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Citrix 1Y0-258 Exam -

Free 1Y0-258 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Scenario: A Network Administrator has been instructed to setup a connection between the Secure Gateway and the Web Interface. Which two options should be used to establish the connection? (Choose two.)
C. Encryption Access System
D. Microsoft Certificate Services
Answer: A, B

Q: 2 Scenario: ABC is the new administrator of She notices that the IMA Service on one of his servers failed to start. Which two tests should he perform to find out why the IMA Service failed to start? (Choose two.)
A. Verify that the Spooler Service is started when a new user logs on
B. When connecting directly, verify that the IMA Service is running on the data store server
C. Verify that the Spooler Service is started in the system context rather than for a user
D. When connecting directly to the data store, verify that an ODBC connection exists
Answer: C, D

Q: 3 Scenario: An administrator wants to generate real-time metric graphs to see a representation of the server conditions that generate an alert or alarm and other conditions that surround the event. In which two locations can this be done? (Choose two.)
A. In the Presentation Server Console
B. Under the Resource Watcher tab
C. Under the Resource Manager Server tab
D. In the Access Suite Console
Answer: A, D

Q: 4 Scenario: Dave Jones installed a new version of the license server software for Presentation Server. He then noticed that Presentation Server is not recognizing the license server. Which licensing issue would cause the Presentation Server not to recognize the license server?
A. An incorrect version of the License Management Console was installed.
B. The Presentation Server was pointing to the wrong port of the License Management Console.
C. The Presentation Server ran out of licenses.
D. An incorrect version of the license software was installed.
Answer: D

Q: 5 Scenario: A new Network Administrator with minimal experience checking Load Manager statistics is instructed to use a command line utility to query the tables of the dynamic store. Which command should the administrator use to query the tables of the dynamic store located on the data collector?
Answer: B

Q: 6 Which command can be used to change the password associated with the data store database?
Answer: D

Q: 7 Scenario: The help desk administrator receives a call from a user who has received an error message that states, "The system could not log you on." The user is attempting to log on from a remote location. There have been no reports of network issues and the domain controller seems to be accepting authentication requests from other users. After confirming that the user is using the correct credentials, you proceed with determining the cause of the issue. Which three steps must be completed to determine whether the issue is caused by the Presentation Server Client? (Choose three.)
A. Check that UDP port 1604 is open
B. Open TCP port 3389 on the server
C. Connect using RDP and determine if the situation improves
D. Verify that logons are enabled for RDP andICA connections in the Citrix Connection Configuration tool
E. Verify that theICA listener is disabled
Answer: B, C, D

Q: 8 Scenario: A hardware load balancer and three servers running the Web Interface and the Secure Gateway Service are configured within a single hop DMZ . Within the last half hour, you received several dozen complaints that remote users cannot connect to the Presentation Server environment. What are the two most likely causes? (Choose two.)
A. Hardware load balancer failure
B. Network failure
C. Permission failure
D. Web Interface server failure
Answer: A, B

Q: 9 Scenario: Six months ago an organization successfully deployed a new CRM application on servers running Presentation Server to users in the local office and to users in remote offices.
Recently, the organization has introduced a policy allowing users in the headquarters office to work remotely from home. Users access applications using the existing Secure Gateway and Presentation Server infrastructure. However, as more employees choose to work remotely, they have increasingly complained about poor performance.
In order to resolve the performance issues, which resources may require increased capacity?
A. Internet connection of the data center
B. CRM database servers
C. Servers running Presentation Server
D. LAN switch of the data center
Answer: A

Q: 10 Scenario: Users in the Toronto office are complaining that print jobs directed to network printers take a long time to complete. Bandwidth to this office is nearing saturation, and a network upgrade will not be completed for several months. In the interim, how can you improve the user's printing experience?
A. Printer bandwidth should be set to 20 Kbps for all servers.
B. The Print Job Routing policy should be configured so that users always connect indirectly as a client printer.
C. The Printer Properties Retention policy should be enabled for roaming profile only.
D. Printer bandwidth should be set to 20 Kbps through a policy for all Toronto-basedcomputer IP addresses.

Answer: B

Q: 11 Scenario: Every time the Network Engineers at try to start the IMA Service, an error message pops up stating that the IMA Service could not be started. Their environment is currently using a direct connection to the data store. What should be done to troubleshoot this issue?
A. Verify ODBC connectivity
B. Change the default timeout value for the Service Control Manager
C. Verify IMA Service connectivity
D. Restart the Presentation Server
Answer: A

Q: 12 Scenario: A Network Administrator connects to a Presentation Server desktop from the client device. The administrator tries to select a printer from the Printers and Faxes screen and sees the message: "You do not have access to this printer. Only the security tab will be displayed". What can the administrator do to solve this issue?
A. Restart the Print Spooler Service.
B. Logon to the server and manually add the printer.
C. Select a printer from the user's session.
D. Restart the Citrix Print Manager Service.
Answer: C

Q: 13 An administrator noticed a message indicating that the IMA service on a particular Presentation Server failed to start when the service actually started. Which two methods should the administrator use to troubleshoot this issue? (Choose two.)
A. Collect the CDF Trace with the proper IMA sub-systems.
B. Run DRWTSN32 - I to set Dr. Watson as the default debugger.
C. Verify the current loading plug-ins using REGEDIT.
D. Run NETMON to get the network trace.
Answer: A, C

Q: 14 Scenario: The Network Administrator has modified the value of MaxThreads to tune the Presentation Server implementation, as Session Reliability is enabled for 150 user client connections on a server that is powerful enough to accept more. After making this modification, which two options could be used by the administrator to cause the changes to take effect? (Choose two.)
A. Reboot the server
B. Restart the XTE Service
C. Log off all users
D. Restart IMA Service
Answer: A, B

Q: 15 Scenario: A Network Administrator noticed that client logon performance is very poor and thinks that it might be due to client drive mapping. Which drive is most likely being queried in order to cause this issue? (Drive A = Floppy Drive, Drive C = Local Drive, D = CDROM, Z = Network Drive)
A. Drive Z
B. Drive D
C. Drive C
D. Drive A
Answer: D

Q: 16 Choose the option that correctly describes the function of the given Presentation Server component.
A. Farm Metric Server interprets Resource Managermetrics that apply to the entire farm.
B. Data Collector stores the Resource Managerconfiguration data.
C. Farm Metric Server sends farm wide data to other servers using IMA (Independent Management Architecture) communication.
D. Data Collector determines the farm wide data distribution system.
Answer: A

Q: 17 What happens when the Connect client printers at logon checkbox is not selected in the ica-tcp connection client settings?
A. Client printers will be prohibited from being added automatically.
B. Printing speed is reduced.
C. Presentation Server universal printer driver will automatically create printers for connecting clients when they launch their ICA connections.
D. Client to server printer redirection will be disabled.
Answer: A

Q: 18 Which component gathers historical metrics from all Presentation Servers on a daily basis and forwards the data to the Summary Database?
A. Data Collector
B. Summary Database Collector
C. Database Connection Server
D. Farm Metric Server
Answer: C

Q: 19 What happens when a collision occurs and the DLLs for the application are relocated to an available base memory address?
A. The DLL can no longer be shared with other applications.
B. The registry key of the DLL changes to 0.
C. The registry key of the DLL changes to 1.
D. The DLL is deleted from the application.
Answer: A

Q: 20 What are two reasons why you would receive an error message from the Service Control Manager stating that the IMA Service could not be started when the service actually started? (Choose two.)
A. The Service Control Manager timeout value expired.
B. The Citrix XML HTTP socket timeout value expired.
C. The Service Control Manager is currently set to use the default time-out value.
D. The IMA Service startup account expired.
E. The Citrix XML Service could not connect to the database.
Answer: A, C

Q: 21 Scenario: You recently installed Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 on Windows Server 2003 in a pilot environment at and have not yet made any modifications to the default settings for farm properties. Your pilot user group is based on technical employees from several regional offices and the headquarters location. Users that access from wireless connections report that their screens freeze on occasion and an hour glass appears. How would you identify the issue affecting the environment?
A. By checking if IPX/SPX has been enabled within the operating system
B. By checking if there is an issue withICA keep-alives
C. By checking if Session Reliability is enabled
D. By checking if Access Control has been allowed for any connection
Answer: C

Q: 22 Scenario: Brook Bank & Company purchased a new accounting application to improve their employees' efficiency and help make the company more competitive among the leading accounting firms in Mans County. The IT administrator of Brook Bank wants to know the resource requirement of the new application that has been installed in their pilot environment. This information is available in a report.
Which console can be used to generate the report?
A. Resouce Manager Web Console
B. Presentation Server Console
C. Access Suite Console
D. Microsoft Management Console
Answer: C

Q: 23 Scenario: A license server was renamed and a new license file was allocated and installed on the license server.
However, whenever the server is rebooted, a license error message pops up indicating that the license server is not available. Which two issues could cause this error message? (Choose two.)
A. The old license file has expired.
B. The change to the port number in the old license file was not implemented in the new license file.
C. The previous allocated licenses were not returned to Citrix before the new license file was generated.
D. The new license file does not have the same name as the Presentation Server farm.
Answer: B, C

Q: 24 Scenario: An administrator wants to adjust the threshold for a specific alarm setting for Page File utilization. The value in the yellow threshold field will be changed from 40 to 50 and the value in the red threshold field will be changed to 60; this action will result in the red threshold having a higher value. How can this be done?
A. By opening the Event Log Consolidator and changing the alert settings
B. By clicking the server farm node and editing the farm properties settings
C. By expanding the Resource Manager node and double-clicking the desired metric
D. By right-clicking the desired metric and selecting "Properties"
Answer: D

Q: 25 Where can an administrator generate the Policy Report for a farm?
A. In the Resource Manager Web Console
B. In the Presentation Server Console
C. In the IIS Management Console
D. In the Access Suite Console
Answer: D

Q: 26 Scenario: A Network Administrator goes into Presentation Server console and changes the Citrix Print Manager Service settings. The administrator changes the startup type of the service from "automatic", and deselects the "This account" radio button. Which consequence may result from this action?
A. Printers will not be auto-created.
B. Printer mapping will automatically be disabled.
C. The Printing Bandwidth will be increased.
D. All the available client printers will be deleted.
Answer: A

Q: 27 Scenario: Remote users who log on to a particular Presentation Server over dial-up connections experience a black screen for about 15 minutes before login finally completes. A Network Administrator wants to figure out what could be causing the slow logon and why the black screen is appearing.
What should be done to determine the cause of this issue?
A. Run Network Trace on the client device
B. Open My Computer on the client device and check if the device is configured to allow remote assistance invitations to be sent to a Presentation Server
C. Open Task Manager on the client device and stop the process with the highest CPU utilization
D. Run Terminal Services recovery on the client device
Answer: A

Q: 28 Scenario: Users connecting directly to the Presentation Server 4.0 desktop are able to print to their auto-created printers. When the same users try to print from their published applications, they cannot see their auto-created printers. The Citrix Administrator suspects that this is due to asynchronous processing of printer auto-creation for published applications. How can the administrator disable asynchronous auto-creation of printers for published applications?
A. Disable the option in the Printing Policy.
B. Disable the option in Printer Properties in Presentation Server Console.
C. Disable the option in Application Properties in Presentation Server Console.
D. Disable the option in Server Properties.
Answer: C

Q: 29 Scenario: You have deployed a new mapping application that is to be used by your Sales and Marketing department to track customers and sales leads by zip code. Because the application was inadvertently made available to all domain users, you see that a few people other than Sales and Marketing users are accessing the application. You learn that your company purchased only 50 user licenses; this is sufficient only for Sales and Marketing users. When you approach your manager regarding licensing compliance, he advises you that because typical usage is only approximately 30 users, it is acceptable to allow all domain users to continue to access the application with the current number of licenses. However, he asks you to monitor the usage and ensure that no more than 50 instances are open at any time.
Which two actions should you perform? (Choose two.)
A. Limit users to the Sales and Marketing group during business hours, and allow all domain users to have access after business hours.
B. Limit the number of instances allowed in the server farm.
C. Limit users to only one instance of the application.
D. Use Presentation Server policies to limit the total number of concurrent sessions that a user can have running at the same time.
E. Create a Resource Manager published application anduse the Count Metric.
Answer: B, E

Q: 30 By default, which three ports can be used by Citrix Presentation Server to communicate with a Citrix license server? (Choose three.)
A. 20700
B. 27001
C. 27008
D. 27000
E. 20079
Answer: B, C, D

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