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Citrix 1Y0-222 Exam -

Free 1Y0-222 Sample Questions:

1. In Load Manager, on which metric does the Default load evaluator base its result?
A. memory usage
B. CPU utilization
C. server user load
D. application user load
Answer: C

2. Which command is used to generate reports of logon/logoff activity for a MetaFrame server based on the Windows NT Server security event log?
A. xplog
B. ctxlog
C. auditlog
D. ctxauditlog
Answer: C

3. What are components of SpeedScreen? (Choose three.)
A. narrowband
B. super cache
C. local multipoint
D. queuing and discarding
E. Reducer 1 and Reducer 2
Answer: BDE

4. What are reasons for using the TCP/IP + HTTP instead of the TCP/IP as the protocol of choice for the ICA Clients? (Choose two.)
A. It uses UDP broadcasts for server location.
B. XML data are transmitted in HTTP on port 80.
C. It does not use UDP broadcasts for server location.
D. XML data are encapsulated in HTTP and transmitted on port 2512.
E. XML data are encapsulated in HTTP and transmitted on port 1494.
Answer: BC

5. Tim needs to be able to shadow 5 users that are logged onto ServerX. He must be able to shadow without input on the users sessions. What can be done to ensure that the required result is accomplished?
A. Prohibit remote control
B. Log all shadow connections
C. Give Tim Power User permission
D. Force a shadow acceptance popup
Answer: A

6. Which of the following ICA session options can an administrator manage using the Program Neighborhood Agent Admin tool? (Choose three.)
A. ICA session status
B. ICA template files
C. ICA window size
D. ICA audio quality
E. ICA license in-use
Answer: BCD

7. Which command can be used to automatically configure the ICA Client reconnection settings on a MetaFrame XP server or server farm?
A. acrcfg
B. icareset
C. reconnect ica
D. mfclient /reconnect
Answer: A

8. Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding the Program Neighborhood Agent Admin tool?
A. Changes do not take effect until the webserver is rebooted..
B. Changes can be made to control what the user can do with his Pnagent client
C. Changes are written to a config.xml file on the Nfuse Classic webserver
D. Changes are global for all users connecting with the Pnagent client
Answer: A

9. A MetaFrame XP farm is configured with three zones: ZONE A, ZONE B, and ZONE C. What command is used to view the data collector information about ZONE B?
Answer: A

10. Which statements are true about the ICA protocol? (Choose three.)
A. ICA is the remote presentation service protocol used by the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server.
B. ICA enables DOS PCs to access 32-bit applications running on a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server..
C. ICA enables thin client devices to access applications running on a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server.
D. ICA transfers an application's logic to the client device where it is interpreted by the ICA client software.
Answer: ABC

11. Lori must change the Citrix XML Service port to TCP port 1030. Which command must be entered in order for this task to be accomplished?
A. reset port /1030
B. ctxchange / 1030
C. ctxxmlss /r1030
D. changer port /1030
Answer: C

12. When configuring the ICA Connection for Shadowing which of the following must be used so that individual user configurations to take precedence over the ICA connection settings for shadowing?
A. ICA Toobar
B. User Manager
C. Inherit User Config
D. Citrix Shadow Taskbar
Answer: C

13. Brian is managing a server farm that consists of 50 MetaFrame XP Presentation servers. Network connections are causing him use no higher than 16Kbps for the ICA Client Audio Setting. Which audio quality is he using?
A. High
B. Medium
C. Low
D. Sample
Answer: C

14. Which three statements are true about MetaFrame XP? (Choose three.)
A. The Management Console for MetaFrame XP does not require that MetaFrame XP be installed on the system.
B. Clients have access to applications on the MetaFrame XP server without application rewrites or downloads.
C. Applications running on a client computer can access data on the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server via a default ICA connection.
D. Keystrokes, mouse click events, screen updates, and audio are passed between the client and the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server across the network.
Answer: ABD

15. The standard grace period to activate a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server license is _____.
A. ten days
B. two weeks
C. one month
D. 35 days
E. 45 days
Answer: D

16. What is the result if the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server license is not activated before the grace period ends?
A. Nothing happens. The users will still be able to log on to the server.
B. The MetaFrame XP Presentation Server will no longer accept user connections.
C. The MetaFrame XP server will activate the license itself if an Internet connection is present.
D. Users connecting to the MetaFrame XP server will log on successfully, but will receive a license notification dialog box.
Answer: B

17. The _____ name is used by the MetaFrame XP Presentation server farm and ICA Clients to recognize individual applications that may have the same display name.
A. user
B. client
C. session
D. application
Answer: D

18. Which clients does MetaFrame XP Presentation Server support? (Choose four.)
C. Java
D. MacOS
E. OS/2 Warp
Answer: ACDE

19. Which statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. Frame Relay currently is not supported by the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server.
B. You can secure ICA packets being sent from the client to the server.
C. With MetaFrame XP onecan shadow multiple ICA clients simultaneously.
D. Only 32-bit ICA clients software can be updated automatically from the ICA server.
Answer: BC

20. Which three utilities did the Management Console for MetaFrame XP consolidate? (Choose three.)
A. Citrix Licensing
B. Citrix Server Administration
C. Remote Application Manager
D. Published Application Manager
E. Citrix Connection Configuration
Answer: ABD

21. On which operating systems can the Management Console for MetaFrame XP be installed? (Choose three.)
A. WinFrame 1.8
B. Windows XP Professional
C. Windows NT Server 3.51
D. Windows 2000 Professional
E. Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Answer: BDE

22. How many load evaluators can be attached to each server and to each published application?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 10
D. 20
E. unlimited
Answer: A

23. What displayed maximum load level indicates that the load balanced servers are carrying a full load?
A. 1000
B. 9999
C. 10000
D. 99999
Answer: C

24. How many users can connect to a server using the default load evaluator?
A. 10
B. 99
C. 100
D. 200
E. 1000
Answer: C

25. To change the TCP/IP port used by the ICA protocol from 1494 to 1524, which command can be used?
A. ICAPORT /port::1524
B. ICAPORT /port 1494 1524
D. CHANGE PORT / 1494:1524
Answer: A

26. Mark must change a MetaFrame XP server preference from Preferred to Most Preferred. Where in the Management Console for MetaFrame XP can this task be accomplished?
A. Using the Server Farm node select Properties
B. Using the Server Preference node select Properties
C. Using the Load Evaluator node select Change Server Status
D. Using the Citrix Administrator node select Promote Server
Answer: A

27. The Citrix server has a load evaluator applied to both the server and an application. The server evaluator reports a load level of 3000 and the application reports a load level of 4000.
In this example, what is the final load level?
A. server load
B. application load
C. the sum of both the server and application load
D. the average of both the server and application load
Answer: B

28. Which three statements are true about the RC5 algorithm? (Choose three.)
A. RC5 is a block cipher.
B. RC5 does not use block ciphering.
C. RC5 algorithm is a symmetric key algorithm.
D. RC5 algorithm is an asymmetric key algorithm.
E. MetaFrame XP server and ICA client establish a 1024-bit secret key.
Answer: ACE

29. What provides secure communication between a Web server and the MetaFrame XP server?
A. RC5
C. SSL relay
D. ICA protocol
E. user authentication tickets
Answer: C

30. When should Citrix SSL Relay be used? (Choose three.)
A. Users normally access the network from the same workstations
B. You have a small number of MetaFrame servers to support (five or fewer)
C. You do need end-to-end encryption of data between ICA Clients and MetaFrame servers
D. You do not need to hide server IP addresses, or you are using Network Address Translation (NAT)
Answer: BCD

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