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Lotus 190-829 Exam -

Free 190-829 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Nell is using RAD 7 and would like to minimize the startup time of her local WebSphere Portal 6 server. Which approach should she take to accomplish this?
A. Deselect all portlets that do not need to be started for testing
B. Enable "Optimize server for testing and developing" in the servers view
C. Modify the batch file that starts WebSphere Portal to include -Xquickstart
D. Modify the JAVA_Size environment variable for the development machine
Answer: B

Q: 2 Andy is preparing to install Rational Application Developer 7. What level of authority must his ID have on a Microsoft Windows installation?
A. Root access
B. Administrator
C. Read and Edit
D. Modify and Read
Answer: B

Q: 3 Which of the following actions is required in order to launch the Wireless Markup Language (WML) device emulator when using WebSphere Portal?
A. Specify Wireless Markup Language the markup in portlet.xml file
B. Select "Enable Wireless Markup Language Setting" option
C. Enable Transcoding
D. Enable Wireless Markup Language Markup
Answer: C

Q: 4 For a web application with multiple Struts portlets, the BEST way to define the initial views of the individual portlets is to specify them:
A. In the welcome file list in the application's web.xml.
B. In the preferences attributes in the individual portlet.xml.
C. As viewMode properties in the actions section in the individual struts-config.xml.
D. As view attributes in the supports section of the individual portlet.xml.
Answer: B

Q: 5 Tony is just beginning to work with a Faces portlet in RAD. Since RAD automatically switched to the Web Perspective when he started the project, where can he find Enhanced Faces Components (such as a Data Table) to 'drag and drop" onto the page editor?
A. In the Palette
B. In the Quick Edit view
C. In the Page Data view
D. In the Project Explorer
Answer: A

Q: 6 Tracy is building a composite application for WebSphere Portal 6. What are the two fundamental aspects of composite applications?
A. Libraries and instances
B. Applications and workflow
C. Templates and applications
D. Templates and business components
Answer: C

Q: 7 Xavier is working with a IBM Workplace Web Content Management application, extending it with the API. Which item is the primary focus of the API?
A. The library
B. The workspace
C. The property broker
D. The document manager component
Answer: B

Q: 8 Inez is developing a composite application and wishes to leverage the related public interfaces available to her as a developer. Which of the following interfaces contains a method to provide supported parameters during creation of a business component?
A. Lifecycle
B. Membership
C. Templatable
D. DisplayInfo
Answer: A

Q: 9 Will is developing a business process application, and is at the point where he is initiating the process instance. He has used a JNDI lookup to obtain a reference to the process server remote EJB interface. Next he codes the portlet to start the process with an input message. Once the process starts, what is returned to the caller by the operation?
A. The process-instance name
B. The process template name
C. The object ID of the new process instance
D. A reference to the BusinessProcess session bean
Answer: C

Q: 10 For portal business processes that should be processed within portal, what is used to lookup the task page definition at runtime?
A. Client UI identifier
B. Process Template Name
C. Task instance object identifier (TKIID)
D. Staff activity identifier
Answer: A

Q: 11 The Personalization resource wizard in Rational Application Developer is used to generate the content spot classes and resource collection classes. If the content spot and resource collection will be used by multiple applications, then those classes should be:
A. Deployed together with the related portlets in the portlet application WAR file.
B. Placed in the WebSphere Application Server shared library.
C. Placed directly in the pzn_root/pzn/v6.0/lib directory.
D. Uploaded using the Personalization interface.
Answer: B

Q: 12 A developer needs to export a portlet from a portal installation so that a collaborative world-wide team can test it. What is the BEST out-of-box option that the developer can choose to export this Portlet?
A. Use Export XML Portlet
B. Use Upload and Export Portlet
C. Use Manage Pages Portlet
D. Copy and Paste the Portlet across machines
Answer: C

Q: 13 A team of developers must improve Portal layout and navigational features.
What tool in Rational Application Developer V7.0 should they use?
A. Portlet Designer
B. Page Designer
C. Portal Designer
D. Customization Designer
Answer: C

Q: 14 Abigail is a developer working with the theme policy for her corporate theme for WebSphere Portal 6. Theme policies are managed by administrators, but she can also use a theme policy in what other type of design artifact?
C. Java class
D. Ajax requests
Answer: A

Q: 15 Ivan is configuring his local development machine with a deployment of WebSphere Portal 6 for testing. Which list below describes the software that must be installed in order for his portal server to run?
A. WebSphere Application Server, an LDAP v3 server, and IBM DB2
B. WebSphere Application Server, IBM Cloudscape, and Lotus Domino
C. WebSphere Application Server, IBM Cloudscape, and a WebSphere Portal instance
D. WebSphere Application Server, an LDAP v3 server, IBM Cloudscape, and an external HTTP server
Answer: C

Q: 16 Which of the following is valid about the IBM Workplace Solutions Catalog?
A. Portlet technology previews developed outside of IBM may be made available through the IBM Workplace Solutions Catalog.
B. Developers need to download the Rational Application Developer from IBM the Workplace Solutions Catalog.
C. All portlets on the IBM Workplace Solutions Catalog are available as open source so developers can use the code as a basis for new portlets.
D. Portlets created by vendors like are available through the IBM Workplace Solutions Catalog.
Answer: D

Q: 17 Hallie is developing a custom theme for her portal project. What is unique about the style sheets associated with a WebSphere Portal theme?
A. Style sheets are saved as JSPs
B. CSS files must be deployed as portlet WARs
C. All styles must be prepended with "portal-theme"
D. The default css must begin with a portal style class declaration
Answer: A

Q: 18 Bethany is creating a custom mail portlet service for use by several portlets. She has defined the interface, written the code for her services, and created and installed the service's .jar file on her portal server. Before she can code her portlets to access the service, what final step must be taken?
A. Register the service
B. Extend the PortletService interface
C. Specify action processing for the service
D. Modify the credential vault slot for the service user role
Answer: A

Q: 19 Fiona is developing a series of portlets that will eventually work together and exchange data, providing a more dynamic user experience. What portlet service does WebSphere Portal provide that will allow her portlets to exchange data?
B. Property Broker
C. Credential Vault
D. Cooperative Interface
Answer: B

Q: 20 Mary is developing a composite application, in which one of the components requires access to a back-end system. Which of the following is the WebSphere Portal mechanism for managing user access to back end systems without having to continuously provide new credentials?
A. Siteminder
B. Credential Vault Service
C. Tivoli Application Security
D. WEBSeal Authentication Proxy
Answer: B

Q: 21 By default, for JSR 168 portlets, the Property Broker is expecting the action name to be delivered via a parameter named which of the following, if named at all?
A. The value of the required actionParamName property.
B. The fully qualified type of the property being sent.
D. No action name is associated with JSR 168 portlets.
Answer: C

Q: 22 Angela wishes to add logging capabilities to several existing portlets. Which of the following is the concept she must use to implement this?
A. Expose a public interface to logging code using a portlet service
B. Use cooperative portlets to couple the logging code with each portlet
C. Build logging into the custom theme, so it can be used by all portlets
D. Configure the administration interface to force logging for selected portlets
Answer: A

Q: 23 Which of the following statements are valid regarding credential objects?
A. Credential objects are serializable.
B. To create a slot for storing active credentials, set the active parameter of the
CredentialVaultService.createSlot method to true.
C. Passive credential objects hide the credential's secret from the portlet.
D. Portlets that use active credential objects need to extract the secret from the credential to authenticate with the backend itself.
Answer: B

Q: 24 Padma is developing a portlet that will access an Enterprise Information System (EIS) using the JSR 235 specification. The requirements for her portlet application include the ability to modify data in the EIS. If the portlet - via its mediator - allows users to modify query results and apply changes to the back-end, what is the mechanism by which it provides data about the changes
(success, failure, errors, etc.)?
A. SDO Mediator
B. SDO DataGraph
C. COmmandMediator Object
D. CommandMediatorMetaData Object
Answer: B

Q: 25 Derek has created and deployed a portlet service, and now wishes to modify several JSF portlets to use the service. How does he accomplish this task?
A. Use the WAS Admin Panel to select services for each portlet
B. Modify and redeploy each portlet, adding code to call the public interface for the service
C. Modify to map portlets to the desired portlet service
D. Use portlet properties in WebSphere Portal administration panels to select services for each portlet
Answer: B

Q: 26 Which of the following is considered a BEST practice for accessing a datasource from a portlet application?
A. Use a portlet service or a connection framework to provide access to the datasource.
B. A portlet should only consider accessing a datasource during the render phase.
C. A portlet should only consider accessing a datasource during the processAction phase.
D. Whenever a portlet is accessing a datasource, portlet caching should be enabled.
Answer: A

Q: 27 A developer has created a portlet that accesses data in a relational database. It was tested successfully in the WebSphere Portal V6 local server. However, the portlet fails after being deployed in the WebSphere Portal V6 remote server. The log shows a "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException" when accessing the database. Which of the following is a likely reason for the failure?
A. The database has not been started or is not available.
B. The JNDI name for the datasource is not valid.
C. The JDBC drivers are not specified in the JVM classpath.
D. server1 was not started.
Answer: C

Q: 28 Jake is beginning to test his portlets and understands that while he can debug remotely, it is recommended that portlets are debugged on a local server. He has four portlets that he wishes to test. When he begins debugging, how can he find the portlets on the local server?
A. Each portlet page has the same name as the associated portlet project
B. Each portlet will be listed separately in the Administration panels, allowing a page to be built
C. All portlets will publish automatically to the same page and can be re-ordered with Page controls
D. Up to three portlets will publish to a single page, in alphabetical order by the name of the portlet project
Answer: A

Q: 29 A developer needs to test and debug a JSR 168 portlet running on a remote WebSphere Portal V6 server. What steps are needed to prepare the remote server before the developer can use Rational Application Developer 7 to test and debug?
A. The debug mode and parameters need to be set in WebSphere Portal Administration and WebSphere Portal needs to be restarted.
B. The debug mode and parameters need to be set in WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console and WebSphere Portal needs to be restarted.
C. The debug mode and parameters need to be set in and WPSconfig, the WebSphere Portal configuration task needs to be run.
D. The Portal.enable.jsr168 must be set to true in and WebSphere Portal needs to be restarted.
Answer: B

Q: 30 Perry is using JSR 168 configuration objects to set up preferences and parameters in his portlet project. Which parameters will allow the portlet to store its navigational state?
A. TOC parameters
B. Form parameters
C. Render parameters
D. Initialization parameters
Answer: C

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