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Lotus 190-756 Exam -

Free 190-756 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Chris has used Domino Designer 7 to create a Web service design element.
What is the main purpose of a Web service designed in this way?
A. Consume a WSDL file provided by other systems
B. Consume a Web service provided by other systems
C. Host a Web service for consumption by other systems
D. Provide a SOAP message for consumption by other system
Answer: C

Q: 2 UDDI is the acronym for what?
A. Unbound Data Definition Interface
B. Unlimited Data Discovery Interface
C. Universal Document Description Integration
D. Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
Answer: D

Q: 3 Joe is creating a web service. What role does UDDI play in a Web service?
A. UDDI defines the methods of a specific Web service.
B. UDDI controls the access levels of a Web service client.
C. UDDI allows listing and discovery of available Web services.
D. UDDI validates the proper functioning and use of a Web service.
Answer: C

Q: 4 Bill is getting ready to create a web service in Domino. What are the three standard technologies that will be used after this Web service has been built?
C. Java, LotusScript, HTML
D. LotusScript, SOAP, WSDL
Answer: A

Q: 5 Kathryn needs to provide data from her Domino application to an external vendor. She has been told that she should consider providing the data via a Web service. Which of the following is an accurate description of a Web service?
A. A Web Service is a data service provided over the Internet. Requests to the service must be received in the format prescribed by the SOAP description of the service. Data provided by the service must be transmitted using a WSDL XML format over HTTP.
B. A Web Service is a software component that is described in a machine-processable format. Other systems interact with the Web Service in a manner prescribed by the description. The interaction is via standard network protocols, typically transported using HTTP with an XML serialization.
C. A Web Service is a software component that provides WSDL (Web Service Data Layer) packets in response to requests from other systems. The requests must be in XML format, sent via an XML HTTP Request object. The response packets are interpreted using SOAP (Service Oriented Architecture Protocol).
D. A Web Service is a data service provided over a network. A requester (the calling system) sends request data to the web service as one or more SOAP (Service Object Access Packet) transmissions. The Web Service returns the requested data (or fault codes in the event of errors) as WSDL (Web Service Data Layer) packets.
Answer: B

Q: 6 Lorraine is examining a WSDL file for her Domino Web service. What role does the Message element have in the file?
A. It stores the actual data being sent to the Web service.
B. It defines messages that can be displayed to the end user.
C. It defines error messages that can be returned to the browser.
D. It defines the data being communicated to or from the Web service.
Answer: D

Q: 7 Cam is coding a Domino application that will provide a Web service. Where will he add the Web service code in Domino Designer?
A. Shared Code > Web Services
B. Shared Resources > Web Services
C. Shared Code > Agents > Web Services
D. Shared Resources > WSDL and Shared Code > Web Services
Answer: A

Q: 8 Eloise has created a Domino Web service to provide on-hand inventory data to her company's suppliers. She would like to check the performance of the Web service. What step(s)
must Eloise follow to enable profiling of her Web service?
A. From the Security tab of the Web service properties box, check "Profile this Web service."
B. From the Advanced tab of the database properties box, check "Enable Web service profiling."
C. Have a Domino Administrator create a Web Service profile for the web service on the hosting server. From the Security tab of the Web service properties box, check "Profile this Web service."
D. Have a Domino Administrator create an Activity Trends profile for the Web service on the hosting server. From the Advanced tab of the database properties box, check "Enable Web service profiling."
Answer: A

Q: 9 Brent has set the 'Profile this Web service' option in the Web Services properties box for his Web service. He calls the Web service from a program and now would like to see the profiling results. How would he view that information?
A. Go to the Agent Profiles view in log.nsf (Notes Log)
B. Click View - Web Service Profile in Domino Designer
C. Click Design - View Profile Results in Domino Designer
D. Go to the Agent Profiles view in events.nsf (Monitoring Configuration)
Answer: C

Q: 10 Samantha has created a web service to return an employees pay rate. How can Samantha secure this Web service?
A. Define the security requirements in the WSDL file.
B. Add the username= URL parameter when calling the Web service.
C. Web services always run with the Default security level in the ACL.
D. Set the Access Control List to restrict access to the Domino application.
Answer: D

Q: 11 Josie wrote a LotusScript web service method with the following structure:
Public Function lookupPersonInfo (personName As String) As PersonInfo
'** do the lookup, return the information in our custom PersonInfo data type
End Function
When this web service method is called by a remote client, how should the method name be formatted in the incoming SOAP message?
A. lookupPersonInfo
B. lookuppersoninfo
D. It doesn't matter, because the method names are not case-sensitive
Answer: C

Q: 12 The public functions that implement the operations of the OrderInventory Domino Web service used to be contained within the OrderInventory public class. This was the only class
in the Web service. Farah has reorganized the code to place the functions into a new class, and now the consumer applications are not working. What could Farah have done to avoid this problem?
A. Ensure that the PortType class is set to the name of the new class when she saves the modified Web service.
B. Select 'Automatically refresh WSDL document' on the Advanced tab of the Web service and save the Web service before beginning any modifications.
C. Select 'Warn if the WSDL interface is modified' on the Basics tab of the Web service and save the Web service before beginning any modifications.
D. Farah must have written the new class as a private class. If new classes are all created as public classes and the function names remain the same, then the consumer applications should continue to work.
Answer: C

Q: 13 Rob is creating a Stock Price Web service in Domino and would like to use an existing WSDL file as his starting point. How can he create his Web service from that WSDL file?
A. Use the Import WSDL button in a Web Service design element
B. Use the WSDL Import Wizard in a Web Service design element
C. Use the Build From WSDL button in a Web Service design element
D. Use the Import WSDL Action from the Tool menu in Domino Designer
Answer: A

Q: 14 How is a Domino web service called by a client?
A. with a SOAP message, using XML pipes
B. from Java using CORBA, or Windows programs using a COM object
C. via a URL of the format http://servername/databasename.nsf/webservicename?OpenWebService
D. using the Notes NRPC protocol, in the format
Answer: C

Q: 15 Martina has developed the OrderStatus Web service in the Sales.nsf database. What is one way she can access the WSDL document for this Web service, using her Web browser?
A. In the address bar of the Web browser, type the database url, followed by /OrderStatus
B. In the address bar of the Web browser, type the database url, followed by
C. In the address bar of the Web browser, type the database url, followed by
D. In the address bar of the Web browser, type the database url, followed by /OrderStatus
On the page that displays, click the "wsdl" link
Answer: D

Q: 16 Enabling the "Profile this web service" option in a web service does what?
A. Compiles the web service with debugging information
B. Writes information to a NotesLog each time the web service is accessed
C. Writes information to the server console each time the web service is accessed
D. Creates a hidden document when the web service runs, containing information about how long it took for various methods and operations to complete
Answer: D

Q: 17 Which of the following things would cause the WSDL of a Domino web service to be regenerated?
A. Changing a parameter of a public method
B. Changing the code within a public method
C. Signing the web service with a different ID
D. Adding or removing an implicit Fault from a public method
Answer: A

Q: 18 Shelley has written a web service in her Domino application and would like to test the service locally. How can she do that?
A. Export the WDSL file to a local drive, launch a browser, and then open the WSDL file using the browser.
B. Select Tools Web Service Run Agent from the Domino Designer menu, and then change the URL to append ?OpenWebService or ?WSDL.
C. Open the Web Service, select Preview In Browser, and then change the URL to reference the name of the web service followed by ?OpenWebService or ?WSDL.
D. Open a form or page design, preview it in a browser, and then change the URL to reference the name of the web service followed by ?OpenWebService or ?WSDL.
Answer: D

Q: 19 The WSDL files generated by Domino web services typically contain the following namespace definition:
What is the purpose of this namespace?
A. It defines common data types, such as string and int
B. It does nothing. It is simply there for support of older Web services clients.
C. It defines the elements in the basic WSDL structure, such as portType and binding
D. It defines the SOAP elements that are used in the request and response, such as header and body
Answer: A

Q: 20 In a Domino web service defined with a SOAP message format of Document/literal, where are the complex data types (if any) defined in the WSDL file?
A. <wsdl:part>
B. <wsdl:types>
C. <wsdl:input>
D. <wsdl:message>
Answer: B

Q: 21 What are the elements that are incorporated within a WSDL file?
A. Service, Ports, SOAP Type, Encoding, Methods
B. Service, Encoding, Version, Methods, Operation
C. Service, Status, Port Type, Operations, Security
D. Service, Types, Message, Port Type, Operation, Binding, Port
Answer: D

Q: 22 Quincy is examining a WSDL file for his Domino Web service. What role does the Service element have in the file?
A. It defines a specific method available in the Web service.
B. It describes the Web service function in a human-readable format.
C. It points to the specific server where the Web service will execute.
D. It is the name of the Web service as a whole, and it contains the ports and endpoints for the service.
Answer: D

Q: 23 Brett is examining a WSDL file for his Domino Web service. What role does the Port Type element have in the file?
A. It is the actual server port used by the Web service.
B. It is a set of operations supported by the Web service.
C. It is the communication protocol supported by the Web service.
D. It is the definition of the Web server being used for the Web service.
Answer: B

Q: 24 Frances has a web services client that generates the following SOAP message when calling a Domino web service that has been written in LotusScript:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<ns1:GETPERSONINFO xmlns:ns1="urn:DefaultNamespace"
<PNAME xsi:type="ns1:PERSONNAME">
<FIRSTNAME xsi:type="xsd:string">Billy Bob</FIRSTNAME>
<LASTNAME xsi:type="xsd:string">Brubaker</LASTNAME>
Based on the structure of this message, which of the following represents the possible signature of the LotusScript function that implements the "GetPersonInfo" method?
A. Function GetPersonInfo (pinfo As PersonInfo) As PersonName
B. Function GetPersonInfo (pname As PersonName) As PersonInfo
C. Function GetPersonInfo (firstName As String, lastName As String) As PersonName
D. Function GetPersonInfo (pname As PersonName, firstName As String, lastName As String) As PersonInfo
Answer: B

Q: 25 Chuckie is writing a web service, and one of his methods takes a parameter called "TimeOfDay". He wants to restrict this parameter to accept only the following values:
* Morning
* Afternoon
* Evening
He wants to set up a data type that defines this set of values that are allowed. What does he need to use in order to accomplish this?
A. List
B. Array
C. Enumeration
D. Complex Data Type
Answer: C

Q: 26 Manju has coded the following two lines in his SOAP request envelope:
<stock xsi:type="xsd:string">IBM</stock>
<currency xsi:type="xsd:string">USD</currency>
What type of data is being passed to the Web service with these statements?
A. Simple data types
B. Object data types
C. Complex data types
D. Defined data types
Answer: A

Q: 27 What specifies the format of the parameters within the Body element of an incoming SOAP request?
A. The protocol that is being used to pass the SOAP request.
B. The SOAP specification. All SOAP message Bodies are formatted the same way.
C. The WSDL file for the web service defines the SOAP message format that should be used.
D. The client that is being used. Java SOAP clients use a different SOAP message Body format than .NET SOAP clients do, and modern web service providers will accept either format.
Answer: C

Q: 28 In order to call Jeff's Domino Web service, Cerina has coded the following SOAP message:
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
<p582:op1 xmlns:p582="">
What does the xmlns:soapenv attribute refer to?
A. WSDL location
B. SOAP namespace
C. Web service address
D. Web service location
Answer: B

Q: 29 The Envelope element of an XML SOAP request contains what other elements?
A. Just the Body
B. Just the Header
C. Both the Header and the Body
D. No elements are contained within the Envelope. It only serves to define the namespaces.
Answer: C

Q: 30 What is the purpose of a SOAP fault in a SOAP message?
A. A SOAP fault is used to trigger an error in a Web service.
B. A SOAP fault is used to route program logic within a SOAP message.
C. A SOAP fault is used to specify error routines within a SOAP message.
D. A SOAP fault is used to carry error information within a SOAP message.
Answer: D

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