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Network General 1T6-215 Exam -

Free 1T6-215 Sample Questions:

1. If you discover that the Transport card is also acting as the Monitor card, it is most likely because:
A. It has sent an SNMP request to the switch
B. TCP/IP is bound to it
C. The Sniffer Driver is bound to it
D. It has sent a GET request to the switch
Answer: C

2. Which protocol allows an administrator to add, delete, and rename VLANs for all switches?
C. VTP Transparent
Answer: D

3. Spanning Tree Protocol is up and running when all ports on a switch are in the following state:
A. Holding
B. Converging
C. Forwarding
D. Listening
Answer: C

4. Which multiport device allows the Sniffer to see all traffic going through it?
A. Switch
B. Router
C. Bridge
D. Hub
Answer: D

5. Hubs work at which layer of the OSI model?
A. Layer 7
B. Layer 1
C. Layer 4
D. Layer 2
Answer: B

6. Which device creates one collision domain and one broadcast domain?
A. Switch
B. Bridge
C. Hub
D. Router
Answer: C

7. Which device only works at Layer 3 of the OSI model?
A. Bridge
B. Router
C. Switch
D. Hub
Answer: B

8. Choose all that apply. Which device divides large, busy LANs into smaller LANs?
A. Routers
B. Hubs
C. Bridges
D. Switches
Answer: CD

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