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CIW 1D0-420 Exam -

Free 1D0-420 Sample Questions:

1. Lena's boss asks her to develop a site for internal use at their company. What is the scope of this site?
A. Internet
B. Extranet
C. Utilitanan
D. Intranet
Answer: D

2. Which type of administration allows a user running Mackintosh to manage a UNIX server in another location?
A. Browser administration
B. Parallel interfacing
C. BBS interfacing
D. BBS administration
Answer: A

3. Alex has designed a graphic containing several words. Why should he choose to save this image file as a GIF rather than a JPG?
A. The GIF file format is tailored to the Internet, whereas the JPG was developed for storage only.
B. The file compression features of the JPG format may render the fonts unreadable.
C. JPGs are about three times the size of GIFs and therefore take more time to render in a browser
D. JPGs render true color poorly at some screen resolutions, whereas GIFs do not
Answer: C

4. Sylvie is instructed to create a visually appealing bitmap image for the home page that links to all the other pages. She tests the image and finds that only one hyperlink works. Why?
A. She targeted the hyperlinks to different pages in the site.
B. She did not segment the image correctly.
C. She imported the image as a whole bitmap.
D. She tested the page with Netscape Navigator.
Answer: C

5. What feature is offered by Lotus Domino, Allaire ColdFusion, Macromedia Dreamwear Ultradev, and Pervasive Tango 2000?
A. Animation creation
B. Three-dimensional rending
C. Graphical data generation
D. Database manipulation
Answer: D

6. Which technique is referred to as inline scripting?
A. The physical justification of the script (major routines on the left, and lesser routines indented and on the right)
B. The use of <SCRIPT> tags in line with the <HEAD> and <BODY> tags.
C. The addition of the <INLINE> tag within the controlling HTML
D. The embedding of scripting instructions within certain HTML tags.
Answer: D

7. Consider the following HTML code example:
<UL><L1>1st Item
<L1>2nd Item
Which of the following choices best explains the difference between XML and HTML?
A. XML does not allow uppercase letter usage.
B. XML does not multiple tagged items on the same line.
C. XML does not allow multiple nested closing tags to follow on the next line.
D. XML does not allow the inference of tags
Answer: D

8. Which NAME attribute value of the <META>tag helps search engines locate your site by focusing on certain words?
Answer: B

9. Which HTML version includes features that improve accessibility for physically challenged users?
A. HTML 4.0
B. HMTL 2.0
C. Netscape Explorer
D. HTML 7.0
Answer: A

10. Pierre uses the <BODY> tag elements MARGINHEIGHT= “0” and MARGINWIDTH= “0”.
How will this affect his Web site?
A. It will create a borderless page structure when viewed with Internet Explorer browsers.
B. It will create a borderless page structure when viewed with Navigator browsers.
C. It will create a borderless page structure when viewed with any type of browsers.
D. It will delete any text from the margins.
Answer: B

11. Why must a user download the same applet upon each visit to the site?
A. Java applets have no streaming capability.
B. Java applets do not retain registry entries.
C. Java applets do not retain API calls.
D. Java applets have no caching capability.
Answer: D

12. Several different layout formats exist. Which is the most commonly used layout format?
A. Top margin
B. Distributed left and top margin
C. Distributed right and top margin
D. Distributed
Answer: B

13. Which term is used to describe the process by which a browser approximates a color to the closest browser-safe color it supports?
A. Color approximation
B. Color change
C. Dithering
D. Default color utilization
Answer: C

14. Which of the following best describes the Document Object Model (DML)?
A. The DOM is the interface that the DHTML uses to manipulate HTML and XML documents
B. The DOM is the hierarchical representation of the objects that form a document, with each element considered an object
C. The DOM is the modeling of documents using properties and behaviors that exist in the object-oriented programming model.
D. The DOM is a general set of standards for Web browsing scripting languages.
Answer: A

15. Pierre runs a help desk within a legal research firm. He is excited about the use of XML in the conversion of documents to the company intranet.
Why will this process be a tremendous aid to the desk staff?
A. XML provides a consistent look with the use of procedural markup.
B. XML enhances the efficiency of word searches through custom tags
C. XML provides automatic document conversion services.
D. XML enhances efficiency of word searches through key words in the <META> tag
Answer: B

16. What is one major advantage that a table-structured site has over a framesstructured site?
A. Ease of bookmarking
B. Speed
C. Constant accessibility of left-margin navigator elements
D. Low cost
Answer: A

17. Consider the following HTML code example:
<Title>Document Imaging</Title>
<CENTER><B>Document Imaging Overview</B></CENTER>
Document Imaging is an ever-increasing process happening daily in the marketplace. This article will cover the three main elements needed to efficiently create an imaging solution, hardware, software, and process. <P>
What is a potential problem with the output of this code?
A. The implicit structure by use of procedural markup
B. The use of incorrectly ordered heading tags
C. The varied letter case usage throughout the code
D. The explicit use of bolted tags within the code
Answer: B

18. Alex changes every instance of the text-decoration underline style in his Web site to text-decoration: none. How will this affect his site?
A. It will yield search engine hits
B. It will remove each instance of text
C. It will remove the underline from designated elements
D. It will increase the height of banners, thus increasing advertising income
Answer: C

19. Consider the following XML code example:
<xml version= “1.0”>
What error in the code will prevent this page from rendering in the browser?
A. Missing <META> tag
B. Missing double dashes for comments
C. Missing closing tag
D. Missing question marks
Answer: D

20. Manabu has entered a contest at a vacation-giveway site. Every day that he visits that URL, he immediately sees his personalized page displaying the current contestant results. One day when he enters the URL, he does not see the personalized page. Which of the following is the most portable reason?
A. The cookie on his browser expired
B. The CGI script failed
C. The site is currently not functioning
D. The personalized page has been redirected
Answer: A

21. HTML version 4.0 has three variants: HTML 4.o Strict, HTML 4.0 Frameset, and what?
A. HTML 4.0 Utilitarian
B. HTML 4.0 Transitional
C. HTML 4.0 Standard
D. HTML 4.0 Basic
Answer: B

22. Sara has just converted all her old Excel files to Microsoft Access. She wants her site users to be able to access subsets of the data she now has in her database. What should Sara do to accomplish this?
A. Pre-organize the data in static subsets
B. Create queries for dynamic data retrieval
C. Create new table for multiple data display
D. Create dynamic table generation
Answer: B

23. Lashonda is concerned about compatibility issues between the variety of browser types among her at-homes sales staff, and the custom retrieval of data off the Web server. How could JSP or ASP help in this scenario?
A. By providing Java-based executable on the client side
B. By providing script interpreters within the JVM on the client side
C. By providing script execution on the server side
D. By providing CGI-bin notification on the server side
Answer: C

24. Lashonda wants to use an emerging standard that combines Extensible Markup Language and Hypertext Markup Language. What is this markup language called?
A. XTML 1.4
C. JavaBeans
Answer: D

25. You can divide the file size by the connection speed to calculate an estimate of what?
A. The amount of time required to download a Web page
B. The hard drive space required to store a Web page
C. The database requirements for a Web site
D. The time required to upload user information to a Web page
Answer: A

26. On a computer monitor, two color guns are fired. One gun is red and one is green.
Which of the following colors would be produced?
A. Brown
B. Black
C. Yellow
D. Purple
Answer: C

27. Multiple and overlapping style definitions that control the appearance of HTML elements are called what?
A. Core sheets
B. Style sheets
C. Cascading style sheets
D. Overlapping style sheets
Answer: C

28. Which one of the following choices describes an example of multithreading?
A. Running Excel while running a Java applet in a browser
B. Opening three applications in separate Windows
C. Handling user interaction and computation with one applet at the same time
D. Calling a process with VBScript and then invoking a Java applet
Answer: C

29. Which of the following should the web site developer use to test a site for usability?
A. One or two people
B. Other design team members
C. Other developers
D. People with little or no exposure to the site or even the Internet
Answer: D

30. Which of the following Is the easiest way to handle a client browser that does not contain the Flash plug-in?
A. The JavaScript utility that tests for the plug-in can send a message to the client that suggests the user returns after obtaining the plug-in
B. The JavaScript test should redirect the client to non-Flash pages within the web site.
C. The utility should pop open a box that offers to connect the client to the Flash site to obtain the plug-in
D. The utility should offer to download the plug-in.
Answer: B

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