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SCO/Caldera 090-091 Exam -

Free 090-091 Sample Questions:

1. Which statement best describes how SSI is implemented in filesystems on UnixWare 7 NonStop Clusters?
A. Through the cluster filesystem(CFS),which provides a global view of all filesystems in a single file tree and allows them to be protected for failover.
B. Through a modifile version of NFS sharing mounts in a special,transparent,inter-node manner.
C. Through a modifile version of RFS sharing mounts in a special,transparent,inter-node manner.
D. Not at all.
Answer: A

2. You should choose CNM as your protected storage method when:
A. You want the fastest possible disk I/O performace
B. You want the lowest-possible window of vulnerability when a node fails
C. You are willing and able to accept the slower write performance and greater window of vulnerability to reduce the price of the cluster
D. You dont care about the price of the cluster
Answer: C

3. In UnixWare 7 NonStop Clusters,which resources do NOT need to be protected to prevent unavailability of the cluster in the event the resources fails?
A. Filesystems,except the boot(/stand)filesystem for each node
B. Shared memory
C. semaphores
D. Video monitors
Answer: D

4. In clustering,a protected resource is one that:
A. Has special circuits that keep if from being damaged during a voltage surge
B. Is monitored by special hardware such that if should fail,support engineers will be notifiled immediately that it need to be replaced
C. Is monitored by special software to insure that it is not over-used
D. Is redundant in a cluster to avoid a single point of failure(SPF)and is automatically pressed into service by the cluster in the event the primary componentfails
Answer: D

5. The key to reliability and availability in a cluster is:
A. Having lots of spare parts on hand so that if something fails, it can be quickly replaced, causing minimal down time.
B. Having a hardware design that avoids any single point of failure, and a fault-tolerant operating system that knows how to press redundant hardware into service automatically.
C. Staffing the computer system with knowledgeable technicians 24x7.
D. Using the ringht monolithic computer system.
Answer: B

6. What is the maximum distance you can run long-wave FDDI cables without any signal modification?
A. 2 kilometers
B. 10 kilometers
C. 2 miles
D. 10 miles
Answer: A

7. Which statement best describes the term N+1 failover configuration for nodes?
A. All resources but one are pressed into service.Loss of a single resource causes failover to another resource,preserving performance.
B. All resources but one are alwarys pressed into service.Loss of a second resource causes the cluster to become unavailable.
C. N+1 is a hardware-specific concept that indicates how to configure disks in a node.
D. N+1 is a software-specific concept that indicates how to configure daemon failover on a node.
Answer: A

8. Which statement best defines a node within a cluster?
A. A complete computer(PAM,CPU,disk(s)),connected to the other nodes in the cluster by way of a server area network(SAN)
B. The SAN cards placed in each machine in a cluster
C. The LAN cards placed in each machine in a cluster
D. A computer connected to the other nodes in the cluster by way of a LAN,which contains only CPUs,PAM,LAN,and SAN cards,no other peripherals
Answer: A

9. Which of the following licenses apply on a cluster-wide basis,as opposed to per-node?
B. RAm
C. Users
D. Departmental/Enterprice
Answer: C

10. During installation of UnixWare 7 on node 1, you should:
A. Defer configuration of any networking cards
B. Defer configuration of all but the first networking cards
C. Configure any networking cards
D. Configure any networking card being used for LAN activity but no networking card used for SAN activity
Answer: A

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