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Lotus 190-981 Exam -

Free 190-981 Sample Questions:

1. The Domino Console connects to the Controller over what default port?
Answer: D

2. Event handlers contain numerous notification methods. Which of the following is NOT a supported notification method?
C.Outbound phone call
D.Log to Windows NT Event Viewer
Answer: C

3. Karen, the Domino administrator, is configuring client authentication through Directory Assistance. She wishes to restrict lookups to a specific directory to ONLY users in the Europe/WXYZ hierarchy.Which of the following represents the proper trusted rule to be created in Directory Assistance?
A./ / / /WXYZ/*
B./ / /Europe/WXYZ/*
C./ / */Europe/WXYZ/*
Answer: B

4. The Cluster Database Directory Manager creates which of the following databases?
Answer: A

5. Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) enhanced events contains which of the following?
A.Specific target information only
B.Events generated by an event probe only
C.Events generated by an event generator only
D.All of the above
Answer: D

6.When an S/MIME signed message has a disclaimer added by the server and is received by a Notes user, which of the following is the result?
A.The signature cannot be verified
B.The signature is stripped from the message
C.The message cannot be read by the recipient
D.The message cannot be transmitted and is returned to the user
Answer: A

7. You are configuring Directory Assistance to utilize replicas of databases across numerous servers.
However, you wish for the first lookup to be done locally for a replica. What should be placed in the Server Name field of the Directory Assistance document?
Answer: A

8. Marcus, the Domino administrator, wishes to modify the reverse path setting on forwarded messages sent by user mail rules. Which of the following settings would allow the message to possibly bypass spam filters while not providing a valid email address?
A.Set reverse-path to null
B.Preserve existing value
C.Use recipient Internet address
D.Construct nondeliverable return address
Answer: D

9. The previous internal Domino time is saved in Last_Domino_Time when the Domino server shuts down, when the server is successfully restarted and when the OS time refreshes the internal Domino time. Which of the following prevents Domino from starting if the time change has moved beyond a preset range?
Answer: D

10. Which of the following are the default names for the DB2 instance, database and schema?
A.DB2, Domino, Domino
B.NSF, Domino, DomDB2
C.Domino, NSFDB2, NDDB2
D.SYSCTR, Domino, DB2AccServ
Answer: A

11. When calculating the size of a mail file to determine whether it conforms to configured mail quota or warning threshold limits, Domino treats attachments stored using the Domino Attachment and Object Service as which of the following?
A.As though each user does not have a quota
B.As though each user owned the entirety of the attachment file
C.As though each user owns only the size of the message without the attachment though each user cannot exceed warning threshold limits for their mailfile
Answer: B

12. Users in your organization utilize Lotus Traveler for their mobile devices. They are successfully able to search for user names and telephone numbers. What is the default amount of returned results in their searches?
Answer: B

13. Your company has been utilizing the ID vault and regularly marking IDs as inactive when a user leaves the company. In this instance, a user has returned to the company. Which of the following steps represent the best option for this returning user?
A.Choose to restore the id in the vault as active again
B.When registering the user, add the new id to the vault
C.Have the user email their id file back to the vault to reactivate
D.Have the user authenticate via the web interface to activate their old id file
Answer: A

14. In which of the following scenarios would the Notes client push an updated copy of their user id file to the server ID vault?
A.When the user changes home servers
B.When the user adds an Internet certificate
C.When the user changes the logoff timeout on their Notes client
D.When the user accepts a cross certificate to another Notes domain
Answer: B

15. Edison, the Domino Administrator, wants to enforce file security on HTML and Image files.Which one of the following should he do?
A.Enforce ECLs
B.Create File Protection documents
C.Use Protect Directories in the HTTPD.CNF files
D.Domino does not allow security enforcement on HTML and Image files
Answer: B

16. Database1.nsf needs to replicate between two servers.
ServerX should only be able to add and modify information in ServerZ's replica copy of Database1.nsf.
ServerZ should be able to pull new and modified information from ServerX's replica copy of Database1.nsf, but not be able to write new or modified information to ServerX's copy.
Which one of the following represents the access levels each server should have?
A.ServerX should have Author access to Database1.nsf on ServerZ, and ServerZ should have Reader access to Database1.nsf on ServerX
B.ServerX should have Manager access to Database1.nsf on ServerZ, and ServerZ should have Reader access to Database1.nsf on ServerX
C.ServerX should have Editor access to Database1.nsf on ServerZ, and ServerZ should have Reader access to Database1.nsf on ServerX
D.ServerX should have Editor access to Database1.nsf on ServerB, and ServerZ should have Depositor access to DAtabase1.nsf on ServerX
Answer: C

17. Which one of the following database elements is not updated when the DESIGN task is run?
Answer: C

18. Which one of the following happens when the purge interval is shorter than the replication interval?
A.The view indexes may not refresh after a replication.
B.The database will force an unscheduled replication to occur.
C.Documents deleted from a replica of the database can reappear.
D.Users may not see the newest documents when they open a database
Answer: D

19. A server was given Editor access to an application.Which one of the following describes how this server fits into the design distribution process for this application?
A.It can send design changes only.
B.It can receive design changes only.
C.It can both send and receive design changes.
D.It can neither send nor receive design changes.
Answer: B

20. Which one of the following server console commands should be utilized to clear the database cache?
A.DBCache Flush
B.DBCache Clear
C.Database Flush
D.Database Clear Cache
Answer: A

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