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RSA 050-V45-SERSASOM Exam -

Free 050-V45-SERSASOM Sample Questions:

1. When an LDAP directory is used with RSA Sign-On Manager.
A. the native LDAP schema is used with no modifications.
B. only an ADAM directory can be used in its native form with no schema modifications.
C. user attributes must be edited manually to accommodate RSA Sign-On Manager values.
D. modifications to the schema must be made to allow RSA Sign-On Manager data storage.
Answer: D

2. The RSA Center provides
A. administrative access control and delegation for the RSA Sign-On Manager server application.
B. documents that are useful in making security policy decisions for RSA Sign-On Manager users.
C. the distribution of RSA Sign-On Manager Client communications to specific servers in a cluster.
D. configuration settings for the RSA Sign-On Manager Client and RSA SecurID Authentication Agent, if the Agent is installed.
Answer: D

3. Which of the following credentials can NOT be stored on a smart card?
A. Digital Certificates and keys
B. RSA SecurID Software Tokens
C. Optical-based biometric templates
D. Fingerprint-based biometric templates
Answer: C

4. The RSA GINA (somgina.dll) supports logging on to a Windows system through a dial-up connection.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

5. Which of the following events are logged in the RSA Sign-On Manager Client log by default? (Choose two)
A. logon
B. logff
C. system lock
D. new PIN mode
E. computer unlock
F. incorrect passcode
G. next tokencode mode
Answer: F, G

6. If a user account is accidentally deleted from the RSA Sign-On Manager server.
A. the user must re-enroll.
B. it must be reinstated by an administrator.
C. it can be recovered by rolling back the LDAP directory.
D. the User Data Cleanup function can be used to recover the account.
Answer: A

7. When clustering RSA Sign-On Manager servers, which of the following statements is true?
A. Each Sign-On Manager server requires its own datastore.
B. Only one cluster may be supported by a single LDAP datastore.
C. A Sign-On Manager Client is configured to communicate with only one server in a cluster.
D. Sign-On Manager Client communications are routed through a load balancer to one of several servers.
Answer: D

8. Which smart card credentials are stored by the RSA Sign-On Manager server?
A. Biometrics and Certificates
B. Certificates, SoftIDSeed, and Secret Keys
C. Certificates, Secret Keys and WinLogonParams
D. SoftIDSeed, WinLogonParams and Secret Keys
Answer: D

9. Which of the following authentication devices can be used with the RSA Sign-On Manager?
A. Smart card 1100
B. USB Authenticator 5200
C. RSA SecurID SecurPC 2000
D. RSA SecurID Authenticator SID800
Answer: D

10. To which entities can a Single Sign On (SSO) policy be assigned? (Choose two)
B. User
C. Realm
D. Client profile
E. Domain object
Answer: A, B

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