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RSA 050-V37-ENVCSE01 Exam -

Free 050-V37-ENVCSE01 Sample Questions:

1. What happens if an event source device type is not immediately recognized by RSA enVision? (Check the one best answer.)
A. It will be defined as "unknown" and for a limited time enVision will collect event data it generates
B. Data from that device will be discarded until the device type can be defined
C. An alert is generated by default to call an administrator's attention to the device
D. The UDS Service will create a parsing XML file for the device and place data in the NIC Parse Cache
Answer: A

2. When setting up a Check Point firewall device, which of the following is a good practice that should be completed first? (Check the one best answer.)
A. Stop and restart the Check Point Firewall Service
B. Stop and restart the enVision NIC Collector Service
C. Verify that the Check Point Log Viewer is receiving events
D. Set an 8-character key to establish an authenticated connection
Answer: C

3. How many Remote Collectors (RC) can each Database Server (D-SRV) support? (Check the one best answer.)
A. Eight (8)
B. Ten (10)
C. Sixteen (16)
D. Thirty two (32)
Answer: C

4. After creating a customized Report Menu system, which RSA enVision service(s) need to be re-started?
A. Only the NIC Webserver Service
B. The NIC Webserver and NIC Server Services
C. The NIC Webserver, NIC Server and NIC Locator Services
D. The NIC Webserver, NIC Server, NIC Locator, and NIC Packager Services
Answer: A

5. When opening a connection in Event Explorer, you can define which of the following features? (Check the three correct answers.)
A. Devices
B. Event categories
C. Log messages
D. Time frame
E. Local collector
Answer: A, B, D

6. In the RSA enVision UDS process, what is the purpose of performing Data Reduction steps? (Check the one best answer.)
A. Improve speed and efficiency of data processing
B. Compress unsupported device data prior to storage
C. Apply ISO-approved abbreviations to message text strings
D. Decrease the rate that unsupported device data is collected
Answer: A

7. If a customer has a specific syslog that they would like to use as part of a demonstration, you can load it into enVision for reporting and querying using which of the following? (Check the one best answer.)
A. The Isdata utility to import the syslog file
B. Copying the syslog file into the IPDB data directory
C. Using the Data Injector utility to collect data from the syslog file
D. Using the Custom Reports View External Data function of the administrative GUI
Answer: C

8. When planning an RSA enVision installation, which statements below about the Site Name are important considerations? (Check two answers.)
A. The Site Name must match an enVision domain name
B. The Site Name must be unique within an enVision domain and cannot be the same as the customer's NetBIOS domain name
C. The Site Name must not contain any numeric or punctuation characters
D. The Site Name must have the same suffix as the Windows domain in which it resides
E. The Site Name must not match the name of any existing Windows domain in the network
Answer: B, E

9. Why would the checkbox of a device type be grayed out On the Manage Device Types screen? (Check the one best answer.)
A. It's not licensed
B. Device is unknown but data can be collected
C. Device is known but not compatible with enVision
D. Device is associated with a monitored device within the NIC domain
Answer: D

10. True or false. If a conflict exists with the default enVision collection port after appliance installation, the Collector Service can be modified to configure event collection on a different port.
A. True
B. false
Answer: A

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