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Lotus 190-825 Exam -

Free 190-825 Sample Questions:

1. In order to implement a highly available END-TO-END security solution for a production portal environment, which of the following sets of components would be most useful?
A. Netegrity SiteMinder, Credentials vault, Dynamic Cache, Deployment Manager hot standby
B. Tivoli Access Manager, Load Balancing Edge component, Portal Cluster, LDAP server cluster
C. Tivoli Access Manager, Portal Cluster, Credential vault, Network-Attached Storage devices
D. Tivoli Access Manager, Netegrity SiteMinder, WebSphere Information Integrator, LDAP server cluster
Answer: B

2. As the Portal administrator, you are exporting and transferring a document library from a staging system to a production system. You have successfully created an empty shared directory to hold the exported document library. Both the staging and production servers have write access to the shared directory. When you move the document library from the staging system to the production system, which of the following occurs to private drafts?
A. They are converted to submitted drafts
B. They are transferred without modifications
C. They will all be converted to the same UUID
D. They are appended a new document version number
Answer: B

3. A common portlet is available to multiple virtual portals. However, you do not wish the marketing virtual portal to utilize a PIM portlet. Which of the following offers the ability to restrict the portlet from the marketing virtual portal users?
A. Portal Access Control
B. Portlet Security Control
C. Virtual Portal Restriction
D. Websphere Member Manager
Answer: A

4. Which of the following statements BEST describes how WebSphere Portal's functionality is implemented on the WebSphere Application Server?
A. WebSphere Portal is deployed as a Web Application on the WebSphere Application Server
B. WebSphere Portal runs as an Enterprise Application on the WebSphere Application Server
C. WebSphere Portal runs a servlet within the WebSphere Application Server's Web Container
D. WebSphere Portal is deployed as a portlet to WebSphere Application Server's Web Container
Answer: B

5. Portlets can write message and trace information to log files to assist the portal administrator to investigate portlet errors and special conditions and help the portlet developer test and debug portlets. In which of the following locations are these logs maintained?
A. <app_server_root>/logs
B. <portal_server_root>/log/
C. <websphere_root>/portal/log
D. <app_server_root>/trace/logs
Answer: B

6. In which of the following circumstances will a Consumer use the XML configuration interface to create a Producer when utilizing Web Services for Remote Portlets?
A. When the Consumer is offline
B. Every time that a Consumer needs to create a Producer
C. A Consumer does not create a Producer using the XML configuration interface
D. When there is no Web Services Definition Language document available to the Consumer
Answer: A

7. The company developers have provided you a new portlet for deployment in your company's Portal cluster. Which of the following is the correct way to deploy the portlet to the cluster?
A. Deploy the portlet to one Portal cluster member in the cell with identical configurations
B. Deploy the portlet to the Deployment Manager specifying which cluster should receive the new portlet
C. Deploy the portlet to one Portal cluster member in the cell and let it propagate and run wpsconfig to activate the portlet
D. Manually update the Deployment Manager wmcluster.xml file to include the new portlet name and to which Portal cluster it should be deployed
Answer: C

8. When utilizing the IBM Portlet API, which of the following is valid regarding Cooperative Portlets?
A. They cannot use Click-to-Action
B. They support chained propagation of data
C. They cannot broadcast properties to all target portlets at one time
D. They can only use wires to pass properties from source portlets to target portlets
Answer: B

9. Margaret is in the process of copying a finance portlet application using the administrative pages. Which of the following is true regarding the portlet data and portlet application data when copied?
A. The portlet application data and the portlet data are copied from the original portlet
B. The portlet application and portlet are copied, but all the parameters are left blank for configuration by the administrator
C. The portlet application parameters are copied from the original application, but the portlet parameters are left blank in the copied portlet
D. The portlet application parameters are left blank since this is a new version of the portlet, but the portlet parameters are copied from the original portlet
Answer: A

10. Particular Portal productivity editors in the Document Manager portlet need to be disabled. Which of the following tasks must be performed?
A. Use Portlet Management to edit the properties of the Productivity editors portlet application
B. Select the Edit link on the Document manager portlet and uncheck the editors that must be disabled
C. Select the Design link on the Document manager portlet and uncheck the editors that must be disabled
D. Use the Manage Document Libraries portlet, select the Configure link and uncheck the editors that must be disabled
Answer: C

11. As the WebSphere Portal administrator, you have been notified of an issue with portlet updates. You discover that cooperative portlets have been wired together in the following order:

-Customer order information is entered into an order entry
-The salesperson entry is updated with the new customer order information
-The inventory group is notified to ship the requested order
-The customer order information is updated to show the shipping status

This process continues recursively. The update of cooperative portlets then stops functioning. Which of the following explains the reason for the updates to stop at a certain point?
A. Struts integration cannot handle recursive portlet wiring, only page wiring
B. Portlets that support translation of the captions must provide resource bundles
C. The Portal Wiring Tool can not extend wiring beyond five (5) portlets in one string
D. The property broker ensures that chained propagation does not turn into endless looping
Answer: D

12. Warren attempted to implement a cross-page wire. However, he was missing which of the following in order for that ability to function correctly?
A. The target image must be the same dimensions
B. The target virtual portal must have a defined style sheet
C. The target virtual portal must have proper administrative access set
D. The target page must have receiving actions defined as global on its portlets
Answer: D

13. Properties between cooperative portlets have been configured to receive updates from a Click-to-Action menu. Which of the following allows the administrator to see the properties that portlets on a page can send or receive?
A. Portlet Wiring Tool
B. Manage Pages Portlet
C. Export Page Hierarchy
D. Attribute Modification Tool
Answer: A

14. Edgar is creating a template map to link an authoring and presentation template. He has filled in all the elements on the authoring template but certain element types are not showing in the presentation template. Which of the following could be the cause?
A. The presentation template has all of the elements of the authoring template
B. The Portal Wiring Tool must be utilized to link element types across templates
C. The authoring template does not have all the element types of the presentation template
D. The authoring template must be exported to a page hierarchy before linking to a presentation template
Answer: C

15. When an administrator uses an xml export from a complete page and changes the create-oids to "true", which of the following occurs when the xml file is imported again?
A. All portlets are deleted from the page and the layout is created again
B. XMLaccess commands will issue an an error because it cannot find the page
C. All portlets are deleted from the page and the layout is created again unless the administrator has also set preserve-old-layout="true"
D. All portlets that are referenced in the xml file and are already on the page, remain untouched, additional portlets are put on the page in their place from the portlet catalog
Answer: C

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