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LPI 117-304 Exam -

Free 117-304 Sample Questions:

1.Which one of the following statements is true about the live migration feature of Xen?
A. It requires that the source and destination hosts have access, with same rights, to the device that exports the virtual machine file system.
B. It is used to migrate the file system of virtual machines between two hosts on the same network segment, ensuring data integrity during the migration process.
C. It is recommended that the virtual machines be restarted after migration to ensure that network settings will be updated.
D. It requires that the virtual machines are turned off to ensure that data stored in the RAM of the virtual machine will not be lost during the migration.
E. It is used to convert physical servers into virtual machines without having to stop the physical servers.
Answer: A

2.Using Linux Virtual Server (LVS) provides which of the following features? (Select TWO correct answers)
A. Balancing load across real servers
B. Taking over for fenced nodes
C. Stopping services on other nodes when one node has a stopped service
D. Checking and maintaining the integrity of services on real servers
E. Starting and stopping virtual machines as needed
Answer: A,D

3.What actions are permitted by a hypervisor? (Select THREE correct answers)
A. A hypervisor may install a Guest OS.
B. A hypervisor may perform privileged tasks on behalf of the Guest OS.
C. A hypervisor may shape traffic on the bridged network devices for the Guest OS.
D. A hypervisor may directly manipulate memory.
E. A hypervisor may execute privileged CPU instructions.
Answer: B,D,E,

4.RBD is equivalent to a networked version of what RAID level?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 5
Answer: B

5. Which of the following are common uses of virtualization? (Select TWO correct answers)
A. Operating System virtualization
B. User virtualization
C. Identification virtualization
D. Authentication virtualization
E. Storage virtualization
Answer: A,E,

6.Which option is missing in the command below to perform a Xen migration of a domain without pausing the virtual machine? (Please specify only the option in short or long form)
xm migrate vm1 ____
Your Response
Answer. -l --live l live

7.Which of the following statements are true when comparing full virtualization and paravirtualization in Xen? (Select THREE correct answers)
A. Paravirtualization demands changes to operating systems designed to be installed directl y on the hardware when using those operating systems as guests.
B. It is possible to use, without changes, operating systems designed to be installed directly on the hardware when using it as guest in full virtualization.
C. The number of virtual CPUs can be configured only in the full virtualization mode.
D. Paravirtualization depends on special CPU features like IntelVT or AMDV.
E. The virtual network resources are available for both types of virtualization.
Answer: A,B,E

8.Why does this virtual machine NOT boot?
kvm drive file=sd
a.img,if=scsi m 128
A. KVM cannot be started on the command line.
B. The boot=on parameter is missing in the drive definition.
C. KVM does not use the drive option; it uses hda instead.
D. It is missing a cdrom
Answer: B

9.How many virtual CPUs can KVM support in SMP guests?
A. 32
B. 8
C. 2
D. 16
E. 4
Answer: D

10.Which one of the following is NOT a required component for running an OCFS2 file system resource in a Pacemaker environment?
A. A clone resource for the OCFS2 file system
B. quorum
C. dlm
D. clvm
E. o2cb
Answer: D

11.Which one of the following statements about STONITH is NOT true?
A. You can use hardware devices such as HP ILO or Dell DRAC management boards for STONITH.
B. Resources will migrate only after a STONITH operation has been issued successfully.
C. It is recommended to use STONITH to increase the integrity of the cluster.
D. Null STONITH is a good solution if you have guaranteed the integrity of the file systems used in your cluster in another way.
E. When setting up SSHSTONITH, you should use a dedicated communications link for the STONITH traffic in the cluster.
Answer: E

12.In order to have all requests matching the ACL acl_static_content directed to the servers defined in server_pool, which HAProxy directive is required in the following declaration? (Specify ONLY the missing directive)
______ server_pool if acl_static_content
Your Response
Answer: use_backend

13.Which of the following are Pacemaker components? (Select TWO correct an swers)
A. ccmd
B. crmd
C. heartbeat
D. pengine
E. keepalived
Answer: B,D,

14.Which of the following are the primary components to Conga? (Select TWO correct answers)
A. luci
B. ipvsadm
C. cman
D. fenced
E. ricci
Answer: A,E,

15.What is the name of the main configuration file for the Xen Daemon, xend? (Please enter the file name without any path information).
Your Response
Answer: /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp xend-config.sxp

16.In keepalived, what keyword starts the configuration section for one of the f ailover servers?
A. lvs_server
B. virtual_server
C. vrrp_instance
D. vrrp_sync_group
Answer: B

17.Which of the the following cluster infrastructure services are provided by heartbeat (versions 3 and post 2.1)? (Specify TWO correct answers)
A. membership
B. communication
C. advanced resource management
E. service migration
Answer: A,B,

18.A configuration file for a Xen virtual machine was created in the directory /etc/xen with filename slack.cfg. What is the command to start the virtual machine defined in this configuration file including displaying its console on screen?
A. xm start slack
B. xm create slack.cfg showconsole
C. xm create slack.cfg
D. xm start slack.cfg c
E. xm create slack.cfg c
Answer: E

19.Which configuration setting ultimately determines which server will be the MASTER with keepalived?
A. advert_int
B. state
C. type
D. priority
Answer: D

20.Which function is not supported in a GFS2 filesystem?
A. repair
B. grow
C. shrink
D. withdraw
Answer: C

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