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Lotus 190-982 Exam -

Free 190-982 Sample Questions:

1. Gregory is configuring the People Finder for his company's Lotus Quickr environment. He is assigning fields to be shown by the People Finder. In which of the following locations are the fields that correspond to the attributes defined?
B.Member Manager
D.Person Attribute Service Object
Answer: B

2. You have configured multiple instances of Lotus Quickr on a single WebSphere Application Server. To configure each, you must access Lotus Quickr via a Web browser to a fully qualified domain name, followed by the port. Which of the following is the default transport port that is created by WebSphere Application Server?
Answer: C

3. To simplify default role assignments to be propagated to all individual resources through inheritance, which of the following would you utilize?
A.Role ranges
B.Domain XMLAccess
C.Virtual resources
D.Image propagation
Answer: C

4. Policies for Lotus Quickr are grouped in which of the following manners?
A.According to alphabetical order
B.According to the types of resources
C.According to who created the policies
D.According to the sort order for the Lotus Quickr libraries
Answer: B

5. To support Portal Search in a clustered architecture, the search service should be installed in which of the following?
C.On each node
D.On the Web server
Answer: B

6. Tim is a member of the Parking Team group. This group has been assigned Delegator rights to the Parking Layout page. Under the Parking Layout page is a group of pages with a parking layout per building.
Tim is assigned as Editor to the Building A page with the rest of the building pages set to inheritance.Which of the following rights will Tim have to the Building A page?
C.Delegator@Building A Page
D.Building A Page_Delegator
Answer: C

7. Users of the connector for Lotus Sametime and the connector for Lotus Notes can invite others through which of the following default methods?
A.By sending URL links via email to the users
B.By adding the user as an editor to any place
C.By creating a connector room in the places they manage
D.By creating connector documents in the main.nsf of the place where they are managers
Answer: B

8. While creating user IDs for your users, you are receiving requests for usernames that do not follow the normal company standards. Which of the following are NOT supported characters in normal circumstances for a valid user ID?
Answer: C

9. Before installing Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal, which of the following permissions and rights are NOT required for the system logon user ID you will use during installation?
A.The user ID must already exist prior to installation
B.The user ID must contain a password that is not shorter than 8 characters
C.The user ID must be a local Windows user ID that is in the Administrators group
D.The user ID must have specific security access rights if you intend to run Lotus Quickr as a service
Answer: B

10. Lotus Quickr has the ability to be installed on a single server or in a cluster. Which of the following is NOT a single-server installation option?
C.Advanced Single Server
D.Advanced Enterprise Cluster
Answer: D

11. You have chosen to establish a demonstration environment for Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal. You have selected MicrosoftWindows as the operating system for this installation. Which of the following will be installed with Lotus Quickr on this server by default?
A.IBM Lotus Domino Server
B.IBM Tivoli License Manager
C.IBM WebSphere eCommerce Server
D.IBM DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Server Edition
Answer: D

12. The Departmental/Express installation uses a predefined user ID, along with the password you enter, to configure DB2 and create an account on the local system. What is the default name on this account?
Answer: A

13. Dave is removing the ability for users to download and install the connectors for Lotus Quickr from the server. He has already marked the Connector page inactive. Which of the following steps is also recommended?
A.Uninstall the connectors from the Lotus Quickr server
B.Delete the connector.ear file from the Lotus Quickr server
C.Update the file to exclude the lines that allow Lotus Quickr connector
D.Remove the home page graphics, remove the graphic from the library, and remove links from the page footers
Answer: D

14. Vince has configured People Awareness in Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal. When users click a person link, the Person menu displays a set of contact information about the selected person, such as his or her telephone number. In which of the following locations is the information configured?
Answer: D

15. You have configured your Lotus Quickr environment for integration with Lotus Sametime. Once the Lotus Quickr server is configured to recognize the Lotus Sametime server, the Chat command is supported by an applet with which of the following names?
Answer: B

16. Oscar has been given the task of integrating Lotus Quickr with Lotus Sametime. He has successfully navigated to the correct directory on the server.Which of the following files must he edit to continue with the integration?
Answer: B

17. The Lotus Quickr server in your organization is being integrated with Lotus Sametime. You have successfully edited the necessary files on the Lotus Quickr server and need to copy over the required feature files from the Lotus Sametime server. Which of the following folder locations is correct for placing these files?
Answer: A

18. To enable single sign-on between the WebSphere Application Server and Lotus Domino environments, which of the following is required?
A.The WebSphere LTPA token generated by WebSphere Application Server is imported into Lotus Domino
B.The Lotus Domino LTPA token generated by Lotus Domino is imported into the WebSphere Application Server
C.The LTPA token is created locally by the administrator in the file and imported into both WebSphere Application Server and Lotus Domino
D.The LTPA token installer must be run on all WebSphere Application Server and Lotus Domino servers that will participate in the same single sign-on domain
Answer: A

19. Terrance has successfully created a Web SSO configuration document to integrate his Lotus Domino domain with theWebSphere Application server running Lotus Quickr. Even after replicating the document to all the other Lotus Domino servers in that domain, however, he is unable to successfully pass authentication across the servers. Which of the following is the cause for this issue?
A.All servers are part of the same DNS domain
B.All the servers are connected to the same LDAP source
C.The WebSphere Application Server was used to export the LTPA token into Lotus Domino
D.Enabling multi-server authentication must be done individually for every Lotus Domino server
Answer: D

20. Before retrieving the LTPA key from the Lotus Quickr server, for single sign-on and importing it into the Lotus Domino servers, which of the following options must be disabled?
A.Minimal user authentication
B.Global authentication mechanisms
C.Web inbound security attribute propagation
D.LTPA Global Security Enforcement authentication
Answer: C

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