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Avaya 132-S-715.1 Exam -

Free 132-S-715.1 Sample Questions:

1. You are configuring the IC system on a Solaris 9 server and have run the Configuration Tool once. You want to run the Configuration Tool once again to change the initial configuration information but are not able to see the initial configuration tab.
What is the correct resolution so that you can see the initial configuration tab?
A. Stop and start the Configuration Tool.
B. Run the configuration tool from the IC Designer workstation.
C. It is not possible to see the initial configuration tab after having run the Configuration Tool once.
D. Rename the vesp.imp file in IC_Install_DIR\IC70\etc to vesp_backup.imp and start the Configuration Tool again.
Answer: D

2. Which statement is true regarding customization and development of workflows in Interaction Center (IC) 7.0?
A. Workflows can be reloaded without stopping the Workflow Server.
B. Workflows Designer automatically loads and runs workflows in the Workflow Server.
C. All workflows must have version numbers to allow the Workflow Version Control Module to function correctly.
D. Workflows must use a formatting mask to ensure that all customer records are formatted in accord with localization rules.
Answer: A

3. You are designing an Interaction Center (IC) voice channel solution. Your client has their customer’s data in an Oracle backend database where it can be accessed by an IVR. Callers will be asked to enter their account numbers and PINs through the IVR for authentication and the IVR will then pass the account numbers to the IC EDU through a workflow. For reporting purposes the customer wants the caller’s account number to be retired in IC along with the EDU data.
Which table in IC is used for storing the caller’s account number?
A. ccq.activity
B. ccq.customer
D. repository.routingevent
Answer: C

4. What is the maximum number of simultaneous real-time reports that can be run by one Report Server, with a 30-second refresh rate?
A. 50
B. 100
C. 250
D. 500
Answer: C

5. Which is a description of the term “domain”, within the context of the Interaction Center (IC) 7.0?
A. set of workgroups
B. group of same skilled agents
C. set of inter-connected servers
D. group of networked computers
Answer: C

6. The Operational Analyst (OA) installation was completed successfully. However, you find that the real-time reports give errors on startup. You know the authentication has been set up correctly and one of the services for the real-time reports does not start.
Which tool can be used to check for the root cause of the problem?
A. IC Manager
B. Real-time Report Administration
C. OA Command Output - Forwarder Services
D. OA Administration Client - Interface Services
Answer: D

7. You are working with an IC/OA installation that is not using Business Advocate. Tabular Reports are showing no data.
What might be the problem?
A. The Event Collector is down.
B. The historical database is down.
C. The historical subsystem is down.
D. The Event Collector Bridge is down.
Answer: A

8. When Operational Analyst 7.0.x is installed and configured, the ORBacus service uses port 10000 by default.
Which three statements are correct regarding configuration of the port that ORBacus uses? (Choose three.)
A. This value is not configurable, and port 10000 must be available for ORBacus service to use.
B. Before making configuration changes to modify this port, the ‘pa stop all’ command should be issued.
C. On all platforms, a line for NSPort=<port> must be added to the file in /data/admin.
D. The dcproperty table in the historical database must be updated with the new port value.
E. The ephemeral ports used by the ORBacus service will be assigned sequentially using the new port number as the base.
Answer: B, C, D

9. Interaction Center (IC) 7.0 has a load-balancing service for Internet Web Management if there are multiple ICM servers. If the customer has only one site, then alarms by this service can be ignored.
What service sends alarms to the IC Manager?
A. Central Internet Routing Service (CIRS)
B. Central Alarm Reporting Services (CARS)
C. Central Office Reporting Services (CORS)
D. Routing Management And Technology Services (RMATS)
Answer: A

10. How does the Avaya Interaction Center (IC) 7.0 Blender Server decide how many contacts (voice, email, chat) can be simultaneously assigned to one agent through the Avaya Agent Desktop interface?
A. by comparing the agent’s performance today with a pre-defined day
B. by comparing the current service level of all active contacts (voice, email and chat)
C. by using the maximum number of contacts pre-assigned by the supervisor or administrator or modified by the agent
Answer: C

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