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Avaya 132-S-708.1 Exam -

Free 132-S-708.1 Sample Questions:

1. An Avaya Voice Self-Service application for a school terminates to the local telephone carrier using T1/E1 trunks. The school accepted a recommendation to re-terminate the Avaya Interactive Response (IR) behind its non-Avaya PBX.
Which protocol must be used for line-side connectivity support?
A. analog
C. Digital Signal 3 (DS3)
D. Session Initiated Protocol (SIP)
Answer: B

2. A local pizzeria chain wants an Avaya Voice Self-Service application to provide directions to customers who call for the address of the pizzeria closest to them. The Avaya application must speak the addresses to patrons in both English and Spanish.
Which software feature must be designed as part of this Avaya solution?
A. Text-To-Speech
B. Avaya IC Connector
C. Speaker Verification
D. Speech Recognition
E. Avaya Audio Variables/Enhanced Basic Speech
Answer: A

3. A customer is evaluating various Avaya Voice Self-Service options. The IT department has standardized on specific server platforms for all new purchases. All servers must be the Dell PowerEdge 2950 running RedHat Enterprise Linux.
Given this requirements, which Avaya solution should be recommended?
A. Avaya Voice Portal software-only
B. Avaya Voice Portal bundled/turnkey
C. Avaya Interactive Response software-only
D. Avaya Interactive Response bundled/turnkey
Answer: A

4. Which Avaya Voice Portal component downloads the system configuration information to the Media Processing Platform (MPP), including important information regarding licensing, port allocation and DNIS-to-application URL information?
A. Communications Manager (CM)
B. Voice Portal Management System (VPMS)
C. Application Execution Environment (AEE)
D. MPP does not accept downloaded configurations
Answer: B

5. A customer is planning on provisioning a Speech Recognition solution. The customer plans to add Speech Recognition capabilities to the Avaya Voice Self-Service system.
Which two additional Speech Recognition-specific factors must be considered in the final solution to ensure proper system performance? (Choose two.)
A. complexity of the grammar
B. number of network segments
C. Speech server CPU and memory
D. The operating system for the Speech server
Answer: A, C

6. A company is integrating their VoiceXML application built with Avaya Dialog Designer with a third-party solution using an Avaya Application Enablement Server.
Which component in Avaya Dialog Designer exists to help with this integration?
A. the CTI connector in Avaya Dialog Designer
B. the Avaya IC connector in Avaya Dialog Designer
C. the Web Services connector in Avaya Dialog Designer
D. the Genesys T server connector in Avaya Dialog Designer
Answer: A

7. A customer requires 128 bit Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption between their database resources and any application that accesses those resources.
How does this requirement impact a proposed Dialog Designer-built VoiceXML application?
A. Dialog Designer-built applications do not support HTTPS protocol.
B. The 128 bit SSL encryption occurs between IR/VP and the database and is enabled through the management console of the IVR platform.
C. This will require the application developer to enable “https” encryption on the web application server. Dialog Designer supports the delivering and receiving of encrypted HTTP pages.
D. The 128 bit SSL encryption requires the Dialog Designer developer to install an optional SSL module. Once installed, any application written with Dialog Designer can support 128-bit SSL encryption with any datasource.
Answer: C

8. An Avaya Voice Portal customer has three different applications they need to deploy to support their three products. The busy hour for each application peaks at a different time during the day. The customer has published three different toll-free numbers, one for each product.
Assuming that the Avaya Voice Portal system is a single-box solution (VPMS and MPP on single machine with 24 ports), what is the minimum number of application servers required?
A. 0; applications can be run on the single-box VPMS/MPP server.
B. 1; a single application server can run multiple applications
C. 2; with three applications one box must be dedicated as a database server.
D. 3; a maximum of one application is allowed per application server.
Answer: B

9. A company wants to prescreen calls before they are sent to an agent. Calls from recognized customers will be directed to an agent and their customer screen presented. Unrecognized calls will be sent to the Avaya Voice Self-Service solution where the caller will be prompted for an account number. Calls will then be sent to an agent. If an account number is entered, the customer screen will be presented to the live agent. The company plans to implement both Avaya Voice Self-Service and Avaya Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).
What must be verified with the company to ensure that recognized customers are not sent to the Avaya Voice Self-Service solution?
A. the database uses JDBC interface for access
B. the customer’s order history is in the database
C. the customer’s telephone number is in the database
D. the database is on the same LAN segment as the IVR
Answer: C

10. A customer is deploying a Voice Portal solution.
Which three key components are necessary as part of this deployment? (Choose three.)
A. Media Processing Platform (MPP)
B. Voice Portal Security System (VPSS)
C. Application Execution Environment (AEE)
D. Voice Portal Management System (VPMS)
E. Voice Portal Development Environment (VPDE)
Answer: A, C, D

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