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Checkpoint 156-708.70 Exam -

Free 156-708.70 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Under what circumstances this command line procedure would be used? 1. osql.exe –E 2. use disknet 3. update globle configuration set 4. go
A. To connect a local MSDE database installed on a machine using a Microsoft Trusted application
B. To unlock and access the Endpoint Security Media Encryption Server service.
C. To address a blue screen issue when using Endpoint Security media Encryption and McAfee 8.5i on a Windows Vista Enterprise machine
D. To connect to a remote SQL instance using trusted authentication.
Answer: A

Q: 2
Can Endpoint Security Media Encryption import Novell user group?
A. No, Endpoint Security Media Encryption only work with Active Directory
B. Yes
C. Yes, if the Novell Server is using RADIUS with LDAP
D. No, Endpoint Security Media Encryption only uses RADIUS
Answer: B

Q: 3
When you created your client install package, you entered the incorrect ME server name and now your client cannot connect to download their profiles. How can you update your clients to point to te correct server?
A. Change the server name in the default profile, ecport the profile in .dnp format. Import dnp on the affected clients
B. On each client, edit the registry key HKLM\software\Check Point\Encryption\Servername with the correct ME server name.
C. Update the server .in file on each client with the correct server name. D. On each client, edit the registry key. HKLM\software\Reflex\Disknet\Servername with the correct ME server name.
Answer: D

Q: 4
Fill in the blank if no Anti-Virus scanner or Pointsec DataScan is detected on the client machine, then automatic authorization.
A. will be possible under certain restrictions.
B. will not be possible and access will not be granted.
C. is intiated with administrative approval
D. will permit the user to authorization the device anyway.
Answer: B

Q: 5
There has been a security breach of your company’s network and you must block clients form downloading all files with an .inst extension. What is the correct approach to resolve this issue?
A. Create the file extension in PSG, save the profile, and update all groups.
B. Load the default profile to groups in the organization until steps are taken to remove the threat.
C. PSG does not support executing files having other than 3 character extensions and will therefore block the file.
D. Selects the file extension in PSG, and reloads the profile appropriately.
Answer: C

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