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Lotus 190-848 Exam -

Free 190-848 Sample Questions:

1. Mike, the Domino administrator, has configured Rooms and Resources across a cluster. When multiple replicas of the resource database exist in the cluster, where is processing handled if all the servers are available?
A.The user's home server
B.The resource's home server
C.The first cluster server available
D.The server closest to the physical location of the resource
Answer: B

2. In what order is blacklist and whitelist filtering processed on a received SMTP message?
A.DNS blacklists, DNS whitelists, private blacklists, private whitelists
B.DNS whitelists, DNS blacklists, private whitelists, private blacklists
C.Private blacklists, DNS blacklists, private whitelists, DNS whitelists
D.Private whitelists, private blacklists, DNS whitelists, DNS blacklists
Answer: D

3. Pam, the Domino administrator, wishes to send operating system commands to the server Domino is running on. Which of the following must be running on the server to allow this functionality?
A.Shell Server
B.OS Integrator
C.Domino Console
D.Server Controller
Answer: D

4. There are two methods available for journaling messages, which of the following describe those two methods?
A.Monthly journaling and hourly journaling
B.Daily journaling and weekly journaling
C.Local journaling and remote journaling
D.Domain journaling and organization journaling
Answer: C

5. Thomas has moved the container for the DB2 database group titled HRApp7 to a new disk volume on the Unix server. Which of the following steps must be performed in Domino for users to maintain access to the DB2 data store?
A.The users must remove and re-add the databases to their bookmarks
B.The administrator must update all the view indexes of the DB2 containers
C.The reconciliation tool must be run to update any links in the DB2 containers
D.The new containers must be enabled for transaction logging and the new logs completed before users can access the container
Answer: C

6. Jose wants to see the replication topology map of his Notes domain. To see this topology, what must he do?
A.Load the MAPS server task
B.Load the TOPMAP server task
C.Load the MAPTOP server task
D.Load the TOPOLOGY server task
Answer: A

7. Which ONE of the following is required when setting up transactional logging on a server?
A.Enable Transactional Logging in the server document.
B.Add TRANS_LOG=1 to the server's NOTES.INI file.
C.Create a Transactional Logging document in the Directory Catalog.
D.Modify the NOTES.INI log settings to read LOG=LOG.NSF, TRANSLOG.NSF
Answer: A

8. Which one of the following server console commands should be utilized to clear the database cache?
A.DBCache Flush
B.DBCache Clear
C.Database Flush
D.Database Clear Cache
Answer: A

9. Due to space considerations on her Domino server, Anissa has had to locate new databases under a folder not in the Domino data directory. Instead she has placed them on the F drive. Which one of the following should Anissa use to make these databases accessible to the users?
A.Database Link
B.Directory Link
C.Profile Document
D.File Protection Document
Answer: B

10. Latrice set up domain searching. Which one of the following is referenced when a domain search is made?
A.Domain Catalog
B.Database Catalog
C.Domino Directory
D.Directory Assistance
Answer: A

11. Jose set up Web authentication using primary and secondary directories. Which one of the following describes the order in which he set up directories to be searched?
A.Domino primary directory, then Domino secondary directories. This is the only option available.
B.Domino primary directory, then either Domino or LDAP secondary directories. The administrator can specify the order of secondary searches.
C.LDAP primary directory, then LDAP secondary directory, and then Domino secondary directories. This is the order in which secondary searches must be made.
D.Domino primary directory, then Domino secondary directory, and then LDAP secondary directories. This is the order in which secondary searches must be made.
Answer: B

12. Which one of the following directory structures is supported by Lotus Domino?
A.A central directory structure only
B.A distributed directory structure only
C.A remote and foreign directory structure
D.A distributed or central directory structure
Answer: D

13. In which one of the following places are server mail rules stored?
B.In mailrules.nsf
C.In the mail configuration document
D.In the server configuration document
Answer: D

14. What is the Database Instance ID (DBIID) used for?
A.It ensures that replica IDs aren't duplicates.
B.It identifies design elements within a database.
C.It is used in replication to identify common databases.
D.It matches changes with a specific database for transaction logging.
Answer: D

15. Brie left the Create New Replicas field blank on a server document. Who can create new replica databases on that server?
A.No one
D.Everyone in the domain
Answer: A

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