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BEA Systems 0B0-109 Exam -

Free 0B0-109 Sample Questions:

1. A system exception is one that indicates that the business method of an EJB was prevented from successfully executing because of some system-level error. Which of these statements is true about a system exception?
A.It is a subclass of RemoteException or RuntimeException
B.It is propagated to clients as a RemoteException
C.It is caught and logged by the container
D.All of the above
Answer: D

2. What is the command to create a new web application archive (.war) file?
A.jar -Mvf someArchive.war *
B.jar -tvf someArchive.war *
C.jar -vf someArchive.war *
D.jar -cvf someArchive.war *
Answer: D

3. If cookies are disabled on the client browser, which of these methods on the HttpServletResponse object can help in rewriting the URL with a session ID?
Answer: A

4. Consider the following code snippet.
Context ctx = new InitialContext(); DataSource ds = (DataSource)ctx.lookup("SomeDatasource");
Which of these statements gets a JDBC connection successfully?
A.Connection con = ds.createConnection();
B.Connection con = ds.getConnection();
C.Connection con = ds.retrieveConnection();
D.Connection con = ctx.getConnection();
Answer: B

5. Entity bean activation involves
A.EJB Container providing a primary key identity to a pooled EJB
B.EJB Container moves an EJB from secondary storage to main memory
C.EJB Container creates a new EJB instance and adds to the active pool
D.None of the above
Answer: A

6. Which of these <trans-attribute> tags forces the EJB to be executed within a transaction started either by the client or container?
Answer: B

7. Which of these statements is not true about Design Patterns?
A.They are a non-repeatable process or design addressing a specific issue or a problem in the development of a system.
B.They are predictable in their function and are consistent in their pros and cons.
C.They are concepts that allow for a common method to quickly and effectively communicate complex ideology to others.
D.They allow for the accelerated education of the concept for those new to it.
Answer: A

8. Applications deployed with J2EE technologies are:
i. Deployable in any compliant application server
ii. Adherent to specification guidelines
iii. Written in Java
A.ii, iii
B.i, ii, iii
C.iii, i
D.i, ii
Answer: B

9. When a reliable web service method is invoked asynchronously, which of these scenarios will happen?
A.The results will be sent back in the same reliable sequence as the method invocation
B.The results will be sent back in another reliable sequence
C.The results will not be sent in a reliable sequence
D.None of the above
Answer: B

10. A reliable WebLogic web service provides which of the following delivery assurances?
Answer: AB

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