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CIW 1D0-450 Exam -

Free 1D0-450 Sample Questions:

1. Javier copies a file named "secret" from a folder named "restricted" to a folder named "open". Both folders reside on the same NTFS partition. What happens to the permissions on the file named "secret"?
A. The file inherits the target directory’s permissions
B. The file loses its permissions and is assigned to the Everyone group
C. The retains the permissions it has before it was copied
D. The file is copied into the new directory and the old file is deleted, all permissions are retained.
Answer: A

2. Which of the following steps is necessary to add a new device driver to a Linux machine?
A. Copy the device driver to the device driver directory.
B. Extend the Linux kernel by incorporating the device code.
C. Insert the device into the Linux system and allow the system to choose the device files from its device directory.
D. Insert the cd-rom with the device driver into the machine Linux will detect it and prompt you through installation.
Answer: B

3. Nora is a site administrator for a large e-commerce site. She notices that the site is running slower and taking longer to process transactions. What should Nora first do to trouble shoot the problem?
A. Identify any bottlenecks in the current system by using the site diagnostic tools such as web trends.
B. Apply any necessary patches to the software running the site.
C. Monitor the CPU usage of the server running the site by using Windows NT performance monitor.
D. Test the site using different connection speeds to verify whether the connection is running more slowly.
Answer: C

4. Ingrid is a Red Hat Linux system administrator. She is installing apache on her Linux server. Which command should Ingrid execute to determine whether apache is already installed?
A. ps aus|grep apache
B. lynx apache
C. rpm –q apache
D. rpm –i apache
Answer: C

5. Denise is the system administrator of a Linux system. She notices that whenever a specific process is running the performance of the system declines severely. What can Denise do to learn exactly how the process affects her system?
A. Use the top program to see if the program is CPU-intensive.
B. Use performance monitor to monitor the process.
C. Kill the process and observe the result.
D. Use pine to check the process.
Answer: C

6. Nadir installed a Perl script in the cgi-bin directory of his Linux system that is running apache server. NO significant modifications have been made to Apache server. He accesses a script named test.cgi via a web browser, but the script does not execute, and Apache server returns a 500 "Internal Server Error" message. Nadir executes the command is-al on the cgi-bin directory of the problem server. He learns that the permissions on test.cgi are 700, and that the file is owned by root. Which command should Nadir enter to ensure that his Perl script will execute securely?
A. Chmod 711 test.cgi
B. Chmod test.cgi 100.
C. Chown apache test.cgi.
D. Chmod.test.cgi 711
Answer: A

7. Stephen has been assigned to install two apache web servers. He only has hardware for one server. So he decides to create a virtual server to host the second site that he will host. Which file should Stephen edit to set the virtual servers attributes?
A. Httpd.conf
B. Linux.conf.
C. Access.conf
D. Magic.
Answer: A

8. Which of the following services is an example of a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)?
A. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
B. Post Office Protocol version3 (POP3)
C. Microsoft Outlook.
D. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
Answer: A

9. Jim is configuring his new mail server but he can’t remember the well-known port for SMTP. What should Jim configure his mail server?
A. Jim should configure the server using port 80.
B. Jim should configure the server using port 25.
C. Jim should configure the server using port 23.
D. Jim should configure the server using port 24.
Answer: B

10. Frank is a system administrator for a large network. His company has a large DNS structure that he does not want to reveal to outsiders. He alters the SMTP headers of all messages so that his users appear to be sending mails from a different address. What is the name of process that Frank implemented?
A. Aliasing.
B. Masquerading.
C. Forwarding.
D. Relaying.
Answer: B

11. You are a site administrator who has identified a bottleneck on a small site. You find that the processor is overburdened, the RAM is too small and NIC is approaching 100% capacity. You are also considering installing a second virtual server. Which of the following choices is the best step to resolve the bottleneck?
A. Upgrade all of the components on your web server.
B. Install the replication components that distribute the command for service across multiple servers.
C. Upgrade your software with an improved version.
D. Purchase third party software to help identify bottlenecks in the future.
Answer: A

12. Consider the following mail exchange entry: IN MX
Which of the following can you determine from only this entry?
A. The number of mail servers at
B. The IP addresses of the e-mail server at
C. The priority of the record.
D. The type of mail server.
Answer: C

13. Which of the following proxy servers Linux client can use?
A. Microsoft proxy.
B. FTP proxy.
C. Winsock proxy.
D. SOCKS proxy.
Answer: A

14. Duc is expecting an e-mail message form a person at another company. He open’s his Microsoft Outlook client and sees that the message has arrived. Duc clicks on the message and reads it. Which of the following terms descried the component that duc is using?
A. Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
B. Mail User Agent (MUA)
C. Mail Delivery Agent (MDA)
D. Mail Exchange Record (MX)
Answer: B

15. When configuring your company's DNS server you must include DNS record entries for your intranet.
Which of the following is used when configuring a valid DNS record entry?
A. MX record.
B. A record.
C. CNAME record.
D. HINFO record.
Answer: B

16. Abraham has written a custom e-commerce application on his desktop. He gives it to his site administrator to install on the application server. The application cores runs well when he starts but an access error appears when the Abraham tries to logon to the database. What should the site administrator do to make sure that Abraham’s program runs correctly?
A. Give Abraham administrative access to the database.
B. Give Abraham’s application permission to execute his queries on the database.
C. Check the application server for malfunctions.
D. Verify that Abraham’s query executes differently on the application server and does not have permission to access new tables.
Answer: B

17. You are installing a DNS on your UNIX server. Which address will you enter into the named.local file?
A. Loop back address.
B. IP address of DNS server.
C. IP address of gateway.
D. Broadcast address.
Answer: A

18. Synthia is the administrator of a web site running Microsoft Windows NT. She notices since her web site was advertised on another popular web site the number of visits has increased diagrammatically. Synthia site appears to be running and she suspects that the slow down is hardware related. Which step Synthia should take first to investigate the slow down?
A. Analyze the system performance using the Windows NT performance monitor.
B. Purchase another server to speed up the bottleneck.
C. Rewrite the application code to better use the hardware that is in place.
D. Use a site diagnostic tool such as web trends to monitor site statistics and discover that which pages are running most slowly.
Answer: A

19. Alison is testing her new web server. She executes the following command in the telnet session:
Assuming that Alison’s is working correctly what will this command return?
A. The command will return the hello.html file.
B. The command will put the hello.html file in a header file.
C. The command will retrieve only the header for hello.html.
D. The command will echo Alison’s message back to her.
Answer: C

20. Gitte is a system administrator responsible for implementing security mechanisms. During her presentation on security mechanisms Gitte defines <access control> as a security mechanism that does which of the following?
A. Proves a user identity.
B. Provides resources access to a user or service.
C. Provides privacy or secrecy of specific data on a system or network.
D. Assures the originality of specific data on a system or network.
Answer: B

21. Warren is a system administrator for a small network. Warren has been asked whether the organization should use Microsoft Internet information server. Warren recommends IIS because it has many services bundle with it. Which of the following choices lists the features included with IIS?
A. A news server, a FTP server and a web server.
B. A streaming media server, a news server and a web server.
C. A FTP server and a news server.
D. A news and FTP server, a web server and a streaming media server.
Answer: A

22. Maria installed a perl script in the SGI-bin directory of her apache server. She accesses the script via a web browser but the script does not execute. Maria executes the command LS-AL on the SGI-bin directory and notices that the permissions of the files are 700. Which command should Maria use to ensure that her perl script would execute?
A. Chage 711.
B. Chmod 100.
C. Chmod 711.
D. Chage 700.
Answer: C

23. Melissa is running a Windows 98 system. She calls the help desk and complaints that she always has to provide a password for the Windows NT domain in addition to the local password. Which of the following is the best solution?
A. Melissa should access passwords icon in the control panel and select change Windows password.
She should then select Microsoft networking to synchronize the two passwords.
B. Melissa should access the security icon in the control panel and select change per Windows password. She should then select Microsoft networking to synchronize the two passwords.
C. Melissa should access the passwords icon in the control panel and select Microsoft networking then click synchronize.
D. Melissa should select the security icon in the control panel and select Microsoft networking then click synchronize.
Answer: A

24. Ralph is assigned the task of ensuring that the servers on his web site are running at top speed. Which IT responsibility best describes this task?
A. User management.
B. Server monitoring and optimization.
C. File backup.
D. Routing.
Answer: B

25. Seamus is looking for information on his network card. He executes the DMSG command in Linux. But the output fails several text screens. Which parameters can Seamus use to return only the information he wants?
A. Get.
B. –Grep.
C. –A.
D. chmod.
Answer: B

26. Herman is installing the DNS on his Linux server. Which address should be entered into the name.local file?
A. The Loopback address.
B. The IP address of DNS server.
C. The IP address of gateway.
D. The broadcast address.
Answer: A

27. Which of the following files is not necessary when configuring DNS in Linux?
A. The named.conf file.
B. The resolv.conf file.
C. The named.local file.
D. The lmhosts file.
Answer: D

28. Where are the Windows NT registry files maintained?
A. In the root directory.
B. In %systemroot% \win NT.
C. In %configroot%\
D. In %systemroot%\config.
Answer: D

29. With the Windows NT server tools installed on a Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroup 3.1 workstation, which of the following choices can be used to create and remove shares on Windows NT systems?
A. Share manager.
B. Server manager.
C. Share administrator.
D. Profile manager share menu.
Answer: B

30. Pavarti is the administrator for a Linux system. She is told that Annie needs to have ownership over the job file. Which command should Pavarti execute to grant ownership of the files to Annie?
A. Chown Annie job file.
B. Chmod Annie job file.
C. Computer Annie job file.
D. Grep Annie job file.
Answer: A

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