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Citrix 1Y0-252 Exam -

Free 1Y0-252 Sample Questions:

1. What are two approaches to investigating IMA failure? (Choose two.)
A. Verify that the IMA Service made a connection to the data store.
B. Verify that the Spooler service is started in the user context rather than that of the system.
C. Verify that the IMA Service is running on the server that is connecting directly to the data store.
D. Verify that both the TMP and TEMP environment variables point to the C:\Program Files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture folder.
Answer: AC

2. What may cause Load Manager to malfunction?
A. Data store update rate
B. Data collector update communications
C. Applications being published to administrators
D. Applications being published to individual users instead of groups
Answer: B

3. Which requirement distinguishes network printing from client printing?
A. Network printing requires the use of a print server.
B. Network printing requires Windows printer sharing.
C. Network printing requires that printers be defined on the server and not the client.
D. Network printing requires that the printers appear in the Printer folders of the client and the server.
Answer: A

4. On which step of the Citrix Troubleshooting Methodology does an administrator focus when narrowing the scope of an issue?
A. Define the issue
B. Consider the possible causes
C. Gathering detailed information
D. Create an action plan to solve the issue
Answer: C

5. Scenario: A help desk administrator receives several calls from users who complain that they have degraded performance when multiple sessions of Microsoft Office 2003 applications are open on their desktops. The users are accessing published versions of Outlook and Excel. The administrator attempts to recreate the issue but is unsuccessful. This issue occurred periodically over the last couple of months but there is no reported resolution.
What are the first two steps in troubleshooting this issue? (Choose two.)
A. Create an action plan
B. Investigate the time line
C. Check the baseline information
D. Determine the scope of the issue
Answer: BD

6. Which step of troubleshooting requires that an administrator create a list of actual problems and their suspected components?
A. Define the issue
B. Implement the action plan
C. Consider the possible causes
D. Create the action plan to solve the issue
Answer: C

7. Which step of troubleshooting requires an administrator to determine the source cause of the issue and design a plan to address it?
A. Define the issue
B. Create the action plan
C. Implement the action plan
D. Consider the possible causes
Answer: B

8. Which symptom indicates IMA failure?
A. RDP connections fail.
B. Sessions are slow to launch.
C. Published applications are unavailable.
D. Updates to servers take longer than usual.
Answer: C

9. Which three symptoms indicate failure of the Web Interface? (Choose three.)
A. Printer mappings are not holding in Web Interface sessions.
B. Users are unable to authenticate on the Web Interface Login page.
C. Printing from applications accessed through Web Interface is failing.
D. Applications are not enumerating after logging on to the Web Interface.
E. Users are unable to launch applications in a Web Interface environment.
Answer: BDE

10. Scenario: Sheila is the acting MetaFrame Administrator for KellCorp, Inc.. She received multiple calls from users this morning reporting that they could not launch Microsoft Word using Program Neighborhood. These users were able to launch the applications the day before and this is the first time they have had this issue. When trying to connect to the published application, users receive an error message that states "WINWORD.EXE failed to start. The Citrix server is unable to process your request to start this published application at this time. Please try again later." This error usually occurs a few minutes after the user has logged onto the network.
Users access their applications through Program Neighborhood using the MetaFrame Presentation Server Client for Win32. In the environment, load evaluators are enabled that include an Application User Load rule which limits connections to applications after the load level is full. Users have limited ability to launch applications based on the number of required licenses per launch. Logon status is enabled. The Server Operations team has reported that no changes were made to Active Directory or Windows Server 2003.
What are two possible causes for the issue described? (Choose two.)
A. The Citrix Connection Configuration listener settings are misconfigured.
B. The load evaluator settings were altered and are not appropriate for the environment.
C. The CMSTART.EXE registry file is corrupt, missing and/or the user is not permitted to launch it.
D. The user or user group does not have permission assigned to access the server where the applications reside.
Answer: BC

11. Scenario: You are an administrator of a farm of servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0. The farm contains four servers that access the data store indirectly through the host server named "Citrix Host."
Recently, due to a change request, you published Microsoft Visio, Project and Publisher and made them available to all users of the farm. Today the help desk received calls from users who complained that those applications are not available. Users who complain about this issue are being routed to a server named "Citrix_2."
You check the Event Log on "Citrix_2" and do not see any IMA Service error codes. Next you run the DSMAINT VERIFYLHC command and confirm that the local host cache is not corrupt.
What are two possible causes of this issue? (Choose two.)
A. The host server is down.
B. The local host cache is not synchronized with the data store.
C. The settings for Program Neighborhood have been misconfigured.
D. The users are only permitted to run one instance of the applications.
Answer: AB

12. Scenario: Users in the Sydney office complain that they are unable to print to network printers which they normally access. The print server, which is on the LAN, is still up and running. No new printers or drivers have been added to the environment.
The Citrix Connection Configuration utility has the client settings configured so that client printers are connected at logon. Windows client printer mapping as well as Client LPT mapping are enabled. The Printer Properties of the MetaFrame Presentation Server have the "send through client device to printer" option enabled. On the domain controller, user accounts are configured to connect to client printers at logon. The correct printer drivers are installed. Naming conventions and mappings are correct.
What is the cause of this problem?
A. Client printers should not be connected at logon.
B. Default settings for printer mapping should be used.
C. MetaFrame Presentation Server Printer Management properties are disabled.
D. The LPT ports have been enabled in the Citrix Connection Configuration utility.
E. A MetaFrame Presentation Server policy has the printing virtual channel disabled.
Answer: E

13. Scenario: Jose, the MetaFrame Administrator, has been asked to assess why print jobs from network printers are so slow.
Jose knows that one possible cause could be:
A. Auto-creation of printers failed.
B. Printers are mapped incorrectly.
C. The Print Job Routing policy is misconfigured.
D. The Client printer mapping rule is misconfigured.
Answer: C

14. Scenario: The help desk administrator takes a call from a user who has received an error message that states "The system could not log you on." The user is attempting to log on from a remote location. There have been no reports of network issues and the domain controller seems to be accepting authentication requests from other users. After confirming that the user is using the correct credentials, you proceed with determining if the issue is a Citrix Client issue.
Which three steps must be completed to determine whether the issue is caused by the Citrix Client? (Choose three.)
A. Check that UDP port 1604 is open.
B. Open TCP port 3389 on the server.
C. Have the user uninstall the Citrix Client and use RDP instead.
D. Enable logons in the Citrix Connection Configuration Utility for RDP connections.
E. Uncheck "Only Launch Published Applications" for the RDP listener to allow direct connections to the server.
Answer: BDE

15. What are two reasons that an administrator may not be able to access the Presentation Server Console? (Choose two.)
A. The Host ID is set to 0.
B. The IMA service is not running.
C. The local host cache is corrupt.
D. The communication with the data store is down.
E. The local host cache is not synchronized with the data store.
Answer: BD

16. What are three reasons that an administrator may not be able to access the Presentation Server Console? (Choose three.)
A. The IMA service is not running.
B. The local host cache is missing.
C. The data store database server is unavailable.
D. The local host cache and data store are not synchronized.
E. The server running MetaFrame Presentation Server is unable to connect to the data store.
Answer: ACE

17. Scenario: KellCorp,Inc has the policy of purchasing and building all their servers at headquarters. The administrator purchased a new server, installed the operating system and configured MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 at the main office. They verified that the server was part of their farm, that the IMA service started and that they were able to publish new applications and connect to these published applications. Next the server was shipped to a remote office location and installed on the remote network.
When the server was started, the IMA service fails to start.
Which corrective action is required?
A. Run DSMAINT MIGRATE pointing to the new DSN.
B. Launch the Presentation Server Console and join a new zone.
C. Rebuild the MetaFrame Presentation Server at the remote location.
D. Since the local host cache still has the previous IP address listed, recreate the local host cache.
Answer: D

18. Scenario: The firewall in the main office has failed and a new firewall must be installed. The license server is located at the main office. Several servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 are located at remote offices for fast access using zone preference and failover. After the new firewall is installed, all users were able to connect without any problems, but after 30 days users are not able to log in to the system anymore.
What is the best way to resolve this problem?
A. Open up port 2512 on the new firewall.
B. Open up port 1494 on the new firewall.
C. Open up port 27000 on the new firewall.
D. Reconfigure the firewalls at each remote site for ICA packet prioritization.
Answer: C

19. Which two symptoms indicate IMA service failure? (Choose two.)
A. Session sharing is not functioning.
B. Remote users are unable to authenticate.
C. Users are unable to launch applications using the Citrix Client.
D. Administrators are unable to access the Presentation Server Console.
Answer: CD

20. Scenario: IMA communication has failed. While reviewing the issue with your network administrator, you learn that he has disabled a number of ports.
The disabling of which port has impacted IMA service?
A. TCP port 2512
B. TCP port 2513
C. TCP port 1494
D. TCP port 2598
Answer: A

21. Which two options can be used to remedy issues that may occur if the ODBC connection fails? (Choose two.)
A. Verify that the database server is online.
B. Verify that the correct user name and password are being used for database connectivity.
C. Verify that the name of the DSN file that the IMA Service is using is correct in Windows services.
D. Verify that the Citrix WMI Service is started in the Services utility in Administrative Tools and Computer Management.
Answer: AB

22. In an environment that contains 50 servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 and uses direct mode for accessing the data store, what is required for proper operation of the IMA Service? (Choose three.)
A. ODBC connectivity
B. The election of a host server.
C. Use of Microsoft Access for the data store.
D. The most appropriate MDAC version must be installed.
E. Matching DSN names in the Registry and in the ODBC files.
Answer: ADE

23. What can be used to ensure that the correct name and password are used for the data store database connection?
C. Data Sources (ODBC)
D. Citrix Diagnostic Facility
Answer: B

24. Which two tools can be used to determine whether the ODBC connection has failed? (Choose two.)
A. Event Viewer
C. DSN with an ODBC test utility
D. Citrix Connection Configuration
Answer: AC

25. Scenario: The MIS department just got a new more powerful server that they plan to use for their Microsoft SQL Server. They wish to migrate the existing databases, including the data store database, to this new server.
After the databases are backed up and restored on the new server, which command has to run on the MetaFrame Presentation Servers in order to point to this new SQL Server data store?
A. Run DSVIEW pointing to the new DSN with the appropriate user name and password.
B. Run DSMAINT pointing to the new DSN with the appropriate user name and password.
C. Run QUERYDS pointing to the new DSN with the appropriate user name and password.
D. Run DSCHECK pointing to the new DSN with the appropriate user name and password.
Answer: B

26. Scenario: There have been several complaints at KellCorp, Inc about some employees spending too much time playing computer games at the office. John, the MetaFrame Administrator, is assigned the task of finding these users. Using Resource Manager, John generates a Server Summary report to analyze the data.
Click on the Exhibit button to view an excerpt from the Server Summary report.
Server Summary
Users and Processes
UserProcessPathVersionAdministrator - FTLRULIwuauclt.exec:\\winnt\\system32\\5.4.3790.20Administrator - FTLRULIrundll32.exec:\\winnt\\system32\\5.0.2134.1Administrator - FTLRULIwfcrun32.exec:\\program files\\citrix\\ica client\\7.0.17534.0user4 - FTLRULIwuauclt.exec:\\winnt\\system32\\5.4.3790.20user4 - FTLRULIssonsvr.exec:\\program files\\citrix\\ica client\\user4 - FTLRULIpinball.exec:\\program files\\windows nt\\pinball\\5.0.2134.1user1 - FTLRULIsol.exec:\\winnt\\system32\\5.0.2138.1user 1-FTLRULIwfshell.exec:\\winnt\\system32\\2.3.1467.1user 1-FTLRULIwuauclt.exec:\\winnt\\system32\\5.4.3790.20user 6-FTLRULIwuauclt.exec:\\winnt\\system32\\5.4.3790.20user 6-FTLRULIsol.exec:\\winnt\\system32\\5.0.2138.1user 6-FTLRULIwfshell.exec:\\winnt\\system32\\2.3.1467.1
Which three users are playing games?
A. User1, user3 and user4
B. User1, user6 and user4
C. User3, user6, and user9
D. Administrator, user1 and user3
Answer: B

27. Scenario: MetaFrame Administrators receive the following error message when trying to access the applications node in the Presentation Server Console:
"Error when expanding the tree, please refresh the parent node."
Which command can be used to troubleshoot this issue?
Answer: A

28. Scenario: MetaFrame Administrators receive the following error message when attempting to publish an application in the Management Console for MetaFrame Presentation Server:
"Could not write application data to the Citrix server farm. C0050006/80000002"
Which command can be used to troubleshoot this issue?
Answer: B

29. Scenario: The MIS department recently sent an e-mail stating that there was a security breach on the internal network. As a result, they ordered everyone to change their passwords. Bob is the administrator of the SQL Server database and the farm of servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0. The next day, when the servers are rebooted, they display errors stating that the IMA service has failed to start. When Bob looks in the Event Viewer he sees the following error message:
Event ID: 3612. The Citrix MetaFrame XP Server failed to connect to the Data Store IMA_RESULT_ACCESS_DENIED.
How can Bob resolve this issue?
A. Run DSCHECK/CLEAN and restart IMA.
B. Run CHFARM and re-add the server to the farm.
C. Run DSMAINT CONFIG and update the new password. Restart IMA.
D. Run QUERYDA and determine user name and password. Restart IMA.
Answer: C

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