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Polycom 1K0-002 Exam -

Free 1K0-002 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following describes audio analog clipping?
A.A distorted signal voltage from a microphone after passing through an amplifier with excessive gain applied.
B.An accurate signal voltage from a microphone after passing through an amplifier without any gain applied.
C.Audio amplifiers with too high an impedance.
D.A clean signal passed through an Audio amplifier with excessive AC line voltage.
Answer: A

2. High Definition Video is best described as
A.Video Signal that consists of luminance scan interlaced lines.
B.Video Signal made up of 8X8 blocks of pixels.
C.Video signal that represents 720 lines of pixels, progressively scanned.
D.Video Signal made up of 40X40 macroblocks pixels.
Answer: C

3. The term "Full Motion Video" typically refers to a transmission of video at which rate?
A.Video Frames at a rate of less than 10 per second
B.Video Frames at a rate of greater than 100 per second
C.Video Frames at a rate of less than 24 per second
D.Video Frames at a rate of 24 or more per second
Answer: D

4. What are two other names for a Frame Relay Network?
D.Virtual Private Network
E.802.3 Medium Access Control Network
Answer: CD

5. Multiplexers using HSD interfaces are DCE Interfaces that provide which three signals?
A.Transmit Data
B.Receive Data
C.Request to Send
D.Data Carrier Detect (RLSD)
E.TX Clock and TX Data
F.TX Clock and RX Clock
Answer: BDF

6. Which of the following is Line Coding used for Primary Rate T1?
E.Pulse Stuffing
Answer: D

7. Local Area Network Metallic Interfaces are
A.connection oriented, point to point connectivity only.
B.unshared network that serves unlimited endpoints.
C.connectionless oriented connectivity, shared network that serves limited distances.
D.connectionless oriented connectivity, shared network that serves unlimited distances.
E.C and D
F.All of the above
Answer: C

8. E1 framing has a bit structure of how many bits per frame?
Clue Full metallic E1 speed divided by 8KHz Stratum timing.
Answer: C

9. Which of the following describes the activity for which a RTCP is used?
A.Transport Task for Communication of Audio and Video over IP
B.Transport Task of Simple Network Management Protocol
C.Network Statistics of Media Channels between Videoconferencing Hardware
D.Network Statistics of Media Channels between Routers
E.Network Statistics of Media Channels between Gatekeepers
Answer: C

10. Which of the following are Call Establishment packets? (Select three of the following options.)
A.Receiver Ready
B.Disconnect Request
C.Release Request
E.Connect Acknowledged
F.Receiver Not Ready
H.Release Complete
Answer: DEG

11. Which of the following is the Protocol RAS used by the H.323 Gatekeeper?
A.Registration, Alerting, and Status of H.323 Terminals
B.Registration, Access, and Status of H.323 Terminals
C.Registration, Activation, and Status of H.323 Terminals
D.Registration, Admission, and Status of H.323 Terminals
Answer: D

12. Which of the following is the channel used to carry the Audio for H.320 Terminals?
A.Channel 6
B.Channel 4
C.Channel 3
D.Channel 2
E.Channel 1
Answer: E

13. Which audio coding standards are described by H.323?
A.G.711, G.721, G.722, and G.723
B.G.711, G.722, G.728, and G.726
C.G.711, G.722, G.728, G.723.1, and G.729
D.G.711, G.722, G.728, and G.723.1
Answer: C

14. Which audio coding uses 8 Kbps?
Answer: C

15. A telephone call over the Public Switched Telephone Network is what type of quality?
A.Narrow band audio
B.Center band audio
C.Wide band audio
D.CD quality audio
Answer: A

16. How is noise measured?
Answer: AC

17. Pick the best match; Audio "Critical Distance" is a definition that relates to:
A.Distance between the audio amplifier inputs and room microphone
B.Distance between the person speaking and the microphone used
C.Distance between the video display monitor and camera
D.Distance between the walls, floor to ceiling, and doorways
Answer: B

18. When required, improperly matched impedance will cause problems with__________.
A.Audio signal levels frequency filtering acoustics
D.all of the above
Answer: A

19. Which of the following correctly describes typical audio phantom power?
A.48 volts DC applied to a telephone circuit center pair used to provide power to the telephone set
B.12 volts DC applied to the tip and ring of a TRS connector used to power amplified headphones
C.A DC voltage applied to the center pin of an RCA type connector used to power remote pre-amplifiers
D.A DC voltage applied to pins 2 and 3 of an XLR connector returning through pin 1, used to power microphones
Answer: D

20. Which of the following functions can NOT be performed by a microphone mixer?
A. Provide phantom power to microphones.
B. Provide gain to convert mic-level signals to line-level signals.
C. Provide a means to adjust the relative gain of different microphones.
D. Provide a means to adjust the video display brightness.
E. Provide a means to adjust the room acoustics
Answer: DE

21. What does Automatic Gain Control (AGC) do?
A.It turns up the volume to the far-end microphone.
B.It selects among multiple microphones.
C.It turns down the volume to the far-end microphone.
D.It builds the volume to the near-end microphone.
Answer: D

22. Which of the following correctly describes reverberation and echo?
A.Echo is a coherent, distinct carry-on of sound.
B.Reverberation is irrelevant to conferencing audio.
C.Reverberation is long, distinct, acoustic reflections.
D.Reverberation is an incoherent, diffuse, carry-on of sound
E.Echo is short, diffuse, acoustic reflections that linger after the original sound has stopped.
Answer: AD

23. Which of the following devices is used to change Sound Energy into Electrical Energy for the purpose of the Far-End audience to hear the Near -End audience?
B.Desk top microphone
C.Loud speaker
D.Sound pressure meter
Answer: B

24. A mic-level audio signal will measure as
A.10 kiloVolt.
B.10 miliVolt.
C.10 gigaVolt.
D.10 Watt.
E.10 Amp.
Answer: B

25. Muting an audio during a connected videoconference is typically performed when you
A.need to move the microphone. not want to hear the other parties.
C.need to move conference table.
D.are listening and your room is very noisy.
E.need to hang up the video call.
Answer: ACD

26. During a H.323 Videoconference, what is the correct bandwidth used by the G.711 and G.722 audio algorithms in a 256K conference call?
A.30,000 bits per second
B.40,000 bits per second
C.128,000 bits per second
D.64,000 bits per second
Answer: D

27. What is the audio data rate in bits per second that a G.723.1 and G.729 audio algorithms that use over a network connection?
A.greater than 64,000
B.greater than 16,000
C.less than 5,000
D.less than 10,000
Answer: D

28. What is the correct frequency response for the G.711 audio algorithm?
A.50Hz to 3.4kHz
B.50Hz to 7kHz
C.300Hz to 3.4kHz
D.300Hz to 7kHz
Answer: C

29. Line level audio cables are being connected. Which of the following represents the electrical requirements that should be followed during the cable connection?
A.Power should be turned off, and connector cables should be installed from the output of one device to the output of the next device
B.Power should be turned off, and the connector cables should be installed from the output of one device to the input of the next device
C.Power is not important and Cables can be connected without regard to the Connector labels
D.Power is not important and Cables should only be connected to connectors labeled "Audio OUT"
Answer: B

30. Which of the following statements about line-level and mic-level are true?
A.Audio mixers can be connected into a line-level input.
B.Line-level or mic-level can be used for any audio input device.
C.Line-level and mic-level always have different impedance values.
D.Voltage ranges are not the same between line-level and mic-level.
Answer: AD

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