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SCO/Caldera 090-161 Exam -

Free 090-161 Sample Questions:

1. In SCO OpenServer Pelease 5, which file specifiles the syetem default login shell for new user accounts created with scoadmin(ADM)?
A. /etc/default/accounts
B. /etc/default/authsh
C. /usr/lib/mkuser/accounts
D. /usr/libmkuser/authsh
Answer: A

2. If a user has umask value of 027, what will be the permissions of any new regular file created by that user?
A. -rw-r-----
B. -rwxr-x---
C. -----w-rw-
D. -----w-rwx
Answer: A

3. Which term best describes a system process that runs in the background?
A. daemon
B. defunct
C. parent
D. zombie
Answer: A

4. How can you identify most daemon processes from the output of the following command:
ps -ef
A. There is a UID of system.
B. There is a ? in the tty column.
C. There is a d in the status column.
D. There is a PID greater than 500.
Answer: B

5. In SCO OpenServer Release 5, which command shows filesystem usage by user?
A. df(C)
B. dtype(C)
C. quot(ADM)
D. fsstat(ADM)
Answer: C

6. Which command clear the contents of a system log file without deleting the file itself?
A. >/usr/adm/messages
B. </usr/adm/messages
C. clear/usr/adm/messages
D. rm/usr/adm/messages
Answer: A

7. What dose the following command line do:tar tv
A. It shows the type of archive device.
B. It shows the time when an archive was created.
C. It updates the time stamp on the default tar(C) device.
D. It displays the table of contents of the default tar(C) device.
Answer: D

8. Which command line shows the proper syntax for copying a file from a DOS floppy disk to a UNIX diretory?
A. cp a:file.txt/tmp/file_text
B. copy a:file.txt/tmp/file_text
C. doscp a:file.txt/tmp/file_text
D. cp-dos a:file.txt/tmp/file_text
Answer: C

9. What information is NOT required for the cbackup(ADM) command to perform a backup?
A. Backup device
B. Backup level
C. Backup time
D. Filesystem
Answer: C

10. If you need to restart the print service daemon, which command should you use?
A. lpadmin(ADM)
B. lpsched(ADM)
C. enable(C)
D. accept(ADM)
Answer: B

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