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LPI 117-303 Exam -

Free 117-303 Sample Questions:

1. An administrator has just configured an OpenVPN client. Upon starting the service, the following message is displayed:
TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds
Which of the following statements is true?
A. The client was unable to establish a network connection with the server.
B. The client was able to establish a network connection with the server, however TLS key negotiation failed, resulting in a fallback to SSL.
C. The client was able to establish a network connection with the server, however TLS and SSL security are not enabled.
D. The client was able to establish a network connection with the server, however TLS key negotiation took longer than 60 seconds, indicating that there may be a problem with network performance.
Answer: A

2. SELinux has just been installed on a Linux system and the administrator wants to use SELinux in permissive mode in order to audit the various services on the system. What command will switch SELinux into permissive mode?
A. setenforce 0
B. /etc/init.d/selinux stop
C. selinux passive
D. /etc/init.d/selinux startpassive
Answer: A

3.Which of the following export options, when specified in /etc/exports, will tell the server to use the NFSv4 Pseudofilesystem?
A. fsid=2
B. fsid=0
C. fsid=3
D. fsid=1
Answer: B

4. Which of the following are common techniques for securing a sendmail server? (Select THREE correct answers)
A. Maintain user accounts in an LDAP directory.
B. Enable TLS.
C. Disable VRFY.
D. Run sendmail in a chroot'd environment.
E. Disable USRLKUP.
Answer: BCD

5. What does ntop use for data collection?
A. Network packets
B. Log files
C. Frame relay
Answer: A

6. An administrator has successfully configured a cryptographic volume for dmcrypt, and has added the following line to /etc/fstab:
/dev/mapper/cryptvol /media/crypt auto defaults 0 0
Upon booting the system, the error message "mount: special device /dev/mapper/cryptvol does not exist" is displayed. What configuration file has the administrator forgotten to edit? (Provide the full path and filename)
Answer: /etc/crypttab

7. What command will remove the dmcrypt mapping named cryptvol? (Provide the command with any options and parameters)
Answer: /sbin/cryptsetup remove crypt-vol cryptsetup remove crypt-vol

8.Which LUKS action, when supplied to the cryptsetup command, will initialize a LUKS partition and set the initial key? (Provide only the action name)
Answer: luksFormat

9. An administrator has created a mapping with the following command:
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda1 cryptvol
and has set three different keys. Which command below will delete the first key?
A. cryptsetup luksDelKey /dev/sda1 0
B. cryptsetup luksDelKey /dev/sda1 1
C. cryptsetup luksDelKey /dev/mapper/cryptvol 1
D. cryptsetup luksDelKey /dev/mapper/cryptvol 0
Answer: A

10. What command will list basic information about all targets available to cryptmount? (Provide the command with any options or parameters)
Answer: cryptmount --list /usr/bin/cryptmount -l /usr/bin/cryptmount --list cryptmount -l

11. Which of the following are valid dmcrypt modes? (Choose THREE correct answers)
Answer: ABE

12. Which directive in the OpenVPN client.conf specifies the remote server and port that the client should connect to? (Provide only the directive, without any options or parameters)
Answer: remote

13. You are certain that your kernel has been compiled with ACL support, however, when you try to set an ACL on a file, you get the following output:
% setfacl m user:hugh:r afile.txt
setfacl: afile.txt: Operation not supported
What is the most likely reason for this problem?
A. There is an error in the command line parameters.
B. There is no user on the system named hugh.
C. The partition has not been mounted with the acl option.
D. The file afile.txt doesn't exist.
Answer: C

14. Which of the following are valid OpenVPN authentication modes? (Choose TWO correct answers)
A. S/Key
B. Kerberos
C. Static Key
D. Password
Answer: CE

15.What is true about the permissions for the file afile given the following output from getfacl? (Select TWO correct answers)
% getfacl afile
# file: afile
# owner: matt
# group: support
A. Anyone in the support group will be able to read and execute the file.
B. The user hugh will be able to read the contents of the file.
C. Anyone in the users group will be able to read the file.
D. The user matt will not be able to edit this file.
E. Anyone in the staff group will be able to read and execute the file.
Answer: BE

16. You wish to revoke write access for all groups and named users on a file. Which command will make the correct ACL changes?
A. setfacl x group:*:rx,user:*:rx afile
B. setfacl x mask::rx afile
C. setfacl m mask::rx afile
D. setfacl m group:*:rx,user:*:rx afile
Answer: C

17. What is the default UDP port for OpenVPN traffic?
Answer: 1194

18. When adding additional users to a file's extended ACLs, what is true about the default behaviour of the ACL mask for the file?
A. The mask is modified to be the union of all permissions of the file owner, owning group and all named users and groups.
B. The mask is left unchanged.
C. If required, a warning is printed indicating that the mask is too restrictive for the permissions being granted.
D. The mask is modified to be the union of all permissions of the owning group and all named users and groups.
Answer: D

19. In which of the following scenarios MUST an administrator use ethernet bridging instead of routing when configuring an OpenVPN site? (Select TWO correct answers)
A. Some OpenVPN clients will be installed on laptops and must be able to connect from different locations.
B. NetBIOS traffic must be able to traverse the VPN without implementing a WINS server.
C. The IPv4 protocol is required.
D. It will be necessary to use an MTU setting other than the default.
E. The IPX protocol is required.
Answer: BE

20. Linux Extended Attributes include attribute classes. Which of the following are included in the defined attribute classes? (Select THREE correct answers)
A. default
B. system
C. owner
D. trusted
E. user
Answer: BDE

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