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Lotus 190-821 Exam -

Free 190-821 Sample Questions:

1.In IBM Workplace Messaging, suspending a mail account involves which one of the following
A.Deleting the person from the LDAP directory
B.Manually restricting access for the person in the mail file
C.Moving the user to a user policy in which mail access is disabled
D.Adding the person's name to the WebSphere Member Manager lookaside database
Answer: C

2.Karl, the IBM Workplace Messaging administrator, has noticed that the server is accepting
numerous commands on anonymous connections, slowing the receipt of SMTP inbound mail.
Which one of the following settings may he modify to reduce these commands from being
received by the server?
A.Maximum recipients
B.Maximum inbound message size
C.Allow the sending of delivery confirmations
D.Maximum meaningless commands before termination
Answer: D

3.The queue directory is accessed by all SMTP Services in the IBM Workplace Messaging cell for
which one of the following purposes?
A.The queue directory is used by the message queue to store messages before they are delivered.
B.The queue directory is used by the WebSphere Member Manager to find recipients in the local domain.
C.The queue directory is used by the mail services task to validate anonymous and suspect connections.
D.The queue directory is used by the virtual queue to store messages that cannot be delivered to remote hosts.
Answer: A

4.Which one of the following policy methods offers greater flexibility in assigning users to policies
in IBM Workplace?
A.Person policy
B.MailUser policy
C.DN scope matching
D.WebSphere Member Manager
Answer: D

5.For messages that originate from outside the mail cell, delivery confirmations are sent by
default to which one of the following connections?
A.Trusted, and suspect connections
B.Authenticated, and trusted connections
C.Authenticated, suspect, and anonymous connections
D.Authenticated, trusted, and anonymous connections
Answer: B

6.Mail cell routing information is registered where in IBM Workplace Messaging?
A.Lotus Workplace>Messaging>Directory Settings for Messaging
B.Lotus Workplace>Messaging>Mail cells>Mail cell routing
C.Lotus Workplace>Directories>Directory Settings for Messaging
D.Lotus Workplace>Directories>Messaging Settings>Mail cell routing
Answer: C

7.The "maximum number of received headers" setting controls which one of the following options?
A.This setting specifies the maximum number of inbound sessions allowed to the server.
B.This setting specifies the maximum number of recipients allowed on an inbound mail message.
C.This setting specifies how much information should be displayed in the received header when viewing the message.
D.This setting specifies the maximum number of received headers allowed before the message is
considered looping and sent to the dead letter queue.
Answer: D

8.In a Network Deployment, you run the IBM Workplace installation program on every server in the deployment except for which one of the following?
A.The database server and LDAP server
B.The LDAP server and the remote HTTP server
C.The remote HTTP server and WebSphere Portal Server
D.The WebSphere Portal Server and WebSphere Application Server
Answer: B

9.When configuring the SMTP Inbound Service, which one of the following settings takes
A.Cell level settings
B.Server level settings
C.Administrator level settings
D.Virtual queue level settings
Answer: B

10.To set the postmaster and dead letter addresses for IBM Workplace Messaging, where must the administrator navigate to in the WebSphere Administrative Console?
A.Lotus Workplace>Cell Settings>Mail Properties
B.Lotus Workplace Messaging>Mail Services>Properties
C.Lotus Workplace>Mail CellWide Settings>General Properties
D.Lotus Workplace Messaging>Cell Services>Administrative email
Answer: C

11.IBM Workplace Messaging allows the administrator to specify a local domain smart host. What
function does this provide?
A.This setting denies messages for unknown recipients sent to the local domain.
B.This setting specifies an alternate local domain address for outbound mail messages.
C.This setting allows messages to be routed to a default mailbox when the recipient is unknown in the local domain.
D.This setting specifies the host name or the IP address of the mail server to which a message is routed when a recipient cannot be found.
Answer: D

12.You cannot install IBM Workplace on a WebSphere node that is already part of a Network
Deployment. What steps must be performed instead?
A.Install and configure a new IBM Workplace environment; then synchronize the two through DBMS.
B.Install and configure a new IBM Workplace environment; then synchronize the two through LDAP.
C.Install and configure IBM Workplace on multiple standalone servers, and then add (or ederate? each of these servers to the Network Deployment environment.
D.Install and configure IBM Workplace on multiple standalone servers, and then separate (or "aggregate") each of these servers into different Network Deployment environments.
Answer: C

13.Part of enabling security between WebSphere Portal and an LDAP directory involves modifying
properties in which one of the following files?
Answer: B

14.Smart host mail routing provides which one of the following results?
A.All received messages are prioritized based on policies.
B.All messages destined for the Internet are sent to the most available server.
C.All received messages are spooled and sent in batches to users for bandwidth savings.
D.All messages addressed to unknown recipients in the local Internet domain are sent to this configured host.
Answer: D

15.By default, IBM Workplace Collaboration Services assigns users to policies by matching the
user's Distinguished Name to what?
A.A Distinguished Name scope you specify in a policy
B.A UN scope you specify in a policy
C.A Name scope you specify in a policy
D.A User scope you specify in a policy
Answer: A

16.Which one of the following options verifies a user credentials for POP3?
A.The WPS50 database store
B.The WebSphere Member Manager
C.A serverbased file titled pop3user.xml
D.A serverbased file titled
Answer: B

17.Adrian, the IBM Workplace administrator, has successfully installed Workplace and configured
the file. Which scripts must be run as the next step?
A.LWPconfig and LWPdbconfig
B.LWPconfig and LWPconfigdb
C.LWMconfig and LWMdbconfig
D.LWMconfig and LWMconfigdb
Answer: A

18.The mail services of IBM Workplace Messaging allocates how much disk space, by default, to
each mail account?
A.25 MB
B.50 MB
C.60 MB
D.100 MB
Answer: C

19.Troy, the IBM Workplace Messaging administrator, wishes to assign multiple email
aliases to users. Which one of the following attributes may be populated to support the aliases?
Answer: D

20.Karen, the IBM Workplace Messaging administrator, notices that attempts to deliver mail
between failures is taking longer than desired. Which one of the following settings should Karen
adjust to reduce the amount of time between attempts?
A.Retry timeout
B.Retry interval
C.Delivery timeout
D.Delivery interval
Answer: B

21.Which one of the following functions does the archive utility perform in IBM Workplace
A.It deletes all mail over quota size.
B.It saves expired and userdeleted messages to disk.
C.It pushes all mail the user selects to the user's local machine.
D.It selects all messages over a certain designated size and expires them to disk.
Answer: B

22.Barrett, the IBM Workplace Messaging administrator, wishes to back up a user mail file. Which
one of the following Lmadmin commands should he issue?
Answer: B

23.IBM Workplace Messaging stores message archive files with which one of the following file
Answer: B

24.Aili, the IBM Workplace Messaging administrator allows use of the IBM Workplace Messaging
rich client. Some users say that mail they deleted has returned into their mail accounts. What may have caused this?
A.The users alternated between using the rich client and the browser client within the same month
B.The users deleted mail from one client, then used the other client several months later
C.The users replicated mail with a Domino mail server
D.The users always used the rich client and never used the browser client
Answer: B

25.To improve performance for Message Handler Services running on multiple machines, which
one of the following options should be specified?
A.Virtual queues
B.Mail service queue directory
C.POP3 service queue directory
D.SMTP Inbound/Outbound Local Delivery service queues
Answer: A

26.Barbara, the IBM Workplace Messaging administrator, wishes to remove orphaned accounts
manually. Which one of the following Lmadmin commands would apply?
Answer: C

27.Brian, the IBM Workplace Messaging administrator, issues the following command on
Microsoft Windows 2000: lmadmin -user Admin -password AdminPassword -port 8882 What is the
result of this command?
A.Exports results from a command to a screen
B.Exports results from a command to a text file
C.Prepares the wsadmin scripting tool to accept IBM Workplace Messaging commands
D.Prepares the wsadmin scripting tool to shut down IBM Workplace
Answer: C

28.To prevent users from sending mail to large groups, you can limit a user's search when looking up email addresses to person names only. Where is this functionality enabled?
A.Lotus Workplace>Mail Restrictions>Messaging Settings
B.Lotus Workplace>Mail Restrictions>Messaging Parameters
C.Lotus Workplace>Directories>Search and Delivery Features
D.Lotus Workplace>Directories>Directory Settings for Messaging
Answer: D

29.Julia, the IBM Workplace Messaging administrator, has configured archiving in user policies.
However, archiving still does not operate. What other task must she perform first for archiving to
function properly?
A.She must first enable node replication.
B.She must first configure the task scheduler.
C.She must first enable archiving at the cell level.
D.She must first run the Lmadmin archive command line.
Answer: C

30.The Lmadmin command line console is available to which one of the following users?
A.Any user who installs the Lmadmin tool on their computer
B.Any user accounts with the appropriate administrator roles assigned to them
C.Any user account that can authenticate with the LDAP directory
D.Any user specified in the lmadmin.xml file on the IBM Workplace Messaging server
Answer: B

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