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Lotus 190-822 Exam -

Free 190-822 Sample Questions:

1. Lana wishes to add an automatic action to her xForms form. What type of actions can she use with xForms?
A. Submit and Clear
B. Sign and Trigger
C. Submit and Cancel
D. Trigger and Submit
Answer: D

2. Hera has developed a complex form and is asked to provide users with online help. What are the three kinds of help messags she can provide on the form for users of Workplace Forms Viewer?
A. Context-sensitive help messages, error messages, and audio messages
B. Context-sensitive help messages, error messages, and complied help files
C. Context-sensitive help messages, audio messages, and complied help files
D. Error messages, audio messages, and links to external complied help files
Answer: A

3. Xandra is creating a military forms application using Xforms. She wishes to be able to automatically complete certain fields on the form based on information stored on the user’s computer. Which concept should she use to accomplish this task?
A. XForms Smartfill
B. XForms AutoComplete
C. XForms Translation Formulas
D. XForms Default Cookie Reader
Answer: A

4. Fay is reading through some XForms source code to get a better understanding of the language and syntax in XML. She encounters the following each time there is an action or button item:
What does this signify?
A. DOMActivate is a default property of the buttons and actions on the form
B. DOMActivate is an event handler that tells the browser or Viewer window to gain focus
C. DOMActivate is a function call that has been scripted into the buttons and actions on the form
D. DOMActivate is an event handler that detects the activation of the presentation element that contains the event
Answer: D

5. Veronica's XForms form will be integrated with a Web service, and she has all the files necessary to complete that integration. Assuming the form she is creating is a front end to the Web service process and field values, how should she create her instance?
A. From a schema
B. From a WSDL message
C. From the current document
D. From an empty data instance
Answer: B

6. While Carrie is reviewing an XFDL source file, she repeatedly sees the term "sid". What is "sid"?
A. Scope Identifier
B. Section Identifier
C. Signature Identifier
D. Submission Identifier
Answer: A

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