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Lotus 190-950 Exam -

Free 190-950 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following are created by Lotus Quickr when implementing expanded membership?
A.Local administrator names for each room
B.Room-specific access control groups in an LDAP directory
C.Placetypes with preconfigured group membership attributes
D.Extended ACL entries in each main area for each Lotus Quickr place
Answer: B

2. Barry, a QuickPlace Administrator, uses the QPTools remove command to remove a place. Which of the following statements about removing places using the remove command is correct?
A.By default, the remove command removes places immediately
B.You must use the remove command on each user in the removed place also
C.You must configure the QPTools Remove field in the server document to determine when the place is removed
D.If you use the remove command, you do not have to use the unregister command to remove the place document
Answer: D

3. To manage and control Super User access, you would utilize the qpconfig.xml file for the browser access and which of the following for Lotus Domino Directory control of Super User access from a Lotus Notes client by default?
Answer: D

4. To establish offline authentication ability for your Lotus Quickr users, you must configure Lotus Domino Offline Services (DOLS). In which of the following must you store the certifier that users will utilize to create their ID files for offline usage?
Answer: D

5. Lotus Quickr services for Lotus Domino includes ready-made templates, from which you can create sites designed to manage projects. Which of the following is the name of this feature?
Answer: C

6. Your Lotus Quickr server has specified both a user directory source during setup and a Lotus Quickr administrator. In which of the following locations is the administrator stored by default?
A.In the local Lotus Domino Directory
B.A local member of the servers Site Administration place
C.In the user directory source specified during installation
D.In both the local Lotus Domino Directory and the directory source specified during installation
Answer: B

7. In which of the following places would the administrator specify the name of a user or group that has SuperUser access to all places on the server?
B.In a "local'" user directory
C.In the main Lotus Quickr place
D.In an extended directory source
Answer: A

8. Amanda wishes to show Usage Statistics on the Lotus Quickr server. Which of the following must be enabled for this feature to function?
B.Single sign-on
C.Extended membership
D.Lotus Domino controlled directory services
Answer: B

9. For Lotus Quickr for Lotus Domino, if you use any non-English version of the Lotus Quickr server, you must perform which of the following so that page content displays correctly in non-English languages?
A.Specify the additional languages in qpconfig.xml
B.Set up the Lotus Domino server in multiple languages
C.Set up the server to generate output using UTF-8 encoding
D.Generate a list of supported languages and provide those languages as attributes in the directory for each person
Answer: C

10. To enable people who use double-byte character set (DBCS) languages, such as Chinese, to use My Places, you must enable which of the following on your Lotus Domino Quickr server?
A.Extended membership
B.Single sign-on authentication
C.Local SuperUser access to My Places
D.Lotus Domino controlled directory services
Answer: B

11. Your organization implemented Lotus Domino before adding Lotus Quickr. Your user names appear as:
FirstName LastName/ou=Chicago/ou=Sales/ou=NA/o=ACME
Which of the following will be the result when these users are added to Lotus Quickr?
A.Users with the above format will be unable to authenticate
B.Users with the above format will appear as FirstName LastName/o=ACME
C.Users with the above format will appear as FirstName LastName/ou=Chicago/ou=Sales
D.Users with the above format will appear as FirstName LastName/ou=Chicago/ou=Sales/ou=NA
Answer: A

12. After you have installed or upgraded to IBM Lotus Quickr, you will enable the Lotus Domino Servlet Engine. This step provides which of the following functions of administration actions?
A.qptool lock
B.qptool verify
C.qptool reduce
D.qptool export
Answer: A

13. The Computer Corporation has begun the process of upgrading a Lotus Quickr server. After the initial upgrade is complete, which of the following is true regarding PlaceTypes?
A.PlaceTypes must be upgraded immediately
B.PlaceTypes may be upgraded when convenient
C.PlaceTypes will be unavailable until the upgrade is complete
D.PlaceTypes are removed from the Place Catalog until upgraded
Answer: B

14. Which of the following is an XML-formatted feed that can pull content from various place document repository areas such as folder document listings and forms listings?
Answer: B

15. In which of the following locations would an administrator disable context menus or document drag-and-drop, and configure images and attributes to show in member context menus?
C.Lotus Domino Directory
D.Site Administration
Answer: B

16. Steven noticed that specific user interface components were not added to custom themes after an upgrade. Which of the following would not be added after a place upgrade?
Answer: D

17. The Marble Corporation has proceeded to upgrade to Lotus Quickr 8.x from a previous version. Multiple places are being upgraded on the server at the same time to expedite the process. By default, which of the following is true during this upgrade of the places?
A.Only one place is locked at a time
B.All places being upgraded are locked
C.The entire server is available during the upgrade
D.The entire server is locked during the places upgrade
Answer: A

18. Larry has removed a subroom from the Lotus Quickr place named Sales. Which of the following occurred when he removed this subroom?
A.The local groups assigned to the Sales place were removed
B.The expanded membership group for the subroom was renamed
C.The Super User account no longer has access to the Sales place
D.The expanded membership groups associated with the subroom were removed
Answer: D

19. You have a large number of mobile Lotus Quickr users. They have requested the ability to work offline with the places in which they are members. Which of the following is required to enable this ability?
A.SSO must be configured on the Lotus Domino Web server
B.SSL must be configured on the Lotus Domino Web server
C.Places must be globally enabled for offline usage
D.User ID files must be issued from the Lotus Domino server
Answer: D

20. Expanded membership in Lotus Quickr pertains to which of the following member types?
A.Local members
B.Local group members
C.External group members
D.Individual external members
Answer: D

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