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SCO/Caldera 090-160 Exam -

Free 090-160 Sample Questions:

1. Which command can be used to reactivate a retired user account on a system with a security profile set to traditional?
A. activate(ADM)
B. restore(ADM)
C. unretire(ADM)
D. A retired account cannot be reactivated
Answer: C

2. For Bourne and Korn shell users,one of the PERSONAL starup files is:
A. $HOME/.login
B. $HOME/.profile
C. /ect/login
D. /ect/profile
Answer: B

3. Which signal is sent to process 532 when root issues the command:
kill 532
A. 1
B. 3
C. 9
D. 15
Answer: D

4. Which crontab entry will mail/usr/adm/messages to root once every weekday(excluding Saturday and Sunday)at 9 pm?
A. 0 9 * * 1-5 mail root<usr/adm/messages
B. 0 9 * * mail root<usr/adm/messages
C. 0 21 * * 1-5 mail root<usr/adm/messages
D. 0 21 * * mail root<usr/adm/messages
Answer: C

5. In SCO OpenServer Release 5,which filesystem type automatically uses data compression?
A. AFS(Acer Fast Filesystem)
B. DTFS(Desktop Filesystem)
C. EAFS(Extended Acer Fast Filesystem)
D. HTFS(Hight Throughput Filesystem)
Answer: B

6. Which command clears the contents of a system log file without deleting the file itself?
A. >/usr/adm/messages
B. </usr/adm/messages
C. clear/usr/adm/messages
D. rm/usr/adm/message
Answer: A

7. Which command(s) can back up an empty directory file?
A. cpio(C),but not tar(C)
B. tar(C),but not cpio(C)
C. both cpio(C) and tar(C)
D. Neither cpio(C) nor tar(C)
Answer: A

8. What does the following command line do:tar tv
A. It shows the type of archive device.
B. It shows the time when an archive was created.
C. It updates the time stamp on the default tar(C) device.
D. It displays the table of contents of the default tar(C) device.
Answer: D

9. Which level of backup is used when you perform an unscheduled backup?
A. Level 0
B. Level 1
C. Level 2
D. Level 3
Answer: A

10. If a printer will be down for an extended period,which command should you use to prevent jobs from accumulating in that printers queue?
A. disable(C)
B. cancel(C)
C. Ipshut(ADM)
D. reject(ADM)
Answer: D

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