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Citrix 1Y0-264 Exam -

Free 1Y0-264 Sample Questions:

1. Scenario: An administrator recently installed Presentation Server in a pilot environment and has not yet made any modifications to the default settings for the farm properties. The pilot user group includes technical employees from several regional offices and the headquarters location. Users who access the pilot environment from wireless connections report that their screens freeze on occasion and an hourglass appears. A few seconds after the hourglass appears, they lose their connection.
The administrator should identify the issue affecting the environment by checking if __________. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)
A.Session Reliability is disabled
B.Auto Client Reconnect is enabled
C.the time to keep broken sessions active is sufficient
D.Access Control has been allowed for any connection
Answer: C

2. Scenario: Users report that connections to the Presentation Server farm intermittently fail. The administrator finds that impacted users are not located in any particular location or accessing any specific application. Users who access the Presentation Server farm through Program Neighborhood are not affected, but those who access the Presentation Server farm through Web Interface are experiencing this issue approximately 25% of the time.
A likely cause of this problem is that the __________ Service on one of the four load balanced servers running Presentation Server has failed. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
Answer: C

3. Scenario: An administrator installed the License Management Console on a different server than the License Server after installing Web Interface. The administrator needs to make sure the correct port number is being used for the License Management Console.
What is the correct port number for the License Management Console?
Answer: C

4. Scenario: Users in a large organization are encountering problems when they attempt to open a published application on the server running Presentation Server. The administrator verifies the problem and determines that multiple instances of the application cannot be run simultaneously.
How should the administrator address this issue?
A.Limit the user to one application session.
B.Stream the application to the user desktop.
C.Increase the set CPU priority level for the published application.
D.Configure Content Redirection using the Program Neighborhood Agent.
Answer: B

5. Users in different time zones have notified an administrator of a Presentation Server environment that the time displayed on their applications is incorrect.
How can the administrator correct this issue?
A.Configure the Client Time Zone (CTZ) rule.
B.Configure local time estimation for all users.
C.Enable the time zone rule for the server in the policy.
D.Disable the time zone rule Do not use client local time in the policy.
Answer: D

6. When configuring a Microsoft SQL replicated environment in an existing farm, which command does an administrator need to run?
Answer: D

7. An administrator has received several calls about applications not launching when users try to use Application Streaming to the desktop.
Which two issues would cause this problem? (Choose two.)
A.The .ICA file is corrupted.
B.The .RAD file is corrupted.
C.The user does not have access to the file share.
D.The user is running an old version of the Web client.
Answer: BC

8. A user is trying to gain off-line access to a streamed application using only Program Neighborhood Agent. However, the user is unable to connect.
What is causing this issue?
A.The Web Client is not installed on the user's computer.
B.The Streaming Client is not installed on the user's computer.
C.The user is trying to launch the application from Web Interface.
D.The user is trying to launch the application from Program Neighborhood.
Answer: B

9. An administrator received phone calls from users who are unable to bypass authentication when they log onto their disconnected sessions.
What is the reason for this issue?
A.NTLM v2 is not enabled in Active Directory.
B.The administrator did not enable the Streaming Client trust.
C.Smart Card authentication was not enabled on the Web Interface site.
D.The administrator did not set a policy for the application delivery method.
Answer: B

10. Scenario: An administrator has set up off-line access to specific applications for certain users. The administrator is now testing the setup and is unable to connect to the applications.
Which step does the administrator need to take to resolve this issue?
A.Configure off-line users at the farm level.
B.Reconfigure the License Server to use off-line licenses.
C.Configure applications for off-line use at the server level.
D.Purchase off-line licenses for the users within the company.
Answer: A

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