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RSA 050-v710-SESECURID Exam -

Free 050-v710-SESECURID Sample Questions:

1. Enabling the system parameter option "Store time of last login in token records"
A. increases authentication performance.
B. is required in order for Lock Manager to prevent replay attacks.
C. is required for accurate "Last Login" information in a Token Report.
D. only applies if the Agent Host is using the RSAACE/Agent 5.0 Authentication Protocol.
Answer: C

2. To activate a Group on an Agent Host in another RSAACE/Server Realm, you would
A. enable External Authorization.
B. edit the Realm Secret of the Agent Host.
C. mark the Agent Host "Open to All Locally Known Users".
D. duplicate the Agent Host record in the Group's home Realm.
Answer: D

3. In Authentication Manager version 7.1 terminology, a "Server Node" is used to
A. Replicate the database in either a Primary or Replica instance cluster.
B. Gather and re-direct authentication requests from Agents to an available server.
C. Provide a stand-alone database available to either a Primary or Replica instance.
D. Provide additional authentication services in either a Primary or Replica instance cluster.
Answer: D

4. The Offline Authentication feature is intended to allow
A. the capability for a user to temporarily disable the Agent software while the user is working offline.
B. an RSA SecurID authentication to be processed by a Replica server when the Primary server is offline.
C. a user to complete an RSA SecurID authentication through the local Agent if the local Agent computer is offline.
D. several users to use a single RSA SecurID token so that they can share another user's computer if their own computer is offline.
Answer: C

5. In a Primary/Replica environment, administrative changes can be made only on a server in the Primary instance.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

6. Which of the following is NOT a component of the technology used within an RSA SecurID token?
A. algorithm
B. private key
C. time source
D. seed record
Answer: B

7. The ACME Company has a Primary server instance located in New York and a Replica server instance located in Los Angeles. How is a new user in the Los Angeles office added to the RSA Authentication Manager database?
A. The user must be manually added to both the Los Angeles and the New York instances.
B. The Administrator adds the user to the New York instance, which replicates the data to the Los Angeles instance.
C. The Administrator adds the user locally to the Los Angeles instance, which replicates the data to the New York instance.
D. The user is automatically added to both the Los Angeles and New York instances when they first authenticate with a token.
Answer: B

8. What is the maximum number of RSA SecurID tokens that can be simultaneously assigned and enabled on one RSAAuthentication Manager user account?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: C

9. RSAAuthentication Manager Replica servers
A. can be promoted to a Primary server through a command line utility.
B. require that promotion to a Primary server be initiated on the Replica.
C. allow the Super Admin administrator to perform user account changes if the Primary server is offline.
D. can be configured to take over as a Primary server if x number of heartbeat signals are not detected within a specified time interval t.
Answer: B

10. In an RSA Authentication Manager version 7.1 environment, data replication to provide failover capability can take place between (choose two)
A. Server Nodes
B. RADIUS servers
C. Database servers
D. Offline data stores
E. Authentication Agents
Answer: BC

11. What two files are required when installing RSA SecurID Quick Admin?
A. server.cer and sdti.cer
B. sdconf.rec and sdti.cer
C. server.cer and sdconf.rec
D. server.key and sdconf.rec
Answer: A

12. What types of events are recorded by default in the Authentication Activity Report? (Choose two)
A. file mappings
B. time of logout
C. login requests
D. network failures
E. administrative logins
Answer: CE

13. After Installing the RSA ACE/Agent on Windows NT, what should be done to make sure the ACE/Agent will communicate with the RSAACE/Server?
A. test authentication
B. clear node secret
C. change system parameters
D. add ACE/Agent to a domain group
Answer: A

14. If the option to sign RSAAuthentication Manager log archives is not enabled during installation
A. audit logs will be created to track system activity but can not be archived.
B. the signing function can only be enabled buy a Super Admin administrator.
C. Authentication Manager must be re-installed to enable the signing function.
D. the signing function must be applied manually whenever archive files are created.
Answer: C

15. Results output from report queries in RSAAuthentication Manager version 7.1 are customized
A. through creating SQL statements using the SQL Wizard.
B. by modifying report templates in the administrative console.
C. by editing the Events database files and digitally re-signing them.
D. through use of the Report Manager utility in the Operations Console.
Answer: B

16. RSAAuthentication Manager installation on a UNIX platform is similar to installation on a Linux platform because both platforms require
A. an Enterprise license
B. the installer to run as 'root'
C. internet access to download security patch files
D. the use of a command line console during installation
Answer: B

17. The RSAAuthentication Agent for Web is intended to
A. prevent designated web content from being downloaded to an end user's computer.
B. challenge a user for authentication if the user attempts to access a protected web resource.
C. challenge a user for authentication if the user attempts to log on locally to the web server host computer.
D. allow users to access low risk resources using a password and high risk resources using two factor authentication.
Answer: B

18. Which are standard Activity Monitor menu options for RSA Authentication Manager version 7.1? (Choose three)
A. Error
B. System
C. Incident
D. Accounting
E. Administrator
F. Authentication
Answer: BEF

19. Designating an " Alternate IP Address " value in an Agent record in the Authentication Manager Security Console allows
A. an Authentication Agent to use multiple node secret files.
B. an Authentication Agent to seek the fastest responding server.
C. an Authentication Agent to communicate with multiple servers simultaneously.
D. Authentication Manager to recognize IP addresses for Agent authentication requests.
Answer: D

20. Which are essential requirements for successful communication between the RSA Authentication Manager server and RSAAuthentication Agents? (Choose two)
C. Ethernet LAN
D. DNS or hosts files
Answer: AD

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