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Lotus 190-735 Exam -

Free 190-735 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Your Sametime server is referred to in DNS as and You have created a new DNS entry as but your Sametime server refuses to answer connections for this name. Which of the following is the best solution for this issue presuming DNS is functioning correctly in your environment?
A. You have left the "host name" field of Community Services Network settings blank
B. You have not entered the hostname into the server's notes.ini file
C. You have entered and into the "host name" field of Community Services Network settings
D. You did not enter the name into the network name field on the Domino server document that hosts the Sametime server
Answer: C

Q: 2 Your Sametime environment has users that utilize the Sametime Connect for browsers client. You wish to alter the default connectivity settings by performing which of the following steps?
A. Manually enter the server address into the Sametime servlet
B. Add an applet parameter to the HTML code on the Sametime server
C. Prepare a secure desktop installation of the Sametime Connect for browsers for the kiosks
D. Create a kiosk mode document in stconfig.nsf that specifies all the required settings for browser connections
Answer: B

Q: 3 While configuring the RTC Gateway, you have to account for all of your company domains as part of the local community. If your company domains are listed as follows:
Which of the following is allowable to include all of your company domains in the RTC Gateway
A. *.com
C. *, *
Answer: C

Q: 4 As the Sametime administrator, you have configured Sametime to tunnel HTTPS connections over port 443 for SSL. However, you also allow need to allow connections via HTTPS for Web traffic on the same port. Which of the following is needed to have this function correctly?
A. Multiple IP addresses must be assigned to the Sametime server machine
B. Sametime must be configured to allow HTTPS connections a lower priority
C. Web connections over HTTPS must be configured via the server document to have a lower priority
D. The SSL certificate must have two hostnames with one applied to Sametime and one applied to the Domino Web server
Answer: A

Q: 5 Since implementing a reverse proxy server for Sametime, which of the following will not function from outside the reverse proxy?
A. Sametime links
B. Sametime administration tool
C. Sametime Connect for browsers
D. Sametime Recorded Meeting client
Answer: B

Q: 6 While configuring tunneling, you have specified a port for the field under "Address for HTTP tunneled client connections" in the Meeting Services Network settings. You also enter a port in the "Port number" field under "Address for HTTP tunneled client connections" in the Community Services Network settings. The two ports you chose are not identical. Which of the following
occurs in this scenario?
A. The HTTP-tunneled Meeting Services connection occurs to the Meeting Services instead of the Community Services multiplexer
B. The HTTP-tunneled Meeting Services connection occurs to the Community Services instead of the Meeting Services multiplexer
C. The HTTP-tunneled Meeting Services connection occurs to the multiplexer which then negotiates the type of connection to the proper service
D. The HTTP-tunneled Meeting Services connection fails with an error to the user that states "The Sametime Meeting Services cannot be reached"
Answer: A

Q: 7 Which of the following client types may connect via HTTP tunneling to the Community Services multiplexer?
A. Meeting Room Client, Stlinks, Java Connect
B. Notes integrated client, Sametime Connect, Java Connect
C. Sametime Recorded Meeting, Stlinks, Notes integrated client
D. Sametime Connect, Meeting Room Client, Sametime Recorded Meeting
Answer: D

Q: 8 You are connecting the RTC Gateway to your internal Sametime servers.
Which of the following is the default port that the two servers will communicate?
A. 80
B. 443
C. 1516
D. 1533
Answer: C

Q: 9 The Sametime administrator has successfully created a Sametime Community cluster of three Sametime servers. However, users are not being load balanced between the servers when
connecting to the Community Services via the Sametime Connect client. Which of the following is the cause of users not properly load balanced?
A. The users have not loaded the Sametime Connect Cluster client
B. The Sametime Connect client is unable to take advantage of Sametime clusters, it is only for meetings using a Web browser
C. The Sametime Connect client must be reinstalled with the '-cluster' flag setting to see the Sametime cluster configuration
D. The Sametime cluster name is not specified in the come Sametime Server field of the person documents in the Domino Directory
Answer: D

Q: 10 During a Sametime meeting that contains interactive IP audio, the audio can interact in which of the following two ways?
A. Cached and instant audio
B. Encapsulated and open speaker
C. Delayed and immediate transmit
D. Automatic and request microphone
Answer: D

Q: 11 As the Sametime administrator you have created a policy that allows all users to transfer files up to 4MB. However, users are still unable to successfully use this feature, even with
smaller file sizes. Which of the following is the most likely cause?
A. The server Meeting Services is disabled
B. The policy service is not running on the home Sametime server
C. You have not configured SSL to secure the files being transferred
D. The file transfer ability is not enabled in Configuration - Community Services
Answer: D

Q: 12 While you are visiting at a customer site, a direct connection via the Sametime protocol will not work since they have reverse proxies in place. You modify you Sametime Connect client to utilize a direct connection using the HTTP protocol. Which of the following is the next step performed to your connection request?
A. The client tunnels all traffic to your Sametime server over port 80
B. The client opens a Web browser and connects over port 80 to the Sametime server
C. The client launches the Java Connect client from your Sametime server and connects over HTTP
D. The client encases the standard Sametime protocol connection information within an HTTP request
Answer: D

Q: 13 Two of your employees are having a voice conversation over IP. The microphone is being controlled by the Sametime server. Which of the following is the term that describes that mode?
A. Request
B. Variable
C. Automatic
D. Performance
Answer: C

Q: 14 As the Sametime administrator, you have created a new Sametime policy for users in the Development group on their home Sametime server. The policy only allows them to transfer
files under 4MB in size. When will this new setting be enforced?
A. After the Buddylist service is restarted
B. After anyone in the development group logs out and back into Sametime
C. After the Policy service is restarted or after a configurable timeout
D. The first time anyone in the development group attempts to transfer a file over 4MB
Answer: C

Q: 15 A Domino cluster has been created and the required Sametime databases have been replicated to create a Community Cluster. Which of the following is also required to complete
the Community Cluster?
A. The Sametime servers must allow anonymous connections
B. The Sametime administrator must force all Sametime connections to tunneled
C. The Sametime administrator must create an administrator account in the cluster name into the Domino or LDAP directory source
D. The Sametime administrator must manually create a cluster document in the Sametime Configuration database on each server in the cluster
Answer: D

Q: 16 Which of the following documents in STCONFIG.nsf allows you, as the Sametime administrator, to define the update site for the Sametime Connect client?
A. CommunityClient
B. ConnectionProfile
C. CommunityServices
D. CommunityConnectivity
Answer: A

Q: 17 Mariska, the Sametime administrator, has successfully connected Sametime to their company LDAP server. However, she finds that some users have the same cn value. Which of the
following is the best option to allow Sametime to find unique users that share the same cn value?
A. Modify user's cn value in the LDAP directory until everyone is unique
B. Place each of these users on separate home Sametime servers in the LDAP directory
C. Configure the attribute used to distinguish between two similar person names in the Sametime
Administration tool
D. Using the Sametime Administration tool, configure the LDAP server by adding a new field to each user with a unique value so the server can tell them apart
Answer: C

Q: 18 Certain files that users are uploading for the whiteboard function of meetings are not being formatted correctly. In order to preserve the formatting, which of the following may be utilized for the whiteboard?
A. Sametime Print Capture
B. Sametime File Extender
C. Sametime Meeting Toolset
D. Sametime Screen Reflector
Answer: A

Q: 19 You have selected to utilize a Domino Directory for external user authentication in your Sametime extranet server. Which fields are required for user authentication?
A. Full name; Internet Password; Sametime server
B. User name; Internet Password; Sametime server
C. Last name; User name; Internet password; Sametime server
D. First name; Last Name; Internet Password; Sametime server
Answer: C

Q: 20 Which of the following provides the ability to take files of various formats (slides, images, documents, etc.) and provides a bitmap rendering?
A. Sametime Meeting Services
B. Sametime Community Services
C. Sametime Conversion Services
D. Sametime Broadcasting Services
Answer: C

Q: 21 When creating a Sametime Community cluster, certain databases are required to replicate in realtime between the Domino servers. Which of the following is the correct list of these databases?
A. The Privacy database, the Domino Directory database, the Sametime Name Change database
B. The Sametime Center database, the Domino Directory database, the Sametime Resources database
C. The Sametime Conference database, the Sametime Center database, the Sametime Cluster database
D. The Sametime User Registration database, The Sametime Policy database, the Sametime Resources database
Answer: A

Q: 22 Which of the following is the message that checks the connectivity between Lotus Sametime Connect and the server and allows you to get timely notification if you are disconnected from the server?
A. Keep alive signal
B. Community polling
C. Location awareness
D. Connectivity status
Answer: A

Q: 23 While configuring the Sametime server, the Sametime administrator chose to leave the host name field blank for the Community Services Network. For which of the following will the
multiplexer listen when this field has no value?
A. All IP addresses assigned to the machine
B. The lowest IP address assigned to the machine
C. The hostname specified as the FQDN in the ports section of the server document
D. The hostname specified in the Domino HTTP server section of the server document
Answer: A

Q: 24 Which of the following lists the order in which the Sametime client will attempt to transmit audio streams for voice chat?
A. Client and then multicast
B. Server and then multicast
C. Peer-to-peer and then server
D. Peer-to-peer and then client
Answer: C

Q: 25 Your Sametime environment includes a Sametime server inside the firewall and a Sametime server outside the firewall. Both servers are in unique Domino organizations. What is
the first step in connecting the two Sametime servers?
A. You must ensure the two servers are on the same network segment
B. You must ensure that the two Sametime servers are cross-certified
C. You must ensure the server outside the firewall has tunneling enabled
D. You must ensure the server inside the firewall has a lower IP address than the server outside the firewall
Answer: B

Q: 26 Lotus support has requested that you create trace files for troubleshooting Sametime. Which of the following tools allows you to create these files?
A. StDebugTool.exe
B. StTraceTool.exe
C. SametimeTrace.exe
D. StTraceManager.exe
Answer: A

Q: 27 Which of the following only may create polls while in meetings?
A. Owners
B. Attendees
C. Anonymous
D. Moderators
Answer: D

Q: 28 Which of the following Sametime services enables one-way RTP meeting data streams to be transmitted from the Sametime server?
A. Meeting Services
B. Gateway Services
C. Community Services
D. Recorded Meeting Broadcast Services
Answer: D

Q: 29 Your RTC Gateway has started to receive numerous gateway subscription requests from unknown companies. Which of the following settings provides the ability to restrict these
other enterprises from connecting?
A. Session timeouts
B. Blacklist domains
C. Local user blocking
D. Subscription timeout
Answer: B

Q: 30 While recording a scheduled meeting, the server runs out of space to store the recording. Which of the following steps will the Sametime server perform next?
A. The meeting manager will receive a prompt in the Meeting Room client that the space threshold is about to be reached
B. The current meeting will stop recording with a partial recording completed and a note will be made in the Meeting Details document
C. Meetings older than a specific date, as configured in the Sametime administrator, will be removed to make room for recording to continue
D. The participants in the meeting will be unable to complete any more actions in the online meeting until more space is made available for recording to continue
Answer: B

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