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Citrix 1Y0-223 Exam -

Free 1Y0-223 Sample Questions:

1. What is a prerequisite for configuring a summary database?
A. Test the connection to the summary database.
B. Assign the Data Source Name (DSN) on the Database Connection server.
C. Install Resource Manager on each server in the farm that will be monitored.
D. Configure a threshold to warn the administrator when a connection to the summary database is lost.
Answer: B

2. Which configuration setting in the Program Neighborhood Agent Console defines whether or not the communication between the Client and the server running the Web Interface needs to be secured?
A. Server URL
B. Logon Methods
C. Session Options
D. Workspace Control
Answer: A

3. In a farm, Zone Preference and Failover is configured for users. However, users are always directed to the least loaded server in the farm regardless of the user's configured preference.
What is the cause of this issue?
A. The user is launching applications through Web Interface.
B. The user is launching applications through Program Neighborhood.
C. The user is launching applications through Web Interface and using SSL.
D. The user is launching applications through Program Neighborhood Agent.
Answer: B

4. Where in the Presentation Server Console is SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration enabled?
A. In farm properties, in SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration, select Enable SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration.
B. Under the properties of a published application select Enable SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration for this application.
C. Right-click the Servers node or a folder containing a group of servers and select Enable SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration.
D. SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration cannot be enabled in the Presentation Server Console; it can only be enabled in the properties of a Client.
Answer: A

5. Identify the scenario in which an administrator needs to enable content redirection from server to client.
A. Users in a farm open emails with attachments that they must save on their desktops.
B. Users in a farm need to open email attachments without running a virus scan each time.
C. Users in a farm are not permitted to open embedded email attachments using local applications.
D. Users in a farm open emails with URLs that point to multimedia file types that allow users to run them on their local machines.
Answer: D

6. An administrator has decided to allow no more than 50 users to connect to each published application in the server farm. Which rule in load manager will allow the administrator to accomplish this task?
A. Session load
B. Server user load
C. License threshold load
D. Application user load
Answer: D

7. Explain the difference between the Presentation Server Console and the Access Suite Console by choosing the correct statement.
A. The Presentation Server Console is an administrator's tool while the Access Suite Console is a user's tool.
B. The Presentation Server Console allows an administrator to manage only one server in the farm independently, while the Access Suite Console allows administrators to manage all of the servers in the farm.
C. The Presentation Server Console allows an administrator to manage the farm while the Access Suite Console allows an administrator to manage only components in the MetaFrame Access Suite and not MetaFrame Presentation Server.
D. The Presentation Server Console allows an administrator to manage the farm while the Access Suite Console allows an administrator to manage certain aspects of MetaFrame Presentation Server, as well as other MetaFrame Access Suite components.
Answer: D

8. The _____ is the server responsible for maintaining dynamic data for all zone servers; the _____ contains persistent data for all servers in the farm; and the _____ is a subset of information that is retained locally on each server. (Fill in the blanks with the correct series of options.)
A. data store database; data collector; IMA
B. data collector; IMA; local host cache
C. data collector; data store database; local host cache
D. server running MetaFrame Presentation Server; data collector; data store database
Answer: C

9. Stand-alone components do not need to be installed on the same machine as MetaFrame Presentation Server in order to work. Which three options are stand-alone components? (Choose three.)
A. WMI Provider
B. Document Center
C. Resource Manager
D. Citrix License Server
E. Presentation Server Console
Answer: BDE

10. Interoperability mode, also called mixed mode, is a characteristic of which kind of farm?
A. A farm with more than one zone
B. A farm of servers running MetaFrame 1.8 and MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0
C. A farm of servers running MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Feature Release 3 and MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0
D. A farm of servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 on Windows 2000 Server as well as on Windows Server 2003 platforms
Answer: B

11. Why does Citrix recommend that administrators perform the initial migration of a MetaFrame 1.8 server farm to MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 outside of a company's normal working hours?
A. The license installation process interrupts server communication.
B. All servers running MetaFrame 1.8 have to be taken offline during the migration process.
C. All MetaFrame 1.8 servers need to be upgraded to MetaFrame Presentation Server at the same time.
D. The browser election process causes published applications and server browsing to be temporarily unavailable.
Answer: D

12. Identify two primary technical considerations for deciding to install more than one farm in a MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 environment. (Choose two.)
A. The condition of network hardware
B. The type of database chosen for the data store
C. The geographic location of the server components
D. The type of network connection between the components
Answer: CD

13. You are an administrator who needs to perform an unattended installation of MetaFrame Presentation Server over the weekend. Identify two methods by which you can accomplish this unattended installation. (Choose two.)
A. Deployment of an ADF installation package
B. Use of Installation Manager in the Access Suite Console
C. A Windows Installer silent installation using a "transform file"
D. Creation of an "answer file" to provide answers to the questions asked during setup
Answer: CD

14. To perform an unattended installation of MetaFrame Presentation Server, an administrator may create an "answer file." What is an "answer file"?
A. It is an .EXE file that performs the installation process in default mode.
B. It is a .TXT file that answers the questions that are asked during setup.
C. It is a hyperlink that connects the unattended installation to an automated installation enabler on
D. It is a shortcut to a .MST "transform file" that dynamically interfaces with the Windows Installer to complete the installation.
Answer: B

15. In order for users to access published applications when using Program Neighborhood Agent, which component of MetaFrame Presentation Server must be installed?
A. Web Interface
B. Secure Gateway
C. Program Neighborhood
D. Installation Manager
Answer: A

16. When deciding which kind of database to use as a farm data store, an administrator must consider which three factors? (Choose three.)
A. Number of zones in the farm
B. Number of servers in the farm
C. Number of applications in the farm
D. Number of named users in the farm
E. Number of connection licenses in the farm
Answer: BCD

17. A MetaFrame Presentation Server farm's data store contains several types of "persistent" information about the farm, including which three options? (Choose three.)
A. License file
B. User profiles
C. Administrator accounts
D. Printer drivers and mapping
E. Published application configuration
Answer: CDE

18. Which snap-in extension is required to be installed before MetaFrame Presentation Server health information can be viewed in the Access Suite Console?
A. Report Center
B. Diagnostic Facility
C. Licensing Extension
D. Dashboard Extension
Answer: D

19. Identify the management tool that is used to set up and configure the summary database.
A. Access Suite Console
B. Web Interface Console
C. Presentation Server Console
D. Program Neighborhood Agent Console
Answer: C

20. By default, what interval does Resource Manager use to continuously sample raw performance data and update metric status icons?
A. Every 5 seconds
B. Every 10 seconds
C. Every 15 seconds
D. Every 20 seconds
Answer: C

21. The metrics that are used by Resource Manager to provide a real-time overview of each server are stored in the _____. (Fill in the blank with correct option.)
A. event log
B. data collector
C. local database
D. Resource Manager server log
Answer: C

22. Which three tasks can be completed in the Visual Threshold Configuration Option feature of Resource Manager? (Choose three.)
A. Monitor farm metric settings
B. Change the values for the metric
C. Adjust the timing for alert settings
D. View a graph of the current values for a metric
Answer: BCD

23. Which four pieces of information does the Database Connection Server Test provide? (Choose four.)
A. Whether the Data Store Name is defined
B. Whether database accessibility is possible
C. Whether alert thresholds have been configured
D. Whether the summary database software is ok
E. Whether the database connection server is running
Answer: ABDE

24. An administrator can configure SNMP session traps in _____ in a MetaFrame environment. (Fill in the blank with the correct option.)
A. Resource Manager
B. Access Suite Console
C. Web Interface Console
D. Presentation Server Console
Answer: D

25. What is the communication method that is used to gather data for the Policy Report in the Report Center?
Answer: E

26. Which operation must be completed before reports can be scheduled?
A. Generate a report
B. Create a report specification
C. Enable the Diagnostic Facility
D. Create a custom view in "My View"
Answer: B

27. Which three items can be saved as part of a report specification in Report Center? (Choose three.)
A. Farm selection
B. Publishing details
C. Administrator's name
D. Database connectivity
E. Scheduling information
Answer: ABD

28. Report Center can produce reports in which two kinds of file formats? (Choose two.)
Answer: CE

29. Which three kinds of reports require a Summary Database connection in order to run? (Choose three.)
A. Policy Report
B. Session Statistics
C. Application Report
D. Client Type Report
E. Application Availability Report
Answer: BDE

30. Which three objects can be added to a custom "My View" window in the Access Suite Console? (Choose three)
A. Farms
B. Clients
C. License Servers
D. Published Applications
E. Servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server
Answer: ADE

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