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Network General 1T6-220 Exam -

Free 1T6-220 Sample Questions:

1. CD in CSMA/CD means:
A. A node will listen to detect that the media is unused before transmitting
B. A node will determine when a collision has happened
C. Every station will hear the frame. It is broadcast environment
D. It was originally designed as a bus topology
Answer: B

2. In an 802.3 frame, the field following the Source Address field is the:
A. Length
B. Type
C. Preamble
D. Destination
Answer: A

3. The Sniffer may identify Late Collisions coming from a rogue node or bad port when ______.
A. The source or destination address matches the rogue node
B. The frame is the correct size but has an invalid CRC
C. The frame is greater than the minimum size but less than 1518 bytes
D. The frame is full size but contains a pattern of AAAA or 5555
Answer: C

4. A loop has a similar effect on a network as:
A. A poorly written application
B. Packet corruption
C. CRC error
D. A broadcast storm
Answer: D

5. High end switches may implement standards but still not be compatible with other vendors.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

6. When Spanning Tree is enabled, all ports on the root switch ______.
A. Are Designated
B. Are Non-Designated
C. Are Non-Root
D. Can be a combination of Designated and Non-designated
Answer: A

7. CDP refers to:
A. Cisco Discovery Protocol
B. Cisco Data Packet
C. Cisco Data-link Protocol
D. Cisco Dependant Packet
Answer: A

8. VLAN information is displayed in Sniffer Expert in the ______ layer.
A. Subnet
B. Connection
C. Global
D. Service
Answer: C

9. A duplex mismatch between a switch port and an end node will typically result in ______.
A. Total loss of communications
B. Fall back to half-duplex mode
C. increased broadcast traffic
D. Excessive collisions
Answer: D

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