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Citrix 1Y0-310 Exam -

Free 1Y0-310 Sample Questions:

1. MetaFrame can be installed on what editions of Solaris? (Choose two.)
A. Solaris 2.51 or SunOS 5.51
B. Solaris 8 or SunOS 5.8
C. Solaris 7 or SunOS 5.7
D. Solaris 3 or SunOS 3.8
Answer: BC

2. Mike is the system administrator for one of the top law firms in New York. He is attempting to install MetaFrame for Unix on his network server. Which user account should he use?
A. Mike must use root.
B. Mike must use ctxsrvr.
C. Mike must use ctxadmin.
D. Mike must be use sysadmin.
Answer: A

3. Christina is preparing to install MetaFrame for UNIX on her Solaris machine. She wants to verify that the iconv libraries are installed. What files must she locate in the /usr/lib/iconv folder? (Choose three.)
A. uft-8*.so
B. uft-1*.so
C. ucs-1*.so
D. 8859-1*.so
E. ucs-2*.so
Answer: ADE

4. You must always install the Citrix Server Administrator group and user account before you install Citrix MetaFrame.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

5. Which statement about the hard disk requirements for Solaris is correct?
A. 400MB minimum for the desktop and 600MB minimum for the server.
B. 600MB minimum for the desktop and 800MB minimum for the server.
C. 600MB minimum for the desktop and 600MB minimum for the server.
D. 400MB minimum for the desktop and 400MB minimum for the server.
Answer: C

6. Which command is needed to install MetaFrame for UNIX?
A. pkgadd
B. addpkg
C. set app
D. cat app
Answer: A

7. Which command verifies that the MetaFrame for UNIX server has started properly?
A. ps –ef |grep ctx
B. ps –ef |greps ctx
C. ps –ef |grep ctxs
D. ps –ef |greps ctxs
Answer: A

8. While installing MetaFrame, Becky is prompted to create an Anonymous user group. She does, creating the ctxanon group. What will this group provide?
A. The ctxanon group will provide ten user guest accounts, ensuring that anonymous users can access published applications.
B. The ctxanon group will provide 15 user guest accounts, ensuring that anonymous users can access published applications.
C. The ctxanon group will provide 25 user guest accounts, ensuring that anonymous users can access published applications.
D. The ctxanon group will provide 35 user guest accounts, ensuring that anonymous users can access published applications.
Answer: B

9. MetaFrame for UNIX is compatible with which hardware compatibility list (HCL)?
A. Citrix Hardware Compatibility List.
B. Solaris Hardware Compatibility List.
C. Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List.
D. All of the above.
Answer: B

10. Jason is the northern Europe instructor for his company. During class, he is asked to describe the ctxappcfg command. Which answer does he provide?
A. The ctxappcfg command is used to configure server settings.
B. The ctxappcfg command is used to set application variables.
C. The ctxappcfg command is used to set the application environment.
D. The ctxappcfg command is used to configure published applications.
Answer: D

11. Mike wants to determine the resources an application uses on his server. Which command will he use?
A. statvm
B. vmstat
C. appvmstat
D. vmstatapp
Answer: B

12. A MetaFrame for UNIX license is not always added to the license pool after installation.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

13. How will active sessions on a Citrix server be affected if the ctxsrv stop command is executed (assuming users have not saved their data)?
A. The sessions will be reset and all unsaved data will be lost.
B. The sessions will be reset and all unsaved data will be retained.
C. The sessions will be disconnected. Once the ctxsrv -start command is executed, users will be able to access their unsaved data.
D. If Load Balancing is implemented, the sessions will be moved to another server immediately and all unsaved data will be transferred to the new Citrix server.
Answer: A

14. The average ICA protocol bandwidth is ______________________?
A. 1Kbps to 9Kbps.
B. 10Kbps to 30Kbps.
C. 31Kbps to 50Kbps.
D. Over 50Kbps.
Answer: B

15. What must always be present in a Citrix ICA packet?
A. Framing
B. Command
C. Reliable
D. Encryption
E. Compression
Answer: B

16. The ICA protocol is a Transport Layer protocol.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

17. Which of the following is not a feature of MetaFrame for UNIX?
A. SpeedScreen 2
B. Client printing
C. Clipboard mapping
D. Client audio mapping
Answer: D

18. The client workstation uses the ICA protocol to send keystrokes and mouse clicks to the MetaFrame server. The MetaFrame server sends ______________ updates to the ICA client.
A. Screen
B. Client
C. Spooler
D. Network
Answer: A

19. What are advantages of application publishing? (Choose two.)
A. The user logs on to the client machine.
B. Access is restricted to the application server desktop.
C. More application deployment control is enabled.
D. Any changes made to the application locally will update the server dynamically.
Answer: BC

20. In a server-based environment, applications are executed on the client, rather than on the server.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

21. Which command displays the current sessions logged on to a MetaFrame server?
A. /opt/CTXSmf/bin/ctxqsession
B. /opt/CTXSmf/sbin/ctxqsession
C. /opt/CTXSmf/sbin/ctxqserver -logon
D. /opt/CTXSmf/bin/ctxsqserver -logon
Answer: A

22. After publishing an application on five MetaFrame servers, William activated the Load Balancing Management Services license. Which task must he perform before he finishes?
A. William must start and stop the application sharing process.
B. William must verify that the published application is using the same name on all five servers.
C. William must name the application and the published application differently on all five servers.
D. William must install the application on only one of the five servers. The other four servers will not need it.
Answer: B

23. Which command restricts the ICA client from connecting to the MetaFrame server by name or the server desktop?
A. ctxcfg -i noexe
B. ctxcfg -p noexe
C. ctxcfg -p pubonly
D. ctxcfg -i pubonly
Answer: D

24. You have two MetaFrame servers with Load Balancing Management Services installed. All licenses are pooled and each server contains a 15-user base license. You’re connecting to four separate published applications with the same user name from two separate devices. How many licenses will be used?
A. one
B. two
C. four
D. six
Answer: B

25. Sherry must implement Load Balancing Management Services on her Citrix servers. She creates a published application for Word Perfect to allow remote connections directly to the application. Jim, Sherry's manager, wants her to disable client printer mapping and client clipboard mapping. Which command must Sherry use?
A. appcfg -c disable and appcfg -p disable
B. ctxcfg -C disable and ctxcfg -p disable
C. ctxappcfg -c disable and ctxappcfg -p disable
D. ctxappcfg -c disable and ctxappcfg -p disable
Answer: B

26. Which statement about shadowing is correct? (Choose two.)
A. Multiple administrators can shadow the same user.
B. Only one administrator can shadow a user.
C. Only the initiator, using the hotkey, can end a shadowing session.
D. Shadowing can be nested, allowing the administrator to shadow another user if the administrator is being shadowed.
Answer: AC

27. Which statement about the ctxcfg command is correct? (Choose two.)
A. The ctxcfg command can set the number of concurrent logons.
B. The ctxcfg command can control the client's logon settings.
C. The ctxcfg command can stop and start the MetaFrame server.
D. The ctxcfg command can enable and disable all MetaFrame for UNIX commands.
Answer: AB

28. Sam has just implemented MetaFrame on one of his 50 servers. He needs to copy server settings from one machine to another using shell scripts. Which command must he use?
A. ctxcfg -s
B. ctxcfg -h
C. ctxcfg -g
D. ctxcfg -c
Answer: C

29. What does the ctxcfg -s disable command disable on a MetaFrame for UNIX server?
A. Logon to a MetaFrame server.
B. Security on a MetaFrame server.
C. Sessions on a MetaFrame server.
D. Shadowing on a MetaFrame server.
Answer: D

30. Barry is logged on with the username Barry and session id number 141. He is experiencing problems, so he contacts the Help Desk. The Help Desk discovers that Barry has a disconnected session on one of the servers. Which command will the Help Desk use to reset his session?
A. ctxreset 141
B. ctxreset -141
C. ctxreset Barry
D. ctxreset -Barry
Answer: A

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