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Avaya 132-S-911.1 Exam -

Free 132-S-911.1 Sample Questions:

1. Two voice endpoints in an IP network have different CODECs.
How are calls between the endpoints affected?

A. the call completes, unshuffled
B. both the calling and called parties hear fast-busy
C. the calling party hears ringing while the called party hears fast-busy
D. both parties hear ringing and the call can be answered but the voice quality is garbled

Answer: A

2. What do you need to do to connect an Avaya C360T-PWR Ethernet switch to a G700 gateway per the Avaya documentation?

A. You connect from ext 1 or ext 2 on the G700 to a port on the Avaya C360T-PWR using a straight CAT 5 cable.
B. You connect from ext 1 or ext 2 on the G700 to a port on the Avaya C360T-PWR using a crossover CAT 5 cable.
C. You connect from the RJ45 port on the G700’s MM710 to a port on the Avaya C360T-PWR using a T1 crossover cable.
D. You connect from ext 1 or ext 2 on the G700 to a port on the Avaya C360T-PWR using either a crossover or straight CAT 5 cable. The Ethernet ports on the G700 are auto-sensing and will adjust appropriately regardless of the cable type.

Answer: B

3. Which license mode does a Local Spare Processor (LSP) enter when it becomes active?

A. no license mode
B. license error mode
C. license normal mode
D. an LSP does not require a license

Answer: B

4. Which two settings are required on the trunk group form to administer a trunk as an IP trunk? (Choose two.)

A. “Carrier Type” must be set to IP.
B. “Group Type” must be set to ISDN.
C. “Supplementary Services Protocol” must be set to e.
D. “Codeset to send TCM, Look ahead” must be set to 6.

Answer: A, B

5. You want the infrared port on the Avaya 4600 Series IP Telephone to stay on and be downloaded after every reboot. In which two files/locations should you insert the parameter, “IRSTAT=1”? (Choose two.)

A. 46xxupgrade.scr
B. 46xxsettings.txt
C. Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) 176 option
D. in the Avaya Communication Manager (ACM), “Change Station XXXX”

Answer: B, C

6. The TN2312BP IPSI resides in which slot when upgrading from an Avaya S8500 Server to an Avaya S87xx Server solution?

A. DUPINT UN330B slot
B. SYSAM TN1648B slot
C. Processor UN331B slot
D. Tone/Clock TN2182 slot

Answer: D

7. Which sequence is the recommended order when upgrading media servers and media gateways?

A. Media gateways are first, then primary server(s) and finally LSP(s).
B. LSP(s) are first, then primary server(s) and finally media gateways.
C. Primary server(s) are first, then media gateways and finally LSP(s).
D. Media gateways are first, then LSP(s) and finally the primary server(s).

Answer: D

8. What are two ways to display a view of the process status table of the Avaya S-series Server? (Choose two.)

A. Command Line Interface statusserver
B. Command Line Interface systat (statapp)
C. Avaya Media Server Maintenance Web Interface link Process Status
D. Avaya Media Server Maintenance Web Interface link Status Summary

Answer: B, C

9. A company purchases the right to use Avaya IP Softphone for 100 stations. The users complain that the call center buttons (AUX, After-Call, Login, and Logout) programmed on their stations no longer work as expected.
What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. TCP/UDP port blockage in the corporate WAN
B. improper administration of the stations in the PBX
C. users trying to use the application for non-supported functions
D. improper installation of the Avaya IP Softphone application on the users’ PCs

Answer: C

10. You are configuring the Quality of Server (QoS) 802.1P/Q for Avaya 4600 Series IP Telephones.
Which two parameters do you program in the Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) Option 176 to enable QoS? (Choose two.)

A. 802.1P=
B. 802.1Q=

Answer: C, D

11. Which method is available on S8300 Server Maintenance Web Interface to perform backup?

D. flash card

Answer: A

12. Your customer asks you to verify the current subnet mask assigned to a remote Avaya G350 Media Gateway Primary Management Interface (PMI). Which two commands identify the information requested? (Choose two.)

A. status pmi
B. show running-config
C. show interface vlan (vlan #)
D. list configuration media-gateway

Answer: B, C

13. In order to have the failover correctly execute to an Local Spare Processor (LSP), which command in the Media Gateway must you administer beforehand?

A. set lsp list
B. set mgc list
C. set mgs list
D. set network-region

Answer: B

14. In an Avaya S87xx Server, the TN2312AP in 1B01 has gone bad. You need to determine if that TN2312AP is the reference IPSI. From the Command Line Interface (CLI) prompt, which command retrieves this information?

A. statapp
B. swversion
C. serversta
D. serialnumber

Answer: D

15. In Avaya Communication Manager, what is the purpose of the board option when used with the traceroute command?

A. There is no board option associated with the traceroute command.
B. The board option is used to specify the remote systems TNIP board location.
C. The board location allows you to simultaneously do a traceroute from multiple TNIP board locations.
D. It is used to specify which TNIP circuit pack is used in the system to originate the traceroute from, if there are multiple TNIP circuit packs.

Answer: D

16. When adding a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk to the Avaya Communication Manager, what is the maximum number of trunks supported by one signaling group?

A. 23
B. 24
C. 31
D. 255

Answer: D

17. On the Communication Manager Web interface, which two methods are available to backup data using the Network Device? (Choose two.)


Answer: A, B

18. When initially configuring the Converged Communications Serve (CCS), what are the three valid CCS host types? (Choose three.)

A. Edge
B. Home
C. Edge/Edge
D. Home/Edge
E. Home/Home

Answer: A, B, D

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