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Citrix 1Y0-256 Exam -

Free 1Y0-256 Sample Questions:

1. Scenario: Your manager has directed you to deploy Web Interface into the DMZ for access by external customers and has asked for your recommendations for maximizing security and minimizing support requirements.
Which two options should you recommend? (Choose two.)
A.Enable workspace control
B.Implement Secure Gateway
C.Implement Citrix Secure XML
D.Enable and default to the Client for Java
Answer: BD

2. What are two valid DMZ settings for Secure Gateway in the MetaFrame Presentation Server site? (Choose two.)
Answer: CD

3. For which task would enabling the Quick Launch Bar be appropriate during installation of the Client?
A.To administer shadowing
B.To give administrators quick access to RDP sessions
C.To launch a server desktop through Program Neighborhood Agent
D.To give administrators quick access to remote servers from their desktop
Answer: D

4. In which two instances is it appropriate to allow anonymous access to published resources? (Choose two.)
A.When the application is not licensed
B.When user tracking is a requirement
C.When user tracking is not a requirement
D.When installing Presentation Server on a domain controller
E.When demonstrating a test application publicly on your web site
Answer: CE

5. What must be installed before applications can be deployed using Installation Manager onto the server?
B.Web Interface
C.Citrix Access Suite Console
D.Installation Manager Packager
Answer: A

6. Scenario: Based on testing and business requirements, your manager has determined that the universal printer driver will be suitable for all the supported printers used by remote users.
How will you enable this?
A.Select the "Use universal driver only" setting of the universal driver policy
B.Select the "Use universal driver only" setting in the Citrix Connection Configuration utility
C.Configure the "Use universal driver only" option Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO)
D.Configure the "Use universal driver only" option under Printer Management node in the Presentation Server Console
Answer: A

7. Which three types of persistent data are contained in the Presentation Server farm data store? (Choose three.)
A.License files
B.User profiles
C.Printer drivers and mappings
D.Published application configurations
E.Presentation Server administrator accounts
Answer: CDE

8. Which component manages the servers running Presentation Server by integrating with third-party management consoles such as HP OpenView?
A.Load Manager
B.Network Manager
C.Resource Manager
D.Installation Manager
Answer: B

9. What is contained in the data store database?
A.User profiles for all servers in a given zone
B.Dynamic data for all servers in a given zone
C.License files for all servers in a given server farm
D.Persistent data for all servers in a given server farm
Answer: D

10. What is the purpose of the local host cache?
A.It handles queries regarding server load values locally from applications.
B.It ensures that pertinent data is accessible locally even if the data store database is unavailable.
C.It provides data about the local server to the Presentation Server Console over a TCP connection.
D.It stores server load, active session and disconnected session information locally for Presentation Server.
Answer: B

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