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LPI 117-302 Exam -

Free 117-302 Sample Questions:

1. Which command will import an smbpasswd file located in /etc/samba to a TDB data file?
______ i smbpassd:/etc/samba/smbpasswd
Answer: pdbedit

2. What DHCP option can be set on a ISC DHCP server to tell NETBIOS clients that the WINS server has the IP address
A.option netbioswinsservers;
B.option winsnetbiosservers;
C.option winsnameservers;
D.option netbiosnameservers;
Answer: D

3. Which file contains the information that is retrieved by the following command:
# net getlocalsid SID for domain SERVER is: S152120043211811294720513754763961
Answer: A

4. Which of the following are true of CIFS? (Choose TWO correct Answers)
A.Filenames can be in any character set.
B.Filenames can have a maximum length of 127 characters.
C.Unlike SMB, CIFS is not optimized for slow network connections.
D.Opportunistic Locks are supported.
Answer: AD

5. After installing a network with one Samba server and several clients, users are complaining that they receive an Unable to browse the network error when trying to visit a public share. What is the most likely cause of this?
A.The user entered the wrong username and/or password.
B.The nmbd process is not running on the Samba server.
C.The user hasn't mapped the share to a local drive letter yet.
D.The Samba server is not configured as a Domain Master Browser.
Answer: B

6. For Samba to be able to work as a PDC, some modifications are needed in its main configuration file. Select the THREE options below that show the required actions for this task.
A.The Samba server has to be a logon server. This can be configured by the domain logons directive.
B.The Samba server needs to have the logon and the account creation scripts, to properly setup the PDC environment.
C.The Samba server must be a Domain Master Browser. To configure this, the domain master directive must be set to yes.
D.The time server = yes directive needs to be configured, so Samba will behave as a WINS server and also a Time server.
E.The security = user directive must be set.
Answer: ACE

7. What does the following command below do?
smbclient //server/Reports U func
A.The Samba server administrator is providing access permissions to the Reports share to user func.
B.User func is downloading the content located in the Reports share of Samba server.
C.Computer func is trying to make a connection with a Samba server share, and the command will prompt for the username and password.
D.User func is trying to connect to the Reports share in the Samba server.
Answer: D

8. The command _______ is used on a Samba 3 server to modify the SSID in an existing NT profile file called NTUser.DAT.
Answer: profiles

9. Which smbclient option is used when connecting to a server as an authenticated user? (Select TWO correct Answers.)
Answer: AE

10. In which section of the smb.conf configuration file is the logon script declared?
Answer: C

11. A default user profile can be stored in a subdirectory of profiles/ called ________.
Answer: Default User

12. The SAMBADOM domain has been added as a trusted account to an existing domain called WIN3K. Which command should be run on the Samba server in order to establish the trusted relationship to the WIN3K domain? rpc trustdom add WIN3K rpc addtrust WIN3K rpc trustdom establish WIN3K rpc trustdom establish SAMBA
Answer: C

13. The command smbldapuseradd __________ will add the domain FOO as a trusted domain. (Specify the options and arguments ONLY.)
Answer: -i FOO

14. In which section of smb.conf should the path to the domain policy file be declared?
Answer: A

15. When migrating files from a Windows server A to a Samba server B with the command 'net rpc share migrate files S A destination=B acls attrs U administrator', some files that originally belong only to a Windows group (no user) will generate errors during the migration. Which option in smb.conf will force such files to be mapped to the correct UNIX UID and GID?
A.use acl = yes group acls = yes
C.force unknown acl user = yes
D.inherit acls = no
Answer: C

16. Which of the following development libraries are used to make Samba compatible with ADS? (Select TWO correct Answers.)
Answer: AC

17. Which smb.conf configuration keyword determines the hostname resolution order?
A.use ads resolve order
C.use nsswitch.conf
D.use resolv.conf
Answer: B

18. The command ______ x foo will delete the user foo from the Samba database. (Specify the command only, no path information.)
Answer: pdbedit smbpasswd

19. A Samba server needs to determine the SID of an existing domain called FOO. Complete the command below which on the Samba server that will achieve this result:
net rpc _______ FOO
Answer: getsid

20. Which command typed on a Samba 3 server will print out the local SID? get sid localhost getlocalsid getsid rpc get localsid
Answer: B

21. The ________ command lists the domain group mappings. (Provide the full command with arguments.)
Answer: net groupmap list

22. Which of the following statements about the Samba 3 server are true? (Select THREE correct Answers.)
A.The server can be a Domain Controller on an ADS domain.
B.The server can join an ADS domain as a member.
C.Provided the necessary UNIX groups are created and mapped, the server can automatically migrate usernames to the local SAM.
D.User and group IDs are mapped to an LDAP backend by default.
E.The server password backend supports LDAP operations.
Answer: BCE

23. In order to use the user and group mappings stored in an LDAP directory, which setting in smb.conf is correct?
A.idmap backend = ldap://
B.idmap backend = ldap:ldap://
C.idmap backend = ldap server = ldap://
D.idmap backend = ldap
Answer: B

24. A Samba server is configured to use the LDAP password backend. The root DN for the LDAP directory is defined in slapd.conf. In order to define an alternative account used by the Samba administrator, which steps are necessary? (Select THREE correct Answers.)
A.Make sure the password for the new administrative account matches the UNIX root password.
B.Add a new Samba administrative account to the LDAP directory.
C.Make certain that the 'ldap admin' option in smb.conf does not point to the LDAP root DN.
D.Map the administrative account to the domain administrator.
E.Change the 'access' attributes in slapd.conf.
Answer: BCE

25. In /etc/smbldaptools/ which file contains the DN and password for the LDAP manager?
Answer: C

26. Which option to smbldapuseradd will add a machine account?
Answer: C

27. Which of the following commands would you run to add your machine to an NT4 domain? rpc join S PDC UAdministrator%password ads join s PDC UAdministrator%password rpc join s PDC UAdministrator%password ads join W PDC nAdministrator%password
Answer: A

28. Which command would be used to search for all available workgroups/domains and NetBIOS names?
Answer: B

29. What command will delete the user account joeuser from a Samba server. (Include ANY required options.)
Answer: smbpasswd -x joeuser pdbedit -x joeuser

30. Which of the following statements are true when creating NETBIOS names? (Select TWO correct Answers.)
A.NETBIOS names can only use alphanumeric characters.
B.You can use a '.' in a NETBIOS name.
C.You can use an '_' (underscore) in a NETBIOS name.
E.NETBIOS names can be a maximum of 32 characters
Answer: BC

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