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Avaya 132-S-732.1 Exam -

Free 132-S-732.1 Sample Questions:

1. Some processing elements are restarting every few minutes. You suspect that the configuration properties are invalid.
Where are the configuration properties displayed in the logs?
A. The configuration properties are displayed in container logs.
B. The configuration properties are only displayed when DEBUG is turned on in the container logs.
C. The configuration properties are never displayed because of security concerns.
D. Configuration properties are displayed in the ADMIN container logs only.
Answer: A

2. Which tool is used to create a license file for the customer?
A. Web License Generator (WebLG)
B. Web License Manager (WebLM)
C. Remote Feature Activation (RFA)
D. Authentication File Service (AFS)
Answer: C

3. An Avaya IQ system has been installed and configured with a CM source added. After several hours, only some of the names for agents, queues, and routing points have been populated. Using the OAM interface, it is observed that the PE CM Adapter components is cycling between the "Active" and "Stopped" state.
What is the likely cause for this behavior?
A. The time difference between the IQ host and the CM is greater than 5 minutes.
B. The CM is inaccessible due to a firewall configuration error.
C. The release version for the CM was incorrectly specified when the source was added.
D. The Buffering Policy for the CM was incorrectly specified when the source was added.
Answer: A

4. Where are the standard report calculations defined in Avaya IQ?
A. in the data model
B. in the report model
C. in the report design
D. in the dictionary
Answer: B

5. From which Web site do you download updates for Avaya IQ?
Answer: D

6. Which Proactive Contact with PG230 configurations are supported by Avaya IQ?
A. Multiple Proactive Contacts are supported and each can be connected to multiple Communication Managers.
B. Only one Proactive Contact is supported but it can be connected to multiple Communication Managers
C. Up to four Proactive Contacts in a pod can be connected to each Communication Manager.
D. Only one Proactive Contact can be connected to each Communication Manager.
Answer: D

7. Avaya IQ's database is installed in your Oracle RAC database servers. You are using the Cluster Alias feature provided by your cluster software vendor in your Oracle RAC database environment.
After adding in a new Oracle cluster node into your Oracle RAC system, what do you have to do to make Avaya IQ recognize this new node?
A. Modify JDBC connection URLs of Avaya IQ's data sources through Avaya IQ's administration GUIs.
B. Install Avaya IQ again.
C. Follow Avaya IQ's documents to reconfigure Avaya IQ's database host.
D. Nothing; this change is transparent to Avaya IQ.
Answer: D

8. Which two commands determine the number of CPUs and their speed? (Choose two.)
A. "dmesg"
B. "sar -P All"
C. "cat /proc/cpuinfo"
D. "uname -r"
Answer: A, C

9. A user has pointed out that there are impossibly large numbers in the Long Contacts Behavior Report. You are trying to isolate the problem.
Where does the underlying data that is used to produce the counts in the report reside?
A. the dimension tables in the data model
B. the Query Subjects in the reporting model
C. the Long Contacts Behavior Report
D. the fact tables in the data model
Answer: D

10. Which two minimum versions of Communication Manager are supported? (Choose two.)
A. 3.1.0
B. 3.1.4
C. 4.0.0
D. 4.0.1
Answer: B, D

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