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SCO/Caldera 090-077 Exam -

Free 090-077 Sample Questions:

1. Which two serial device files support software flow control?
A. /dev/term/00m and /dev/term/00h
B. /dev/term/00m and /dev/term/00s
C. /dev/term/00m and /dev/term/00t
D. /dev/term/00s and /dev/term/00t
Answer: D

2. Which file controls the re-use of a user ID?
A. /etc/skel/ageduid
B. /etc/default/idage
C. /etc/security/ia/ageduid
D. There is not a file that controls the re-use of a user ID. After a user is deleted it is not possible to re-use an ID.
Answer: C

3. Every UnixWare 7 system with TCP/IP has a network routing table within the kernel. Which field is NOT contained in a routing table entry?
A. Netmask
B. Broadcast Address
C. Destination IP address
D. Network interface
Answer: B

4. What is the maximum vxfs (VERITAS) filesystem size?
A. 2 terabytes
B. 1 terabyte
C. 2 gigabytes
D. 1 gigabyte
Answer: B

5. Which of the following can you NOT use the Boot Command Processor (BCP) to accomplish?
A. Display or change default boot parameters
B. Enter single-user state
C. Load another UNIX kernel
D. Start the print service
Answer: D

6. How many partitions can you define on the first hard disk during the installation of the UnixWare 7 operating system?
A. One (1)
B. Two (2)
C. Three (3)
D. Four (4)
Answer: D

7. How many detected hard disks can you create partitions and filesystems on during the installation of the UnixWare 7 operating system?
A. Eight (8)
B. Six (6)
C. Four (4)
D. Two (2)
Answer: D

8. In which file can you add or change default boot parameters?
A. /stand/bfs.blm
B. /stand/boot
C. /stand/smallfs.blm
D. /stand/stage3.blm
Answer: B

9. Which command do you use to create a set of emergency floppy diskettes?
A. diskadd (1M)
B. disksetup (1M)
C. emergency_disk (1M)
D. emergency_rec (1M)
Answer: C

10. Which command can you use to check the accuracy of installed files and compare them to the contents of the /var/sadm/install/contents file?
A. pkgadd (1M)
B. pkgchk (1M)
C. pkginfo (1M)
D. pkgtrans (1M)
Answer: B

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