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CIW 1D0-435 Exam -

Free 1D0-435 Sample Questions:

1. Which one of the following choices best describes how cookies are stored on a user's hard drive?
A. On UNIX machines, cookies are stored as .bin files in the user's home directory.
B. Cookies are stored in files that are linked to each site visited.
C. Depending on the browser type, cookies are stored as text strings in directories.
D. Cookies are stored in the directory where the browser executables are stored, and are compressed to save space.
Answer: C

2. What is the primary method for deleting cookies?
A. Because most cookies have expiration dates, they are deleted with the passage of time.
B. Each user must take the responsibility to delete cookies that are no longer needed.
C. A cookie is deleted only when replaced by another cookie.
D. Cookies can be deleted by clearing the browser cache every 10 days.
Answer: A

3. Which special character in JavaScript is interpreted as quotation marks?
A. \^
B. \m
C. \q
D. \"
Answer: D

4. Which string value contains information about the type of browser being used to access a page under the navigator object (e.g., Mozilla for Netscape Navigator)?
A. platform
B. mimeTypes
C. appCodeName
D. userAgent
Answer: C

5. Consider the following HTML:
Which method of the String object is used to write the JavaScript equivalent to this HTML?
A. bold()
B. fixed()
C. italics()
D. sub()
Answer: C

6. The specific color, width or height that belongs to a property of an object is held by what?
A. An object
B. A value
C. A method
D. A string
Answer: B

7. What is the primary difference between methods and functions when working with custom JavaScript objects?
A. There is no difference between methods and functions in JavaScript.
B. Methods work with single instances of objects, whereas functions can work on all instances of an object.
C. Functions are declared in the constructor, whereas methods are never declared in the constructor.
D. Methods are single entities, whereas functions can have more than one method.
Answer: B

8. Which one of the following is a descriptive characteristic of an object, such as color, width or height?
A. Object
B. Property
C. Method
D. String
Answer: B

9. Which of the following is another term for an application such as a Web browser?
A. User engine
B. User agent
C. User guide
D. User program
Answer: B

10. In JavaScript, objects possess which of the following?
A. Attributes and styles
B. Properties and methods
C. Behaviors and styles
D. Attributes and strings
Answer: B

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