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Avaya 132-S-911.3 Exam -

Free 132-S-911.3 Sample Questions:

1. Your customer is unable to light message waiting lights at a small branch office using a shared Intuity voice mail system on a QSIG network running DCS. What is the first command you should execute?
A: list ip-interfaces
B: list media-gateway
C: display-ip-network-region <x>
D: status station <station number>
Answer: D

2. In a converged IP telephony network, how should QoS on voice and data traffic be set?
A: low priority for voice traffic and low priority for data traffic
B: high priority for voice traffic and low priority for data traffic
C: low priority for voice traffic and high priority for data traffic
D: high priority for voice traffic and high priority for data traffic
Answer: B

3. What should be configured on Ethernet ports that are connected to IP phones if the Ethernet switch in the Avaya IP telephony system supports spanning tree and port fast features? (Choose two.)
A:enable port fast
B:disable port fast
C:enable port spanning tree
D:disable port spanning tree
Answer: A, D

4. You have configured a media gateway G350 with an Avaya server S8300 acting as Internal Call Controller. Gateway and server are assigned to VLAN 12. Which gateway command you have to use to add the Internal Call Controller to VLAN 12?
A: "interface vlan 12", then "icc-vlan"
B: icc-vlan 12
C: set vlan server 12
D: set default-vlan 12
Answer: A

5. Which components are needed to stack an Avaya C363-PWR with a G700?
A: The G700 can not be stacked with a C363.
B: two X330STK modules and two ivory-colored octaplane cables only
C: two X330STK modules and two ivory-colored octaplane cables and a DC power supply
D: one X330STK module, one X360STK module, one ivory-colored octaplane cables, one black-colored octaplane cable
Answer: D

6. When adding a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk to the Avaya Communication Manager, what is the maximum number of trunks supported by one signaling group?
A: 23
B: 24
C: 31
D: 255
Answer: D

7. The display on an Avaya IP telephone shows "Discovering...."
What is the most likely cause?
A: the telephone needs to be rebooted
B: the telephone is seeking a gatekeeper
C: the firmware needs to be updated on the telephone
D: the TN2302 IP Media Processor is out of service or unreachable
Answer: B

8. Your customer has an Avaya S87xx Server with Communication Manager 4.x and needs to add an additional CLAN card to meet its current traffic load. Which two commands add a CLAN board to the system? (Choose two.)
A:add ip-interface
B:change node-name ip
C:add data-module next
D:add circuit-pack next
E:change communication link
Answer: A, B

9. When defining network regions, which of the following can you implement?
A: DNS between IP endpoints
B: NAT between IP endpoints
C: codecs to be used within a region
D: CLANs to be used within this region
Answer: C

10. DHCP option codes 128 to 254 are reserved for site-specific options. A single number out of this range is commonly utilized by vendors to configure their Avaya IP phones via DHCP (Option 176). Which additional option code supports vendor-specific options?
A: 3
B: 23
C: 43
D: 63
Answer: C

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