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SCO/Caldera 090-554 Exam -

Free 090-554 Sample Questions:

1. Which statement regarding Ethernet addresses is ture?
A. The address is a unique 48-bit value.
B. The address value is configured in the /etc/hosts file.
C. A host discovers its own Ethernet address with the RARP protocol.
D. A host's Enternet address dose not change when it gets a new network interface card.
Answer: A

2. How many octets are reserved for the HOST portion of a Class A IP address(with no subnets)?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: C

3. Which is an example of a valid Class A address?
Answer: B

4. Which statement regarding the ARP protocal is ture?
A. The ARP protocol uses the /ect/hosts file to resolve addresses.
B. The ARP protocol provides the IP address of the host that owns a given hardware address.
C. The ARP protocol uses a cache to keep track of addresses it has already discovered.
D. The ARP protocol uses the/etc/ethers file to resolve addresses.
Answer: C

5. Which item is the administrator NOT asked to enter when adding a new network adapter?
A. Hardware address
B. IP address
C. Netmask
D. Broadcast address
Answer: A

6. Which command,if run on an SCO OpenServer system with an IP address of,would send packets onto the network?
A. ping
B. ping localhost
C. ping
D. None of these commands would send packets onto the network.
Answer: D

7. Which statement regarding subnets is TRUE?
A. A message sent from a host on one subnet to a host on another subnet must pass through a router.
B. Subnetting a Class C network will increase the number of IP addresses available for hosts.
C. The subnet bits must be consecutive with the network bits in the netmask.
D. The IP addresses and must be on the same subnet.
Answer: A

8. A Class B network has been subnetted so that it uses an 8-bit subnet address and an 8-bit host address. Which of these netmask values is a correct choice for this network?
Answer: D

9. A Class C network is subnetted so that it uses a 2-bit subnet address and a 6-bit host address. Which of these netmask values is a correct choice for this network?
Note the following binary to decimal equivalents:
Answer: D

10. Your company has a class C network address.You are planning to configure subnets.Each subnet will have at most fifteen(15)hosts.What is the largest number of subnet bits you can use?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
Answer: A

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