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CIW 1D0-425 Exam -

Free 1D0-425 Sample Questions:

1.Which term refers to the trusted third parties in the digital world that are comparable to notary publics in the physical world?
A. Digital co-signers
B. Verifiers
C. Certificate authorities
D. Key pair verifiers
Answer: C

2.As a publisher of electronic content, a company should understand that copyright law protects all of the following, EXCEPT:
A. literary works.
B. musical creations.
C. historical facts.
D. photographic expressions.
Answer: C

3.An existing retail company wants to launch an e-commerce site. A major concern is how to introduce new products. Which of the following statements describes a benefit that e-commerce will provide for new product introduction?
A. The cost to introduce new products is reduced, thus allowing more freedom to choose which products to push.
B. The cost to introduce new products will be the same, but the delivery will be more reliable.
C. Introducing new products via e-commerce is very effective, provided they are soft goods.
D. The cost to introduce new products will increase slightly, but the quality of the product will improve.
Answer: A

4.Orjan has several online payment models for his e-commerce site. Which payment model is the easiest he can implement?
A. Cash
B. Debit
C. Draft
D. Credit
Answer: D

5.All of the following types of certificates are currently used, EXCEPT:
A. certificate authority certificate.
B. server certificate.
C. personal certificate.
D. system certificate.
Answer: D

6.Ole is an e-commerce developer. He advises a colleague that all of the following are essential to implement online transactions, EXCEPT:
A. performing routine systems maintenance.
B. preparing the server and e-commerce site.
C. setting up an online merchant account.
D. installing payment software.
Answer: A

7.Siobhan wants to design a Web site for her company, but she is not familiar with usability issues. Which advice would you give Siobhan regarding usability testing?
A. Test the site when it is nearly production-ready.
B. Use a small cross-section of testers for more accuracy.
C. Do not allow the testers to take notes because this activity will distract them.
D. Provide assistance at every step of the testing process.
Answer: A

8.Lashonda is a customer service manager who has recently heard much discussion about co-browsing. What is co-browsing?
A. Browsing that allows a customer assistance center to control the customer browser.
B. Browsing that allows a customer to browse with friends and family
C. Browsing that is company-supervised
D. Browsing initiated by a company marketing program, intended to guide users along certain paths on the company site .
Answer: A

9.Which of the following best describes Open Buying on the Internet (OBI)?
A. An Internet standard that protects merchants by verifying identities of customers, and protects customers by shielding their credit card numbers from merchants
B. A protocol that uses encryption in which one key is used to encrypt and decrypt the messages sent over a secure line
C. An Internet standard designed for high-volume, low-dollar transactions
D. The interorganizational exchange of documents in standardized electronic form directly between participating computers
Answer: C

10.Selena wants to promote her company online. Which is the prevalent form of promotion on the Web?
A. Search engine placement
B. Referrer sites
C. Targeted e-mail
D. Banner ads
Answer: D

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