. For which of the following is the Winstation driver directly responsible?
A. Framing
B. Compression
C. Transport
D. Encryption
Answer: B

29. Company ABC has a ten-server farm which uses an Access data store and two physical locations with MetaFrame servers. Site A is located in Florida and houses eight MetaFrame servers. Site B is in New York and houses two MetaFrame servers. Site connectivity is unreliable, and independent access to site-specific MetaFrame servers is necessary. Which architecture would you recommend for this environment?
A. Two farms - one in NY and one in FL
B. One farm, one zone - zone data collector in FL
C. One farm, one zone - zone data collector in NY
D. One farm, two zones - zone data collector in FL and NY
Answer: A

30. Which of the following IMA components are included with a dedicated zone data collector? (Choose two.)
A. Data Store Database
B. Dynamic Store
C. Local Host Cache
D. Citrix Management Console
Answer: BC

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