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Lotus 190-957 Exam -

Free 190-957 Sample Questions:

1. For each user in LDAP, Tivoli Directory Integrator will map each LDAP attribute or JavaScript function to the corresponding column in the database. The wizard automatically validates each mapping. Which of the following does the wizard create in the database for each user?
Answer: A

2. Which of the following is the end result of adjusting the pageSize attribute in the Home page
configuration file from 50 to 500?
A.This will increase the number of widgets allowed on the Home page
B.This will increase the width of the columns on the Home page from 50 to 500 pixels
C.This will increase the number of entries that the indexing process transmits across the network during the crawling operation
D.This will increase the length of the Home page from half default size to 5 times the default size to fit more widgets and other Home page content
Answer: C

3. Before you begin the process of uninstalling a stand-alone Lotus Connections environment, there is a preferences file that will be is useful if you reinstall Lotus Connections at a later time.Which of the following files should you consider retaining?
Answer: D

4. An administrator can reset a user's password in case of a lost or compromised HTTP password. In which of the following locations must this be changed?
A.In the Home page
B.In the LDAP directory
C.In the database store
D.In the local Virtual Member Manager
Answer: B

5. You can group WebSphere Application Server processes so that you can administer them as a unit. WebSphere Application Server refers to such a group as which of the following?
Answer: C

6. In order to federate multiple Lotus Connections profiles into a single cell, which of the following should be utilized?
A.Linked Profile Management
B.Network Deployment Manager
C.Integrated Solutions Profile
D.Profile Configuration Indexes
Answer: B

7. Aaron chose not to set up a network deployment and instead installed the Lotus Connections features into separate profiles. Which of the following must be done to include information about the other features?
A.Edit the configuration file created for each feature profile
B.Run the Lotus Connections Management Utility and specify the alternate locations
C.Open the wimcfg.xml file for each feature and change the port number so that they do not conflict with each other
D.Open the file for each profile, import the feature from the other profile, and save the file
Answer: A

8. In the single profile with one server process configuration, the WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console is available on which of the following default server processes?
Answer: D

9. Larry was installing Lotus Connections in a Network Deployment model. He had completed installing Blogs and Communities in two separate server processes in the same profile and placed them into a managed node. He now wishes to add Activities but is unable to add this feature. Which of the following is the cause for this issue?
A.It is not supported to run the installer on a managed node
B.He must add another server to the managed node and then install Activities
C.He must uninstall the other features and merge them into a single server process
D.He must first add a server to the managed node, install either Blogs or Communities on this server, and then change that installation to Activities
Answer: A

10. Which of the following LDAP attributes are required for all users when configuring it for use with WebSphere Application Server?
Answer: C

11. At which point in the installation should you enable administrative security and application security?
A.After configuring user repositories
B.Previous to installing any Lotus Connections features
C.Following installation of any Lotus Connections features
D.Before configuring the Home page for users in Lotus Connections
Answer: B

12. If you already have WebSphere Application Server configured to use a Standalone LDAP User Registry, you must change the configuration to utilize which of the following in its place?
A.Local members
B.Virtual members
C.Global directories
D.Federated repositories
Answer: D

13. To establish a global unique ID for the LDAP directory, you must modify which of the following files?
Answer: A

14. Before creating the Lotus Connections feature databases, the DB2 installation must be registered by
utilizing which of the following?
Answer: B

15. The ACME Corporation has planned to create multiple database instances for development and production. It has also chosen to use the provided scripts to install the databases. Which of the following is true regarding this type of deployment?
A.The company must run the scripts once for each instance
B.The company must run the scripts one time for all instances
C.The company must modify the script to run once on each instance at the same time
D.The company must modify the scripts to create multiple database administrator accounts
Answer: A

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