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Avaya 132-S-916.2 Exam -

Free 132-S-916.2 Sample Questions:

1. On which signaling protocol is Small Community Networking supported?
B. H.450
C. IPSec
D. RIP v 2
Answer: B

2. Which two activities should be considered when tracing an issue with System Monitor for data gathering? (Choose two.)
A. The trace should be checked to confirm that it does contain activity for the problem in question.
B. The filters should be set correctly within the Monitor Application.
C. The trace should be truncated to only contain the questionable activity.
D. Only the default options should be selected in System Monitor.
Answer: A, B

3. Conference Center supports several access levels.
Which three activities can be performed using the Conference Center Host level? (Choose three.)
A. Upload files for sharing with participants during a Web conference.
B. Modify the status of each participant in real-time during a conference.
C. Schedule a database backup.
D. Manage all Conference Center user accounts.
E. Mute all participants and re-instate the conversation.
Answer: A, B, E

4. Which application will allow you to check for errors within the IP Office configuration?
A. System Status Application
B. Manager
C. System Monitor
D. Call Status
Answer: B

5. An IP Office is being networked to an Avaya Media Gateway Server using H.323 trunks with QSIG.
Which statement is true?
A. Only the G.723 codec is available.
B. Small Community Networking is supported
C. Name and number presentation is supported
D. Both systems must be on the same IP subnet.
Answer: C

6. Conference Center supports several access levels.
Which two activities can be performed using the Participant level? (Choose two.)
A. Join a scheduled audio conference.
B. Join a scheduled Web conference.
C. Upload files for sharing with participants during a Web conference.
D. View all pending and in-progress conferences.
Answer: A, B

7. Recording take up how much space on a hard drive?
A. 2MB per minute
B. 200KB per minute
C. 1MB per minute
D. 650KB per minute
Answer: C

8. Which three options does the IP Office DHCP server supply to the Avaya 4600 and 5600 Series IP Hardphone (Choose three.)
A. IP address
B. TFTP server
C. gatekeeper address
D. IP trunk tagging COS values
Answer: A, B, C

9. How much space does a recording in VoiceMail Pro use a hard drive?
A. 1MB per minute
B. 500KB per minute
C. 2MB per minute
D. 1.5MB per minute
Answer: A

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