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Citrix 1Y0-327 Exam -

Free 1Y0-327 Sample Questions:

Q: 1. Scenario: An administrator is planning a Hot Desktop deployment in a Citrix environment. The administrator would like Hot Desktop sessions to stay active for 15 minutes while the desktop is in a secured state.
Which setting in the Password Manager Console should the administrator configure to meet this requirement?
A.Idle time-out
B.Lock time-out
C.Inactive time-out
D.Session time-out
Answer: D

Q: 2. Which form type should administrators use when defining an application in the console? A.Logon Form
B.Submit Control ID
C.Submit Credentials
D.Change Credentials
Answer: A

Q: 3. At a minimum, which three tasks must be completed before using the Password Manager agent software? (Choose three.)
A.Creating the central store
B.Creating user configurations
C.Installing the Application Definition Tool
D.Installing the Password Manager Service
E.Installing the Password Manager Console
Answer: ABE

Q: 4. The Citrix Password Manager Data Integrity Service for an enterprise environment has a signing certificate that expires in one year.
Which three statements are true with regard to the user experience if the administrator for the environment forgets to create a new signing certificate and resign the data? (Choose three.)
A.Users will be able to submit credentials.
B.Users will be able to synchronize new settings.
C.Users will be notified of synchronization failure.
D.Synchronization failure events will be logged in the Windows Event Viewer.
E.Signing certificate expired events will be logged in the Windows Event Viewer.
Answer: ABE

Q: 5. An administrator would like to create an application definition for a Citrix Presentation Server Client with the minimum amount of administrative effort.
Which option would allow the administrator to achieve this?
A.Use the Logon Manager on the agent software machine to configure the client
B.Use the Password Manager Console to upload the APPLIST.INI file to the synchronization point
C.Export the Agent Settings to a .REG file using the Password Manager Console and then run the .REG file on the agent software machine
D.Use the Password Manager Console to create an application definition and select the application template from the "Create from application template" drop-down menu
Answer: D

Q: 6. Which two statements regarding the central store are true? (Choose two.)
A.An Active Directory central store requires additional measures for disaster recovery.
B.An administrator can start with an NTFS network share as the central store and later migrate to an Active Directory central store.
C.An NTFS network share central store has the same level of functionality as an Active Directory central store but requires additional security.
D.An NTFS network share central store has the same level of functionality as an Active Directory central store without extending the Active Directory schema.
Answer: BD

Q: 7. Which two actions can be accomplished by implementing password policies? (Choose two.)
A.Applying user information to the registry
B.Enforcing password expiration requirements
C.Managing character generation for passwords
D.Using the Active Directory Group Policy engine
Answer: BC

Q: 8. Scenario: An administrator installed the Password Manager agent software for all users in the Accounting department. All accounting applications use Active Directory for user authentication. The head of the department requested that Password Manager be configured to automatically adjust all the credentials of Accounting applications whenever the password changes for one of them. A user configuration for Accounting applications
has already been created.
Which three options would allow the administrator to configure password sharing to meet the requirements of this scenario? (Choose three.)
A.Add all the Accounting applications to the AccountingApps group
B.Select the Domain Policy as the password policy for the AccountingApps group
C.Enable intitial credential setup so the password is synchronized on the first login
D.Create a new application group called AccountingApps for the Accounting user configuration
E.Enable domain password sharing on the application definition for each application in the AccountingApps group
Answer: ABD

Q: 9. Which statement about resetting a primary password using Account Self-Service is true? A.The Answers to the security questions are case-insensitive by default.
B.At least two of the four security questions must be Answered correctly in order to reset a forgotten password.
C.An email containing the new password and reset confirmation instructions will be sent by default to the user once the password is reset.
D.The Answers to the security questions must match the exact spelling, spacing and punctuation of those entered when the Answers to the security questions were first registered.
Answer: A

Q: 10. Which software package is a prerequisite for implementing the Password Manager Service?
A.Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
B.Microsoft Active Server Pages 2.1
C.Microsoft Data Access Component .7
D.Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4.2_06
Answer: A

Q: 11. The Account Self-Service feature is only available for . (Fill in the blank with the correct option.)
A.Active Directory central store
B.Novell NetWare directory services
C.Citrix Password Manager 4.5 Advanced Edition
D.Citrix Password Manager 4.5 Enterprise Edition
Answer: D

Q: 12. An administrator in an environment with multiple operating systems is considering the implementation of the Hot Desktop feature.
On which two operating systems can the administrator install Hot Desktop? (Choose two.) A.Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
B.Microsoft Windows XP Embedded
C.Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32-bit)
D.Microsoft Windows XP Professional (64-bit)
Answer: BC

Q: 13. When installing the Password Manager Service, which type of certificate is required for SSL communication?
B.Smart card
C.Client authentication
D.Server authentication
Answer: D

Q: 14. Which two criteria should a server meet before the Password Manager Service is installed? (Choose two.)
A.It should be running the console.
B.It should have a valid server certificate.
C.It should be in a physically secure location.
D.It should be running Citrix Presentation Server.
Answer: BC

Q: 15. Which two software packages are prerequisites for implementing the Application Definition Tool? (Choose two.)
A.Windows Installer 3.0
B.Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0
C.Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0
D.Java 2 Standard Edition runtime environment 5.0 update 6
Answer: AC

Q: 16. Where should the Password Manager agent software be installed?
A.On any server in the environment
B.On the same computer as the Service
C.On any client device in the environment
D.On the same computer where the enabled single sign-on applications run
Answer: D

Q: 17. Which two components are required to configure data integrity assurance? (Choose two.)
A.Data Integrity Module
B.Data Assurance Service
C.Key Management Module
D.Password Manager Service
Answer: AD

Q: 18. Which two steps are required when installing and configuring Hot Desktop in compliance with best practices? (Choose two.)
A.Install the Password Manager Service.
B.Enable the Hot Desktop feature during the agent software installation.
C.Provide the local user account logon information to Hot Desktop users.
D.Create a local user account with limited permissions on the workstation.
Answer: BD

Q: 19. What is the correct installation order for deploying Citrix Password Manager?
A.Agent software, central store, console, license server
B.Console, license server, agent software, central store
C.Central store, license server, agent software, console
D.License server, central store, console, agent software
Answer: D

Q: 20. Which user account requires rights and privileges to manage communication among the central store, automatic key recovery, and the Self-Service module?
A.Data proxy
C.XTE Service
D.Automatic key recovery
Answer: A

Q: 21. Which user account needs rights and privileges to manage passwords for every user in the domain?
A.Data proxy
C.XTE Service
D.Citrix Presentation Server
Answer: B

Q: 22. Which three steps are required when installing and configuring Account Self-Service? (Choose three.)
A.Install the Key Management module.
B.Configure password policies for authentication questions.
C.Enable the Self-Service feature during the agent software installation. D.Enable question-based authentication in the Password Manager Console.
E.Specify the location of the Password Manager Service during the agent software installation.
Answer: ACE

Q: 23. Which two steps must be completed in order to implement Account Self-Service? (Choose two.)
A.Configure automatic key recovery.
B.Configure password policies for authentication questions.
C.Configure a data proxy account for the Password Manager Service.
D.Install a trusted Password Manager Service certificate authority path on the agent software.
Answer: CD

Q: 24. Which two options need to be configured by the administrator in order to allow users to reset their passwords? (Choose two.)
A.Secondary Data Protection
B.Automatic Key Management
C.Question-based authentication
D.Self-service password reset for each user configuration
Answer: CD

Q: 25. Scenario: An administrator for a hospital is planning a Hot Desktop deployment but is very concerned about the security of the Hot Desktop workstation. To address the security concerns, the administrator decides that the workstation should not remain idle for more that one minute in an unprotected state.
Which setting in the Password Manager Console should the administrator use to configure this requirement?
A.Lock time-out
B.Inactive time-out
C.Session time-out
D.Inoperative time-out
Answer: A

Q: 26. Scenario: For recruiting purposes, research associates for a cancer study use an application that accesses confidential and sensitive patient information. Due to the nature of the information being accessed, the administrator requires that research associates verify their identities before accessing this particular application.
Which password policy setting should the administrator enable to meet the requirements of this scenario?
A.Submit application credentials automatically
B.Force user to re-authenticate before submitting application credentials
C.Require smart card authentication before submitting application credentials
D.Use the password expiration settings associated with the application definitions
Answer: B

Q: 27. If a user supplies credentials to the Logon Manager for an application that does not have a corresponding application definition, which password policy is applied to manage that application?
Answer: B

Q: 28. Scenario: An application group consists of six applications, two of which have the same password. The administrator wants to ensure that when a user changes the password to one of the two applications in the application group with the same password, the change is transferred to the other application.
Which two steps must an administrator perform in order to meet the requirements of this scenario? (Choose two.)
A.Make the application group a password sharing group.
B.Apply the domain password policy to the application group.
C.Enable initial credential setup for the two applications with the same password.
D.Create a second application group which only includes the two applications with the same password.
Answer: AD

Q: 29. What are two justifications for using an NTFS shared folder as the central store in an environment that has Active Directory implemented? (Choose two.)
A.Users require different agent settings.
B.A large number of users exist in the environment.
C.Administrators do not need to extend the Active Directory schema.
D.This helps reduce the authentication task workload from the Active Directory environment.
Answer: CD

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