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CIW 1D0-51B Exam -

Free 1D0-51B Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following would you expect to occur during a Web site planning meeting?
A. Determining sales projections with the sales team
B. Explaining branding issues to the Web development team
C. Training the marketing team to obtain demographic information
D. Explaining the purpose of XHTML DTD to the Web development team
Answer: B

2. You need to register a domain name for the Web sites that will promote your company’s new product international markets. You decide to register several top-level domains, such as .ca, .au and .ae, in addition to the commonly used .com domain. Why would you do this?
A. To appeal to the national identities of your customers
B. To make it easier for search engines to find your Web site
C. To ensure that you can sell your product legally in various countries
D. To ensure that customers remember the spelling of your product name
Answer: A

3. Chris and his Web development team are beginning a Web site project. What is the first step in this project?
A. Create a site map.
B. Submit the site URL to search engines.
C. Develop markup code and test functionality.
D. Document the site’s purpose and intended audience.
Answer: D

4. A company with a business-to-consumer Web site uses a service to securely transmit its customers’ credit card information to the company’s merchant bank. Which technology performs this function?
A. Payment gateway
B. Merchant authentication
C. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
D. Open Trading Protocol (OTP)
Answer: A

5. Which of the following is the most popular protocol that provides authentication and encryption for secure exchanges over the Internet?
A. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
B. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
C. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
D. Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
Answer: A

6. Which of the following accurately describes a difference between GIF images and JPEG images?
A. GIF images support the transparency technique, whereas JPEG images do not.
B. GIF images support millions of colors, whereas JPEG images support only 256 colors.
C. JPEG images use vector graphics, whereas GIF images use bitmap or raster graphics.
D. JPEG images support interlacing and animation techniques, whereas GIF images do not.
Answer: A

7. Chris has decided to increase the cellspacing attribute value in his XHTML table. What is affected by this change?
A. The size of the table
B. The position of the table
C. The space between the table cells
D. The space between cell text and cell border
Answer: C

8. Lisa is evaluating the design of a new site that her Web team is developing. Which of the following is a Web design concept that she should recommend as she evaluates this site?
A. The site’s visual design is more important than validation of the site’s code.
B. A page’s text content needs to be relevant to the topic, but the images do not.
C. Each page should have a coherent message and use common, easy-to-read fonts.
D. The site should include a large variety of images and color combinations to enhance its appearance.
Answer: C

9. You are using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to format your Web site. You created an external style sheet to apply the same look and feel to all your pages. Which tag will you use on each page to reference your external style sheet?
A. <link>
B. <style>
C. <body>
D. <span>
Answer: A

10. Which of the following Web site maintenance functions helps ensure that users continue to vist your site?
A. Moving links
B. Fixing dead links
C. Clearing the cache
D. Changing page locations
Answer: B

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