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Avaya 132-S-720.1 Exam -

Free 132-S-720.1 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 : Communication Manager provides integrated reporting capabilities for ACD information Which two are valid Communication Manager commands for viewing real time ACD information? (Choose two)

A. monitor traffic hunt
B. list measurements skill summary
C. monitor bcms system
D. monitor bcms vector

Answer: A,C

Q: 2 : Best Services Routing allows adjusting the idle time of agents in determining agent selection. If the consider step adjustment is set to 20 for a given location, which statement is true of agent adjustments for the consider location step?

A. The agents idle time is always adjusted up by 20 seconds.
B. The agents idle time is adjusted up by 20% unless the idle time is greater than 100 seconds
at which point isadjusted up by 20 seconds.
C. The agents idle time is always adjusted down by 20 seconds.
D. The agents idle time is decreased by 20 seconds unless the idle time is greater than 100
seconds at which point it is decreased by 20%

Answer: D

Q: 3 : Which of the following is not a valid connectivity test available using the Applications
Enablement Services Utilities menu available from OAM?

B. Ping Host
C. ASAI Test
D. Traceroute

Answer: D

Q: 4 : Your customer's call flows are nearly identical. To speed up programming you are using "duplicate vector 10" with the qualifier, "start 15". What does the qualifier "start 15" do?

A. Duplicates vector 10 starting at step 15.
B. Duplicates vector 10 as new vector 15.
C. Duplicates vector 10 fifteen times.
D. Duplicates vector 10 to first available vector number after 15.

Answer: D

Q: 5 : Call Center agents have approached their supervisor to advise that not all agents in
the same group are receiving calls in an e3quitabgle distribution. Which two Expert Agent Selection
(EAS) features should the call center supervisor verify are consistent with the agents in that group? (Choose two.)

A. Service Level Override
B. Call Handling Preference
C. Skill Level
D. Extension Split Assignments

Answer: B,C

Q: 6 : You have been assigned a project to add an ACD to an existing Avaya Call Management (CMS) The customer has requested that Avaya provide a turn-key implementation. Which three resources will you schedule? (Choose three)

A. Communication solutions integration-provisioning
B. Communication and Solution Integration (C&SI)
C. software specialist
D. on-site technician
E. Network Integration Center (NIC)

Answer: A,B,D

Q: 7 : After completing the administration for Expert Agent Selection (EAS),you are unable
to log in an administered agent ID. What are three possible issues that would cause the problem?
(Choose three)

A. The administered agent of logged in the dial plan
B. The maximum number of logged in agents has been reached.
C. EAS is not active on the System Parameters System Features form
D. The agent ID does not have the appropriate skills assigned

Answer: B,C,D

Q: 8 : Your customer is implementing an AE Services 4.0 and has purchased software only solution What hardware and software must the customer provide?

A. server hardware platform and Red Hat Enterprise Edition 3
B. server hardware platform and Red Hat Enterprise Edition 4
C. server hardware platform, Red Hat Enterprise Edition 6, and third-party software required
for AE Services
D. server hardware platform, Red Hat Enterprise Edition 3, and third-party software required
for AE Services

Answer: B

Q: 9 : A customer wants to upgrade their current Basic Call Management Reporting Desktop
(BCMRD) R2V4 computer from their existing computer running Windows 2000 Server Operating
System (OS): Intel Pentium III processor: 128MB RAM: USB 1.0 and serial ports. Based on BCMRD
product requirements, which of the proposed selections will fill this need?

A. Windows XP OS: Intel Xeon Processor: 128 MB RAM: Serial Only, no USB ports
B. Windows Vista OS: AMD Athlon Processor: 256MB RAM: USB 1.0 Only, no Serial ports
C. Windows 2003 Server OS: Intel Pentium IV Processor, 256 MB RAM: USB 2.0 Only, no
Serial ports
D. Windows XP OS: Intel Dual Core 2 Processor: 128 MB RAM: USB 2.0 and Serial ports

Answer: C

Q: 10 : Your customer has commissioned agent who take both service related calls well as sales opportunity calls. The agents receive a commission on all sales. Which Business Advocate feature would assure that agents are provided equal opportunity to take sales related calls?

A. Service Objective
B. Percentage Allocation Distribution
C. Service Level Supervisor
D. Reserve Agent

Answer: B

Q: 11 : Your customer is reporting that after hours callers are being disconnected. Recently they chanted the out-of-hours vector from routing to an internal voice mailbox to an off site
answering service using a route-to digits step. What is happening?

A. Dial ahead digits are being discarded
B. In the associated vector, coverage on route-to digits step was set to "no"
C. In the associated vector, coverage on route-to digits step was set to "yes"
D. Class of Restriction on associated VDN has too low of an FRL to allow outcalling

Answer: D

Q: 12 : For single site call centers where Call Management System (CMS) data is critical to their business, which two benefits does the CMS provide for minimum data loss? (Choose two.)

A. disk mirroring
B. Survivable CMS
C. high availability CMS
D. duplicated processors

Answer: A,C

Q: 13 : You ask the Avaya Call Management System (CMS) administrator to increase the measured trunks. Since the administrator has not changed parameters before, CMS administration documentation must be accessed. Which three sections are needed to change parameters?
(Choose three)

A. Free Space Allocation
B. Data Storage Allocation
C. Trunk Group assignment
D. Data Collection
E. Disk Allocation

Answer: A,B,D

Q: 14 : Your customer wants to periodically adjust agent skill assignments and preferences
and preferences automatically (without human intervention) based on real-time agent sales results in
their CRM application. Which solution would satisfy requirement?

A. Implement a custom CTI application which will change the agent skills
B. Pursue a custom application through Avaya CSI
C. Use Avaya Site Administration Scheduling
D. Use CMS Supervisor scripting

Answer: B

Q: 15 : What does a pound or hash (#) character in a vector, preceding a vector step , indicate?

A. End of dialing sequence
B. A commented step
C. A route to digits step
D. An unused vector

Answer: B

Q: 16 : A customer has 10 Call Management Systems (CMSs). They want to run one application to see how their call center is doing across all sites. Which Avaya solution will provide cost effective aggregated reporting for this client?

A. CMS Supervisor
B. Terminal Emulator
C. Network Reporting
D. Operational Analyst

Answer: C

Q: 17 : Your customer must be able to confirm that clients have input valid credit card numbers. As a backup to using a custom CTI application, which vector variable should be used to validate account numbers?

D. MOD10

Answer: D

Q: 18 : Which file is responsible for setting up a default route on a CMS system?

A. /etc/hosts
B. /etc/router
C. /etc/defaultrouter
D. /etc/netstat

Answer: C

Q: 19 : The field service technician is responsible for which two tasks? (Choose two)

A. onsite equipment inventory
B. application of power to onsite equipment
C. obtaining necessary TCP/IP equipment
D. ensuring the equipment room is ready for installation

Answer: A,B

Q: 20 : Avaya Communication Manager 4.0 supports integration with Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS). Your customer is integrating their Microsoft Live Communication Server (LCS) with Avaya Communication Manager 4.0. Which two will achieve the desired integration? (Choose two)

A. IP Agent R6
B. IP Softphone R6
C. Application Enablement Services (Web Services)
D. Application Enablement Services (TR/87)

Answer: B,D

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