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BEA Systems 0B0-410 Exam -

Free 0B0-410 Sample Questions:

1. When configuration changes are being made to a domain by an administrative user after acquiring a lock, which of the following statement is true?
A. The lock expires in 30 minutes by default after which the changes are rolled back
B. The lock can be acquired by another other administrative user in which case the changes currently pending will be rolled back
C. The lock can be acquired by another other user of the administrative category in which case the changes currently not committed will be inherited by the user who acquired the lock
D. The lock cannot be acquired by others which an administrative user is holding the lock.
Answer: C

2. If there is problem with one of the transactions started by an EJB application, which one of the following would be a starting point for troubleshooting this scenario?
A. Use a text editor to view the transaction log file for information about the failed transaction.
B. Use WebLogic Server log file for the respective server to gain more information about the failed transaction.
C. Use Smart Update GUI to update the failed transaction and commit it.
D. Use the HTTP log file for the respective sever to gain more information about the failed transaction.
Answer: B

3. Poison message in JMS occurs when:
A. a JMS Message was sent to wrong queue with AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE option set
B. a standalone receiver with client acknowledgment, does NOT call session.acknowledgement()
C. a javax.jms.JMSSecurityException was thrown while sending a message to a queue/topic
D. a MDB with option set to Auto-acknowledge receives a message
Answer: B

4. When diagnosing a native out of memory issue with one of the managed servers in a cluster, which of the following recommendations will not be useful in collecting appropriate information?
A. Use '-verbosegc' JVM arugment to collect heap usage information.
B. Record the process virtual memory size periodically using OS tools.
C. Check whether your application uses some JNI code or third party native modules.
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
Answer: D

5. Which two of the following statements are true about developing a Java web service? (Choose two)
A. Must have a private constructor
B. Must include at a minimum, a @WebService JWS annotation
C. May reference a service endpoint interface
D. All of the above
Answer: BC

6. Users are reporting that they cannot access an application on the server using virtual host names. To debug this issue; the traffic received by each virtual host can be viewed by
A. Configuring and enabling Domain Log Filters
B. Configuring audit logs for logging HTTP requests
C. Enabling HTTP access log for each virtual host
D. Configuring and assigning network channels for each user
Answer: C

7. Smart Update is used for
A. updating an existing version of application with a new version in production
B. installing maintenance patches and service packs for WebLogic Server
C. updating the DTD based deployment descriptor(s) of a J2EE Application or Module to schema based deployment descriptor(s)
D. updating the JDBC driver used by DataSources in a JDBC System Module automatically
Answer: B

8. When using WLDF to perform diagnostics tasks with WebLogic Server 9.x, which one of the following is true?
A. WLDF configuration can only be done on the server-level
B. WLDF configuration can only be done on the application-level
C. WLDF configuration can be done both on the server-level and on the application-level
D. WLDF configuration can only be done on the domain-level
Answer: C

9. Which of the following version of Node Manager runs with a larger footprint when compared with the others?
A. Java Version with SSL
B. Java Version without SSL (plain)
C. RSH Version
D. SSH Version
Answer: A

10. What is the order in which the upgrade should be run when upgrading to 9.x?
A. Security providers, node manager, managed server
B. Node manager, security providers, managed server
C. Managed server, security providers, node manager
D. Security providers, managed server, node manager
Answer: A

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